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Zoo & Hot Spring at once! Yang Bay Theme Park [Battle Trip/2017.01.28]

On the first day… We’re going to hot spring with a special theme. Recently with my mom, I visited the Daegwallyeong Sheep Ranch. She loved it. It was like going back to her childhood. Enjoying the animals and nature… I thought she’d really like it. It’d be nice to see rare animals and when you get tired, it’d be nice to hit the hot springs. So I’ll take her there for the hot springs… Since I’ve traveled with my mom before… – I had an idea of what mothers like. / – You’d know. (5 ways to enjoy Nha Trang, Yang Bay Eco Park) Yang Bay is really charming. Where is this place? It’s called Yang Bay. You can enjoy hot springs and there are various themes. – It’s a theme park. / – Yang Bay… So this is Yang Bay Eco Park. / – Yes, yes. For $40, they pick you up and you can enjoy… – Everything in here without further pay. / – $40? That’s expensive. – That’s… / – The entrance fee? Yes, it includes lunch and a pickup service. Everything. The entrance fee is $7.50. – Guide Kong. / – Yes. What is that tree? That tree… – It looks special. / – It’s a special tree. You can make a wish and hang it. Since it’s the end of year, how about we make a new year’s wish? The fun thing is, you use a slingshot to hang the wishes. – Let’s try it. / – Slingshot? Yes. You hit the tree with a slingshot? Yes, that’s how you hang it. Try it. That’s interesting. Okay. Okay. (The wish tree that will grant the new year’s wish) (They write their wishes on the ribbon) You have to hang it high. (With the hope that their wishes will come true) (Jungsoo fails) – Goodness. / – Oh, my. Oh, my. It’s not easy. (Jungsoo fails) – Will it work? / – This isn’t so easy. You didn’t trick me, did you? You didn’t trick me, did you? How do you hang this? It won’t work. – It won’t hit. It pops out. / – It won’t. It’s supposed to latch on. That’s right. Argh! Was that Vietnamese? Argh? Did you get it? – I think it’ll work… / – It stuck to the top. – Doesn’t it work? / – It’s a tree… You have to shoot it where it’ll hang… It wasn’t easy. – Shoot it high. / – Why you… Hey! This tree… This tree… Mine wouldn’t stick but Hyunjoo’s did. You’d feel so sorry… – Mine worked first so… / – I know. The guide made a mistake. Why did you do that? – Mine caught on. / – So tactless. You should’ve done it later. – Really? / – Ma’am. – Failed again? / – Oh, no. This program, today… We won’t be moving on until I get this. Just so you know. It’d be so funny if she did it until sunset. – Just keeps going? / – I told you. If you fire it this way from up close… Guide Kong, don’t excite me. Stay still. I’ve put everything on the line for this. Next year… – If she shot with more power. / – Why won’t it work? I’m getting really angry now. I went right up to the tree and it still didn’t work. – Isn’t that cheating? / – Want me to do it for you? – It still didn’t work. / – Please! I climbed the tree. I actually hung it myself. – Hey. / – Yes? This is the best I can do. I’m so angry. – So long as you hang it. / – That’s right. (We hope your wish comes true) (1. Wish tree) Come here. It’s over here. Oh, there… Oh, no! What’s going on? There we go, there we go. Oh, my, oh, my, oh, my. – Oh, carp! / – They’re carp. – Here, here, here. / – Over there… The carp are fed with bottles. That looks scary. That’s cute. They suck on it? I’m so scared. – Nice, right? / – I’m scared. Oh, no. I normally don’t get scared like this. (Meanwhile, Madam Jungsoo) (Is giving out love evenly to all) There you go, there you go. There, there. (So many fish) There you go. – They eating so well. / – They’re sucking on it. My goodness. – Goodness. / – That’s fascinating. They’re not scared of people. They’re… – What was that? / – It jumped out. Are you insane? Did you just get mad at a carp? – Are you insane? / – Are you insane? Thing is… That sounded like a line from a drama. Are you insane? They ate it all. All done. They ate it all. What’s wrong with you? This is the difference between a mother and a single lady. That was fun. We’ll go in there. Do you want to feed a crocodile? Yes, let’s try it. (1. Wish tree, 2. Feeding carp) (3. Feeding crocodiles) Oh, this. That was scary. It’s alive. (A tough leather back) (Sharp teeth and exceptional hunting skills) (Welcome) Over there, over there. Do you see the crocodile? It’s here. There are so many. It’s too expensive to feed the crocodiles. It’s 50 cents. Are these crocodiles grown for eating? They look so tender and delicious. They didn’t look very tough, they looked really tender. Are these crocodiles grown for eating? They look so tender and delicious. No. (They attempt to feed the crocodiles) Goodness. They look like floating logs. They stay still then just bite out of nowhere. It looks scary. I’m going to faint because of your screams. (Chomp) (Steal) Darn, it ate it! I was trying to hoist it and they cut it off. – Goodness. / – Oh, my. They ate it. (Only Guide Kong is left with feed) It bit it. It bit it. Pull, pull. Lift it up. It bit it. It bit it. Pull, pull. Lift it up. Lift. Good, good. It’s scarier when you lift it up. It’s better when they’re in the water. Can’t we try one more time? Guide Kong? Are you trying to catch one? I want to catch just one. – One more time? / – Yeah. Once more? It’s such a shame. Not yet… – Jungsoo is really competitive. / – Yes. I’m so scared. It’s really thrilling. (A battle with the crocodiles) She keeps snatching it to try and catch them. I think that day was the day the crocodiles were the angriest. (All eyes on the feed) Their eyes look closed but they’re all watching. Bite it. That’d be more fun than fishing. It’s going to break a tooth. Who’s faster? You or me? Darn it! Darn it! Hey! Fine, I lose. I give up. You can eat it all. – Ma’am… / – Happy, right? Bye. (Thanks for the food) Crocodile, are you insane? When I raised it, its teeth… That sound. (What did Guide Kong see?) Is that a real crocodile? – It must be real. / – Don’t be like that. – It’s real. / – It’s alive? Is that a real crocodile? – It must be real. / – Don’t be like that. – It’s real. / – It’s alive? Darn it. Hey! Aren’t they being raised to be eaten? They look so tender and tasty. (She’s face to face with a crocodile) What will we do? Please. – She has no fear. / – She’s fearless. She’s touching the crocodile. It’s fine. It’s alive. – It’s for taking photos. / – Please, please. It’s really warm. Hey. Its claws are digging into your skin. Are you okay? (Grabs) I’m so scared. This guy… His neck is moving. – He’s breathing. / – I was completely frozen. Ma’am… 1, 2, 3 That’s not a genuine smile. She’s frozen with fear. – That’s not a genuine smile. / – Nice photo though. What are we going to do now? Now… – Let’s climb up. / – Shall we go to the hot spring? Okay. Let’s go. So you’ve enjoyed the park before the hot spring, with all the animals, right? (5 ways to enjoy Nha Trang, Yang Bay hot spring) – It’s a forest. / – It’s a natural… Open air hot spring. – This place is called Yang Bay, right? / – Yeah. Yang means heaven. And bay means water. So it’s heavenly water. The people of Nha Trang believe this water is very sacred. Really? Wow, check out that water. I was scared when we crossed that bridge. She’s scared of everything. So you weren’t holding on for Jungsoo’s sake. You were holding on to her back, right? I was holding on tight. Is hot spring water good for you? It doesn’t feel soft. It doesn’t seem to have any sulfur. This hot spring water is close to the sea. It’s high in salinity and minerals. Good for skin recovery, circulation, and skin beauty. But we sweat it out doing activities earlier so it’s really nice being in warm water with the rain falling on us. That day… – It rained a lot. / – Isn’t it warm? – Isn’t it warm? / – It’s not warm. – It was around 35℃. / – That day… – The rained cooled the spring. / – The rain… In the rain… Sitting in warm water in the rain… You know that feeling? – Being warm in the rain. / – It’s so nice. – That’d be so nice. / – I was worried by the rain… She’s learned how to swim. She looks professional. – She’s learned it properly. / – That’s true. Are you happy? (This is the best) You can enter the stream and swim in there as well. This is so nice. This is great. This is really nice. – I was worried. / – You can stop filming now. We’ll hang out a bit more here… By ourselves. There must be a variety of pools. Yes, there were round springs and ones over there. There were a few. The important thing about hot spring water is that it gets tiring when you take a hot bath. – Yes. / – Right. But when you go in a hot spring filled with minerals, even though it’s hot, your body… – That’s right. / – It relaxes. – The fatigue drains away. / – It feels different… To the tap water. It’s all absorbed into your body. If we just go where everyone goes,

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