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– Welcome to Jingerrific, the most epic mom channel on YouTube. (screaming) (upbeat music) I’m so excited to relaunch my channel, I’ve been wanting to do
this for a while now. And it is time. I don’t have any solid
plans for this channel, I just really wanna make epic videos that are fun, that you guys love, and that I can do myself. Before we jump right in
I wanna show you guys what I am up to right now. So, this is the thing,
I just bought a horse. That’s right, I’ve been
hanging out with Missy a lot, Missy Lanning, you can check
out her channel in the icon. But she got me back into
horses, horses have been a part of my life since
the beginning of time. And so, I decided that now is the time for me to get a horse. And I am standing, right
now, in my horse area. Okay, so this is gonna be
where we have the horse. This is a huge project. You can see right here we’re
already getting started. What’s awesome is that this back lot isn’t being used right now. And so I thought, you know what, I’m gonna turn this into
something beautiful and awesome because that’s one of the
things I love to do in my life. I love to take things that
are rough, and need fixing, and to fix them up, and
make them beautiful. And this is gonna be so awesome. Let me show you what I have planned. So, this is the back of our
guest house and storage garage. We have this little room in here. And you can see that we’ve already started ripping out all the old wood. And if you go in here, it’s all covered, it’s like a little porch back here. And we’re gonna make this my tackroom. A tackroom is where you store all the stuff you need for your horse. So, like my saddle, the brushes, any grooming supplies I need. Also food, any of that. So, we’re actually gonna make
this really, really cool. We’re gonna pave all of this with cement. And we’re gonna put up big shelves. And like saddle racks, and all of that. Just the tackroom is a huge job in itself. But we’re actually going
to remove this fence, right here, that separates the
horse property from the yard. Because I wanna be able to see my horse, and I wanna be able to ride,
and for Carl to watch me ride. It’s fun when people watch you do stuff that you love I guess, I don’t know. So, that is what’s going on with the horse property right now. I’ve already purchased my horse. This is a picture of him. (neighing) He’s so cute, his name is Maximus. He’s a palomino. And I am thrilled to have him. He’s staying in Idaho
with my brother right now because it’s so hot down
here in southern Utah. So, until I have my facilities built I want him to be happy
and healthy up in Idaho. Enough about the projects,
let’s get on to the fun. What is that, who is that? It’s Blue, look at Blue. Hi Blue, what are you doing today? Are you having a fun day,
you little cutie pie? Mr. you need to come out
and take a poop, huh? I’ve been cleaning up your poops. This is Blue, he’s new to our family. Kyle’s brother surprised
him with a dog in a video. I’ll leave a link in the description so be sure and click
that after this video. But Blue is so adorable, and we love him. He’s a golden retriever. And his color is an english cream. Oh, Kyle’s ready to go. Hey Kyle. – Hey. – Welcome to Jingerrific. This is the first Jingerrific vlog ever. – Oh my God. – Are you so excited? – Yeah. – This is gonna be the most
epic mom channel on YouTube. Do you believe me? – Yeah. – Today’s gonna be an
epic day because we are going to surprise Daily Bumps
with a giant inflatable slide for our backyard swimming pool. I cannot wait. Me and Carl are getting the
pool and the property ready for the giant inflatable
slide to be delivered. This is so exciting. Brian and Missy love to do pool videos. And they love their backyard waterpark that they have at their house. So, I know that they’re gonna love this. But before we do the backyard waterpark Kyle has a party to go to. – Yeah. – [Jinger] Are you so excited? – Yeah. – [Jinger] So, I’m gonna
drive Kyle to his party and then we’re gonna
come back and set it up. And then I’m gonna pick you up and we’re gonna have a second party. Party, party, party. – Party. – [Jinger] Look at these fun
new floaties that we picked up for the backyard pool party. That is gonna be so awesome. Kyle you have to pick
out your favorite one. Which one do you like the best? – [Kyle] I like the duck. – The duck, that one’s so cool
’cause you can ride on it. I think I like the lollipop the best. Well Kyle, maybe I challenge you to the pool is lava challenge. Oh yeah, that’s gonna happen. Mom versus kid, go check
it out on Kyle’s channel. We’re gonna film it for your channel. So, go check that out right now. Do you accept the mom
versus kid challenge? – Oh yeah, I accept that challenge. – [Jinger] Oh yeah, you bring it. All right, we’re bringing
Kyle to his friend’s house. Kyle put on your seatbelt. – Okay. – [Jinger] This is gonna
be so awesome and epic. And then when you get back
it is pool party time. – Oh yeah. – The pool slide is ready to go. Our outdoor waterpark, we’re ready. Oh my gosh, I’m going
to get Brian and Missy. I’m so excited. Are you guys ready? – I’m so ready. – [Jinger] For your big surprise. Missy are you ready? – Yes.
– I’m so excited. – ‘Kay, come out, come out here and take a look over by the swimming pool. – Well I just see the swimming pool. Oh, wow.
– Oh my God. – [Jinger] Backyard party. Are you guys ready to
have a fun pool party? – Oh, heck yeah. – Me and you are racing. – [Jinger] All right, game on. Okay go check out Daily
Bumps if you wanna see what we do next you guys. Kyle are you ready for an epic day? – Yeah. – Yeah, let’s do it. All right you guys, we are
at the top of the slide. Are you ready? Here we come. (screaming) That was so awesome. (upbeat music) Oh man Kyle, you just went so far. That slide just shoots you right on to the swimming pool, doesn’t it? – Yeah.
– Oh yeah. All right Missy, mom versus mom, who do you thinks gonna
win, Jinger or Missy? – I’m totally gonna win,
I’m gonna superman it. – All right. Everyone in the comments vote. If you think I’m gonna win #Jinger, if you think Missy’s gonna win #Missy. – #Missy. – [Jinger] All right, let’s do this. – Let’s go. – [Jinger] Are you ready? – Uh-uh. – This is so awkward. Oh my goodness. ‘Kay you say go Missy. – Three, two, one, go. – [Brian] Oh, Jinger took the win. – Yeah. That’s it for today’s Jingerrific vlog. And until next time, be savage. Bye.

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