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Worlds Biggest Island Adventure Water Park (Last to Fall Wins Game Master Treasure Chest Challenge)

– [Grace] Open it! Open it! – What is inside? – Whoa! – [Grace] Anything? What is it? What is it? – Check this out. – [Grace] What? – [Stephen] There’s a note. Oh yeah, Sharers. Check this out! We got an envelope, and inside is our next
island adventure challenge. That’s right, Sharers. If you didn’t already see, in last vlog, Grace and I
made it all the way to Hawaii. – Oh, yeah. Hawaii! – Oh, yeah, Sharers, and Matt and Rebecca came
along for the ride, too. So, check it out! – Mahalo! – Oh yeah, we’re in Hawaii! And if you didn’t see, as soon
as we came into this house that we’re renting, we found a briefcase. An adventure detective briefcase, – Yeah – sitting at the bottom of the pool. Rebecca and I swam down,
grabbed the briefcase, we opened it up and a
bunch – and I mean a bunch. – Of magical notes! – And in each note is a challenge. We did the first challenge on
the Matt and Rebecca channel which was the last to sink wins, and Grace won! – [Grace] And I won! – And since she was the
winner, she gets to wear the lucky Hawaiian necklace.
– Oh yeah! It’s so lucky. – And she got the first bonus bow on the Island Adventure Challenge. – Oh yes Sharers, look at that! – So Grace already has one
point, and whoever gets the most points at the end of the challenges gets to reveal what’s in
the secret treasure chest. – Yeah! – Where that’s located,
I don’t know Sharers. But let’s move on to the
next challenge which is to head to the Wet ‘n’ Wild Water Park. It’s the biggest water park in Hawaii, So, what are we waiting for?
– What are we waiting for? Let’s get going!
(cheers) – The Uber’s here, let’s change and let’s get to the water
park! Let’s go, let’s go! – Wait, I don’t see the water park, all I see is satellite dishes? – [Stephen] Whoa! – Is it like a spy center? – [Stephen] I don’t know Grace. But the water park’s over here! – [Grace] Oh there it
is! Let’s go, let’s go! – Yeah, check it out! Water park here we come! Woo, let’s go guys let’s go! – Woo! – Sharer’s, check out this water park! Look at these rides, look at that! We got giant slides over there, giant slides over there. This is going to be crazy! – Steve we gotta open this up! – Oh yeah we gotta open this! Sharers, we gotta open
this envelope to figure out what our mission is, to figure
out which one of those slides we’re gonna go down. It looks so intense, but
let’s get this started. Whoa, look there’s a wave pool! That looks so awesome! – I wanna go on that so
bad! This looks so good. – Whoa, and look how big
that pool is down there! – Oh that pool is massive! Whoa and on this side,
check out all of the slides, there’s even more! – [Grace] A rainbow one! – Whoa, so many slides! It’s so windy but you
know what that means? It’s gonna be even more epic,
the more wind the better. Wait. Look at that. – Wait, it says “The Island
Adventure Challenge”, that’s us! – [Stephen] On the door, you’re right. – That was for us, you guys! – You think that’s actually for us? Wait. – You think this was sent
by Advin or whatever? – This is the same color of paper. – Wait you’re right! It’s the same color paper as
my note. Wait, unlock that. – Yeah, here. Stephen you go inside first. – You want me to go first?
– Just in case, yeah. – Okay. Sharers, let’s go inside. I guess it’s – – [Grace] Yeah look, Steve,
that’s the same thing. The same note! – Yeah but, Grace, look.
(shocked wails) It was stuck on paper and tape. – [Rebecca] Whoa! – This is really called
the Hale Niu Cabana. You think this is for us? – I don’t know! You think knocking, or
just, see if it’s unlocked? – Okay, ready? Three, two, one. – [Rebecca] Oh, be careful Stephen. – [Grace] What do you see? – [Matt] Is this safe? – Whoa, there’s snacks! – [Grace] Snacks! – Oh my gosh!
– [Grace] Woohoo! – Oh yes, snacking! – Pizza, Rice Krispie treats! – What is this? – Pizza! Oh, my god, this is amazing! – Wait, hold on here’s a
map for the whole park. Look at how big this water park is! – [Grace] Whoa, look at all the rides! – And whoa, there’s that pool right there. – [Matt] It looks pretty calm. – It’s a wave pool, you guys. – It’s a wave pool?
– Mhm! They have to shut it off and
then they put it back on, and the waves get so big, it’s so fun! – Okay well, what are we waiting for? We really gotta get out there. Let’s put our stuff down
and let’s get going. Wait guys, what are you doing? – Snacking! – [Matt] Are you snacking? – We’re snacking! – [Stephen] Yo, we gotta get going! – Sharers, comment down
below: pizza or french fries? Which one would you eat? – I don’t know Grace. I wanna snack but I wanna also
get out to this water park. Let’s go, come on let’s go guys, let’s go! (cheering) Let’s go, water park time, let’s do it! Wooh! Oh yeah, at the water park! And Sharers, check out the
first ride we’re doing. What is this thing? – It’s a tornado! That’s literally the
name of this water slide. – This is gonna be intense. – It looks like the world’s
biggest water park slide, look how tall it is! – Yeah, this thing is intense! – It’s giant!
– No way! We are not doing this! – Whoa! – [Grace] Oh! – We are not doing this,
are we really doing this? Look at this thing! – Are you kidding me? – Sharers, this thing is so big. I wonder if we go all
the way up and around, and then down through there. – I think we do. – Comment if you would do this, I don’t think I should do this! – Grace is up there, everyone is up there. Sharers, let’s do this thing. Come on, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! Look how high up we are. Ah! And we gotta go down, okay. Bring this thing over. Sharers, it’s four people. It’s gonna be me, Rebecca, Grace and Matt. We’re gonna go down through there, then we’re gonna go into that tunnel! I don’t know what’s gonna
happen but let’s find out. Okay Sharers, we’re gonna
go down this tornado! I don’t know what’s gonna
happen, but let’s do it! Ready? (excited screaming) (upbeat music) That was awesome! – Steve look, there’s more! There’s a red, a blue, a
green and a yellow slide! – Perfect, slide number two let’s do this! – Oh! – So Sharers, check this out. We have a bunch of slides
to choose from now. This is the green one that we can go down, a red one, a blue one, and the yellow one. Comment down below who should
go on which color slide. And these ones are intense,
look how high up we are. I don’t even know where that ends up, but there’s like an abandoned golf cart and a bunch of abandoned stuff over there! – [Grace] Oh gosh! – Yeah there’s a lot of abandoned stuff. Oh, Matt’s got the tubes, oh! – [Grace] Oh we got the tubes! – Okay! ZamFam vs SharerFam,
let’s pick some slides! Let’s go down! So Sharers it looks
like you’re commenting, you want the Sharer Fam
to go down the red slide. Oh yeah!
– [Grace] Oh yeah! – And you want the Zam Fam
to go down the blue slide. – Oh yeah, we’re gonna win! – Woo! – Let’s do it, come on, let’s go! Zam Fam vs Sharer Fam (cheering) who’s gonna win? Let’s find out. Let’s go guys!
– Let’s go! – Here we go! Three, two, one go!
– Three, two, one go! – Go, go, go Grace push! (excited screaming) – Oh my gosh, oh my gosh! – [Stephen] Whoa! (high pitched screaming) Who won? I don’t know who won Sharers. This is so awesome! – This is so fun! – Yeah, but wait!
– What should we do next? – Stephen, we have to go figure out what’s inside the envelope. That’s your part of the challenge. – Oh yeah, we gotta
figure out the challenge. Let’s stay focused! – Okay, Island Adventure challenge. We gotta figure out what the
actual challenge is for today. So, let’s head back to the Cabana, let’s open that mystery note, and let’s figure out what’s inside. – Yeah!
– Let’s go. So it’s time to find out
what the challenge… What is that? Grace, what is that, what is that? – Thought you were done? Open the note, the
challenge has not yet begun. Go now. – Okay, well you heard what he said. Let’s figure out what’s on this next Island Adventure
challenge, and let’s get going. – Okay. – [Grace] Open it, open it! – Okay, uh! – [Grace] What’s it say, what’s it say? – It says, “Welcome to the water park, now it’s time for a challenge. Head to Da Florider and get your points… Last to fall wins!”. – [Grace] Last to fall wins? – The Florider? What ride is that, Matt?
– Here, look on the map. – Here, let me see. – The Florider? Oh, this is gonna be fun!
I know exactly what it is! (shocked shouting) – [Grace] What is it? – Sharers, let’s just go
this is gonna be really fun. – [Rebecca] Oh my gosh!
– Come on, let’s go! This one’s gonna be awesome, come on. Woo! – Stephen! – What? Oh wait, it’s right at the
bottom of the wave rider pool. Here it is, we just saw
this in Rebecca’s video. It’s a clue, hold on. – What’s the clue say? Last to fall wins! – That must be for the
wave pool, you guys! – It’s a last to fall challenge. If you stand you get three points, if you kneel you get two, and if you lay down you get one point and I’m guessing if you
fall of you get zero points? – [Rebecca] Yeah!
– You fall, you get zero? – Yeah! – Yeah, well, let’s get
this wave pool started. It’s called The Florider,
let’s do this Sharers. – Let’s do it! – Come on, let’s go! – Last to fall!
– Last to fall on this? – Oh my gosh.
– Whoa! – Whoa! She fell, okay. This is gonna be hard. – I have never done this before, I feel like I’m not gonna be good. – I’ve never done a wave
pool thing like this! – Let’s go, let’s go! – Let’s go, let’s go, let’s do this. This is intense! I’m
ready, how do you do this? – Very carefully. – Very carefully (chuckles). Very carefully!
– [Rebecca] Any tips, like? – Are you gonna go out
on the boogie board, or the stand up board? – [Stephen] Stand up!
– I’m gonna do, I think, boogie board on my knees for two points. – Rebecca’s gonna go for two points, okay. Matt, how many points
are you gonna go for? – I’m going for three point, I gotta win! – Okay, Matt’s going for three
points he’s gonna try to win. Grace, how many points? – Um, two points! – Two points, you’re gonna kneel? – Yeah! – Sharers, I’m gonna go for three points. I gotta try to stand up and
hopefully I don’t wipe out! – Okay, so I wanna go last so I can figure out how to do this. – No, it’s best for last! Sharers, you already saw
that I got six points so far from Rebecca’s channel. So I’m gonna go last. – Rock, paper, scissors! – Okay rock, paper, scissors. Ready? Rock, paper, scissors show
– Rock, paper, scissors, show Rock, paper, scissors show
– Rock, paper, scissors, show! (dramatic music) – What is that? You’re going first, Rebecca’s going first. – No! – She lost, you’re going first. Okay Rebecca you are up.
– I’m so nervous! – I have no idea how this
is gonna go, but here we go. Three, two, one and go Rebecca, go! (excited shouting) She’s got it, so far so good. Oh yeah, woo! Zam Fam, oh! Oh no! – My board! – Okay not bad, not bad. Rebecca’s laying down she’s
gonna try to go one more time to see if she can get any better. – I don’t know if I’m gonna get
better but I got two points! – Rebecca’s gonna try to go one more time to make it even more intense. Let’s see how she does, here we go. In three, two, one, go go go go go! – (loud screaming) – Go Rebecca! Go, go, go, go, go! Woo! Whoa, Rebecca you got it! She’s actually doing it! (intense shouting) Rebecca wiped out Sharers! That means she has zero points, oh no! Rebecca got zero. Let’s see who’s up next. Looks like you’re up! – I’ve never done this before. – Alright so Matt. You’re gonna try to stand up? – Yep, I’m gonna try. – Matt’s gonna try to stand up Sharers smash the like button for Matt. He can get three points if he gets this. Okay Sharers, here goes Matt. Let’s see how he does. He’s gonna try to stand up, I
don’t know if it’s gonna work. Here we go! Three, two, one, go go go! So far so good, Matt’s
off to a good start. Let’s see let’s see, he’s
gonna try to stand up. I don’t know if it’s gonna work. We’re gonna see what happens. Oh no he’s coming close to the wall! Here we go, here we go, here we go. Oh it looks like he’s gonna wipe out. Oh! Sharers, he almost wiped
out, he almost wiped out! Here we go. Come on Matt, you got this! Go, go, go, go, go! Will he stand up is the question. He’s kneeling! He got more points already, two points. He has two points right now. Sharers, is Matt gonna
be able to stand up? Here we go let’s see what’s gonna happen! Oh! Major wipeout! Okay Sharers, not bad,
Matt got pretty far. He was able to kneel so he got two points and then he wiped out. Okay Grace, it’s your turn. – Okay, I hope I can do this! I’ve never done this before Sharers, smash the like button,
hopefully I can win! – Okay Sharers I have no
idea how Grace is gonna do, I don’t know how good she
is at riding boogie boards but we’re about to find out. Will she fall? I have no idea, but let’s see. Here we go. In three, two, one, oh she dropped in! Whoa, whoa, whoa! She made
it all the way to the front! – (screaming) – Whoa Grace, whoa! Not sure what happened there
but she’s gonna go again let’s see what happens this time. Okay here we go. Three, two, one, she drops in. – (intense screaming) – Whoa! Sharers, I don’t know
what’s going on with Grace. I don’t think she’s very
good at this though. Okay Grace, let’s try that one more time. So far Grace did it laying
down, so she has a point. Let’s see if she can get any farther. Here we go Grace, three, two, one, go, go, go! There she goes all the way to the front. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Come on Grace!
– [Matt] (supportive cheering) – [Stephen] She’s
kneeling, she’s kneeling! She’s kneeling! – (high pitched screaming) – Whoa, oh yeah Grace did it! She got two points, she was able to kneel! That’s awesome! Sharers, smash the like button for Grace. Now it’s my turn. Will
I be able to do this? I have no idea, let’s find out. – [Matt] Stephen what are you gonna do? – I’m gonna try to stand up, we’ll see how far I get. Matt tried it, he kinda wiped out, but let’s find out what happens. – Steve, do you think you can do it? – I don’t know, let’s find out! Let’s do it! – Go, go, go! Sharers, he has the board backwards this could be a disaster! Go! – [Matt] He’s on his knees! – Oh he’s on his knees! Oh, wipeout! Round two, three, two, one, go Steve! Go! Can he get on the standing board? Oh, he’s on his knees! Go Steve! – Yeah! Woo! – [Grace] Whoa, body surfing! – Whoa! Sharers this is so cool! I’ll go one more time, I’m
gonna try and stand this time I got this! – Okay Steve’s got the board
the right way, level three. In three, two, one go! – Whoa! – Sharers he’s on his knees, can he get standing is the real question? (disappointed shouting) – Whoa Sharers, I did
it, I almost stood up. Okay, let’s total the points and see how many points we all got. – Look, look, look, look, look! – [Stephen] Whoa, what is that thing? – I’ve seen that before. – [Stephen] What is that thing? Is that a drone, what is that? – No, Steve this is something. I’ve never seen that before. – We need to get back! We need to get back to that Cabana, quick! Let’s go, we gotta get back to the Cabana, let’s go let’s go let’s go. Quick go back in, go back in! Come on, come on, close the door. (worried muttering) – Lock it! – I guess all those drones were from the Game Master watching us. – He has to be watching! – He’s still watching. Okay, how many points did we all get? Rebecca, how many points did you get? – I think I just got one, cuz I laid on my stomach. But I didn’t fall, so at least I got one! – Yeah, you got one! – I fell once, but. – [Stephen] Matt, how
many points did you get? – I think I technically got three, cuz I stood up a little bit. – No, no. He didn’t stand. You guys comment below if
you think Matt stood or not. I’d say not. – [Stephen] Grace, how
many points did you get? – I think I got two! – And I think I got three
points because I stood up! Oh, and if you didn’t already see Sharers, on Rebecca’s channel we rode
even more water park rides. Some intense ones like the Volcano. Okay Zam Fam, I got my cup. Oh no, stop! (high pitched screaming) Oh my god! So Sharers, I need your help. We need to add the total points from both Rebecca’s channel and my channel. Comment down below who
got the most points. We gotta figure out who the winner is and who gets the necklace. – The lucky winner necklace! – Oh my gosh, yes. – Wait, I don’t wanna give this up. – Well, you might not have to. – Maybe you won. – Oh! – I don’t know. – Sharers go add up the points! – Yes Sharers, Rebecca’s
video is right here. Go click it, check it out. We need to figure out the total points of the Island Adventure Challenge. So go watch it! And until next time, you know what to do! – [All Together] Stay
awesome, and share the love! Peace, woo! – What’s the next challenge gonna be? (gentle pop music)

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