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Zone Defense in Youth Basketball : Youth Basketball Zone Defense: 2-3 Zone

Hi, this is Sean Hobson. What we’re talking
about right now is the proper way to set up our 2-3 zone. We’re going to show right now
how we set up the 2-3 zone. You can it one of a couple of ways. One way we like to set
it up is we like to bring our point guard out here; we like to bring our second guard
to the line until they get in. Now, once the ball comes down, then we’re going to go ahead
and drop into our 2-3 set. The reason they call it a 2-3 zone is because we’re going
to have two players at the top of the zone. These players are going to be responsible
for the side areas all the way down to the mid-court line. Then, we’ve got three on the
bottom. This guy’s responsibility is he’s got to go out to the corner and guard; he’s
going to help all the way up to the mid-line, so he’s got kind of a triangle area that the
bottom is going to work in. This middle defender has to close on both blocks, he has to work
block to block, and he also has to control all of the middle right here on anybody that
drives. And our low post player on this side has similar responsibilities to that guy over
there, where he’s got to close out on a shooter to the outside, he’s got to work this man
up here and try to trap, and he’s also got to come over and help in the middle when the
ball swings to the opposite side. So again, we’ve got two guards at the top–usually we’ll
have our guards up there. Sometimes you’ll want to put a post player up there just to
get high hands up. And then we’ve got three guys down below that control all of the lower
portion. And that’s how you set up the 2-3 zone.

Reader Comments

  1. maybe because their all on the same team dumbass..maybe its a aau team?! but u probably wouldnt know nothin about that mvp guru so stop leavin stupid comments

  2. Personally, I prefer a 2-1-2 over a 2-3, and no, they are not exactly the same. I like my center to start higher than shown here; heels on the inside of the old school jump circle when the ball is at the point. Still, some good stuff here, and this guys man D vid's are really good.

  3. @JiggyNDow 1) because you can't play zonal defence if you don't know how to play man to man defence 2) if kids play zonal defence they don't run they don't learn how to place there feet and body and many other important things in defence. modern youth basketball play man to man defence in all the court. 4/4 from the out line so the kids can exersice run help …..

  4. setting it up is easy but learning how to shift and move correctly is the real trick. its a great defense, especially at the youth level. Hey Syracuse lives on this defense exclusively and i'd say they do pretty well for themselves. They play zero man to man and are successful. its all about how you teach

  5. Heck I knew this.  I wanted to know more about movement, flowing to the ball, how to hand off offensive players between zones, etc.

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