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Worlds BIGGEST Inflatable Backyard Slip N Slide!! (Sharer Family Ultimate Surprise Party Reveal)

– [Stephen Sharer] Oh Yeah! What is going on, Sharers? Welcome to the blog,
welcome back to another super, epic summer day. That’s right, if you’re new here, make sure to hit that subscribe button because we have the absolute, most insane, craziest, backyard
waterpark you will ever see. It’s all getting setup right now. It is a once in a lifetime thing that we do every single year. It’s absolutely insane. Oh yeah and not only is this vlog going to be super epic because it’s the coolest backyard waterpark ever, but we’re also bringin’
back the swag packs. Oh yeah, A-K-A the YouTube
Play Button key chain. So get ready Sharers,
we’re gonna be givin’ these away throughout the vlog. So, stay tuned, look for clues. If you can comment the
right spots you see ’em, you may just get a chance to
win one of these swag packs. All right, so without further ado, you gotta enter the Sharer family house through the July Fourth
awesome balloon arch. So, you walk through here, check this out. Oh, yeah. And you come straight to all the Share the Love cars. Check it out, we got the Share
The Love Bug back outside. (car beeps) Oh yeah, what’s going on? We’ve got, of course, the Sharerghini with the top down
(engine revs) because it’s July Fourth and
it’s the coolest thing to do. What’s goin’ on Sharerghini? Oh yeah, and then, of course, we got the awesome Spy Wagon, G-Wagon Mobile, ready to go, all the cars are displayed. And back here, Sharers, is where it starts getting absolutely insane. So you see just a normal
tent right now, right? Well, no, no, no, no, no, because beyond this tent,
there is so much more, we have the world’s biggest
backyard Slip ‘N Slide. This year it’s going to be faster, longer, and more insane
than it’s ever been because we’ve got some really cool Slip ‘N Slides to go down the hill. We also have this awesome
Surfboard Challenge Inflatable, I’ve never done this before, but instead of a mechanical bull, it’s
a mechanical surfboard. It looks absolutely cool. Check this thing out. You come on to this thing, it’s an inflatable, so
it’s like a Moon Bounce. Oh yeah, but then you wanna
stand on the surfboard and you have to ride the surfboard as much as you can without falling off and they can control it
with this thing right here. (machine beeps) Twist it, turn it, do all kinds of stuff, make this thing go absolutely crazy. So Grace and I are
definitely gonna compete on this and see who can win. And then over here are all
the Slip ‘N Slide tarps that we have. They look like just giant
inflatables right now, but they stretch out and they
become super fast tracks. I mean, this stuff is
actually super slick. Look at this, it’s super slick. It’s going to be so fast and we’re gonna start it up here for now and go all the way down
the hill into the pond. I mean, we’re talking
giant, giant slip ‘n slide. And then, coming down the hill, we have our inflatable waterpark. Check this out, we’ve got
the giant slide down there. we’ve got the giant water
trampoline down there, we even have a hamster-type
ball thing there. And if that’s not enough to
do a water obstacle course, Sharers, we also have
a real obstacle course Moon Bounce right here. Check this thing out. Absolutely insane, and
we’re just gettin’ started, the party hasn’t even
finished being setup yet. It’s going to get more insane
so if you haven’t already, make sure to hit that subscribe button. Join the coolest family
on YouTube, the ShareFam. Smash the like button because it’s going to be the most epic video ever and share this video with your friends for a chance to win a swag pack. That’s right, share
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down below when done, and you have a chance to win one of these awesome swag packs. All right, now let’s go
make sure Grace is up because she cannot miss this party, This is going to be the
most insane party ever. Let’s go find Grace,
let’s go find everyone in the Sharer Fam, come on. Grace, there you are. – Whoa, Steve, check it out, I am surfing, I’ve been practicing my
surfing skills all day long. This is so cool, I love it. – Oh yeah, don’t fall off. – Yeah, I can’t fall off, I
fell off a lot already, so shh. – Sharers, the party hasn’t
even started and Grace is goofin’ off. Grace, we got to get
the Slip ‘N Slide setup so it’s ready to go. – Oh, you’re right, we got to
get the Slip ‘N Slide ready. Let’s go! – This is what I’m talkin’ about. Over 200 feet of straight
down Slip ‘N Slide. – Yeah, and look at
all the floats we have, and you get to pick your own like, hmm, maybe the pineapple. – Oh. – Or a donut, yum. (biting noises) Or like one of these
fast, boogie board things. You can hop on and you go so fast. – And we even have swans
that you can go down in. These things are huge. These are pretty secure going down, they’re not that fast though, Sharers. If you wanna go fast, it’s all
about this stuff, right here. This is going to make you go really fast. Check these out, this
is a secret ingredient if you wanna go down the Slip ‘N Slide and get all the way across
the pond to the other side. Oh, Grace
(gasps) We also have so many
snacks, Sharers, I forgot. We ordered a bunch of
snacks, come check out all the awesome snacks we have. – Oh, check it out, we have snow cones, and I have lime, blueberry, and red. Aw, this looks yummy. (bite sound) It’s really good, oh, it’s so good. – That’s right, we’re
gonna be snackin’ all day, and we got something else, Grace. Check this out. – Yeah, even better than snow cones, we have this crazy machine. – And Sharers, like I
said, keep an eye out throughout the video and comment
where you see swag packs. A-K-A I’m giving you
a huge hint right now. Oh, yeah. Cotton candy, too. This is what I’m talking about. (bite sound) – Ooh, yum. – Snacking all day long. But before everyone comes
into the Sharer Fam house, we had to make sure the
Slip ‘N Slide works. So what we’re doing right
now is we’re actually training it, look at this. Oh yeah, someone’s going down right now, training the Slip ‘N Slide. The way this works,
Sharers, is the hill has a natural fall line, but what we wanna do is we wanna make sure
all the water ends up going straight down and
not going to the sides or anything or like that. So, Grace, I’m gonna need your help. – Okay. – I’m gonna need you to
walk down in a straight line and make sure you stay straight because if you go off
to either of the side, the water will just pour
out and the Slip ‘N Slide will never work right. – Oh boy! Okay, let’s
train it really well. – This is also cool
because as we train it, it can get super slippery and you can fall and then slide all the way down. So Grace, here, you ready? – Okay, I’m behind you. – Start going slow. – Oh boy – Straight line, you wanna
keep the line straight. We wanna make sure the water
stays in a straight line and goes all the way down,
see how it’s curvin’ up there? That is not what we want. We want the water to go straight down all the way into the pond. I can feel it getting slippery, Grace. – It’s very slippery and
the water’s really powerful. – Sharers, the water is
actually really powerful, I can feel it pushing me. The water’s so powerful
because check it out, we have these fire hose
pumps, pumping the water. (smacking noises) That is all water coming from in the pond, going all the way up to the very top, pumping it down to the
pond, and back up again. So that way we never lose water because we’re just
constantly re-circling it. Grace, how’s it going? Is
the training goin’ good? – Yeah, it’s all good! – All right, make it all the way down. Once we get this trained,
everyone is just gonna start tearing up the Slip ‘N Slide. It’s going to be absolutely insane. This is going to be the
fastest Slip ‘N Slide we’ve had in any of the past years. I mean check this out, my friend’s going. Oh yeah, look at this, training it and look how fast he’s going already. That is what I’m talking about. Oh yeah! Woo! – Yeah! That was awesome! He
was already going so fast! – Yeah, and it’s not even trained yet, it’s only gonna get faster and faster. Plus, once we add the speed chutes, that is what’s really gonna step it up. Sharers, not only are we going to be able to race each other, I think
this is going to be so fast, people are gonna literally be making it all the way across the pond. We’ve actually never done
the super fast ones before. So, they’re either gonna work
or they’re not gonna work, but smash the like
button, give us good luck. This is gonna actually
be really crazy guys. – Oh yeah! We are going
ultimate time this time. – And while they’re still
setting up the Slip ‘N Slide, Sharers, Grace and I are
gonna go test out this backyard inflatable obstacle course. Come on, Grace. – Oh yeah. I’m ’bout to win. – This is crazy, I don’t even
know how this thing works. – Yeah, I think it’s like two tracks and we have to race each other. – Yeah. Where’s the
entrance to this thing? – Yeah, let’s see how this thing works. – Oh you enter through- I enter through that hole, you’ll enter through that hole? – Okay, I’ll go in lane one. – And then we have to go, oh my goodness. – Whoa. – What is this? – Okay. This is a little crazy. – What is this thing, Sharers? What is goin’ on? And then do you go up to the top? Wait. – It’s kind of like a ninja course, like one of those ninja course things. – Oh, you’re right,
like ninja rollers here, and then you tuck underneath. – And then like a little rock wall, – Rock wall there. – And then what’s up here? – What is it? – Oh, like a… – Uh, a chute or something? – Yeah. – And then, oh, it doesn’t end there, look at this, then you
curve back into here, you go through here, up that rock wall, and then, I think, the final
ending, after you climb up that huge rock wall
right there, is you slide. Oh, Grace, then you slide down here, and you come out this side just like that. – Oh, this looks cool. – All right. I say we do it, you ready? – Yeah, let’s do it, I’ll get in lane one, you get in lane two. – Okay, Grace, you ready? – Yeah, I’m ready. – Here we go. Obstacle
course starts in three. – Two. – One, go, here we go. Oh, wow, it’s hot, oh my god. I just gotta go through this, what? How do you go through this? Ugh. – Whoa, Whoa, Whoa,
Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, Wait, how do I? How does this work? Whoa. – Here we go, up. Climb up here. Down here, whoa, there we go. – Oh yeah, woo, Okay. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, Whoa. – Okay. Now I gotta climb
up this rock wall thing. Go, up, down here,
through this thing, Woo! – The rock wall and jumping, woo! Oh yeah, woo! – There we go, there we go, there we go. We got it, okay, through here. Oh yeah! I’m beatin’ Grace! She hasn’t even made it out yet! Haha! Woo! I’m winning, here we go. – Oh yeah. – Through this thing, up this rock wall. Oh my goodness, oh my goodness. – Oh, for heaven’s sake, whoa, whoa, whoa. That thing hit me, squeeze through. Oh yeah, climb to the top. – I’m beating Grace and
final slide right here. Here we go, three, two, one, going down. Woo! Through the…Oh yeah. Woo! I made it out, I beat you. – No! – Oh yeah. – How did he beat me? – Oh yeah, that’s what I’m talking about. Ooh, Grace, let’s see if
that Slip ‘N Slide’s set up. – Cool, let’s go race. – Let’s go check it out, and Sharers, it is
packed, the party’s goin’. Here goes people down right now. Oh yeah, woo! We got a bunch
of people up at the top. Look how fast the slide is going too, this is what I’m talking about, and not only is this
slide super, super fast, but once you get down to the bottom, people have been actually
making it all the way across to the other side, let’s see. Oh! Oh! Will they make it across? Ah, not quite, but that’s probably because they were on a donut tube. If someone comes down on a boogie board, they might actually make it all the way across the pond. All right, oh, here comes
someone on a boogie board. Let’s see if they make
it all the way across. Go, go, go, go, go. Oh. Will they make it? (bell chimes) Oh yeah! They made it all the way across. This is what I’m talking about, this is super fast. Now, Grace and I are gonna go down, we’re gonna do some
races on Grace’s channel. There’s a lot of other
YouTubers here, too. So, we’re gonna all do
down and I’m gonna see if I can even stand up
going across the pond on to the other side,
it’s gonna be so much fun. So, Sharers, the Schmoyers
came out all the way from Cincinnati to join us today. And now, we’re gonna race. Who do you thinks gonna win? Oh, cartwheel. – I don’t know. – That’s what I’m talking ’bout. Oh, yeah, all right, but save those skills for the Slip ‘N Slide
because it’s all about who can win, who can go down the fastest. All right, lemme see your
Share the Love tattoos before we go. – So, there’s one over here. – One Share the Love tattoo there, one Share the Love tattoo there, perfect. – That’s awesome. I love it. – All right. Grace is gonna film us, We’re gonna go down. – Alrighty, you got this. – Let’s see who’s gonna win. – [Man] In three, two, one, go! – [Grace] Go, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! – Here we go, yes! – [Grace] Whoa! Look at them go! [water splash] – Woo! That’s what I’m talkin’ about! And Sharers, like I said, we
got a lot of YouTubers here. We have Jack, oh yeah. [Jack] – What’s up Sharers? – Jack Doherty, Doherty,
how do I say your last name? – Jack Doherty but whatever is
fine, say it how you want it. I don’t know I’m cool with whatever. – Say it how you want
it, whatever is good. He came all the way from what? New York? – Yeah, Long Island, New York. – Long Island, New York,
all the way to the Share fam backyard Slip N’ Slide, so you wanna race? – Of course, let’s do it! Let us know who do you
thinks going to win in the comments down below! – Yeah, ooh, they’re
going fast, all right. This is really heatin’ up,
this is getting really fast. Comment down below who
do you thinks gonna win, hashtag me, hashtag Jack. – Just go with Jack guys. – All right, let’s do it. – [Man] Okay, here we go,
three, two, one, go go go! – Here we go, oh gosh! Oh no, oh no, he’s winning! No! Oh! Oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no,
oh no, oh no, oh no, oh no, (water splash) Woo! All right, that was close – I did it! – Oh yeah! Okay, Sharers, now let’s
go check out the slide. By the way if you’re wondering
why it’s so loud right here because all these pumps
is what’s making the Slip N’ Slides work, they’re
pumping the water up the hill, so it’s gotta be super
powerful and super loud. Mow we’re gonna head up
to the top of this slide, it’s absolutely crazy, so
many people are up here, it’s going to be wild and
it’s going to be super fast because everyone’s wet
today, the slide is 100% wet, so I’m just going to slide down so quick. But in order to make it, you gotta jump. Here we go, three, two, one! Woo! Oh! All right, you got to jump, and then you can climb up
to the top, here we go, woo! Oh yeah, oh look who it
is! Jack’s still here. Oh God, I almost fell, what’s going on? – Hey! – Whoa, it’s so high up here, oh my goodness, what are you gonna do? – [Jack] I’m gonna go from here, maybe. – Oh goodness! All right, Jack, what are you gonna do? – [Jack] Guys, I’m gonna flip off of this awesome water slide, you ready? – Whoa, Jack! Oh my goodness! That was crazy! All right, what are you gonna do? – I’m going to jump down. – All right, you ready? Three, two, one, go! Woo! Whoa! [splash] That is so fast, all right, I don’t think
I can do any of that, but I’m just gonna flip,
here we go Sharers, Woo! Three, two, one, woo! [water splash] Ah! [water splash] Whoa! Aaaaaaah! [water splash] Ah! [water splash] Whoa! [water splash] And Sharers, I think that
was the biggest belly flop we’ve had in the whole
party, that is wild. Smash the like button, Sarah you good? Share the love? Oh yeah! She’s good. Yeah, this slide is not
made to jump off the side, but people are doing it,
but if you do it wrong, it could end up like that, whoa! Woo! And now Sharers, we’re
going to check out what’s goin’ on at the trampoline. Climb up here. Woo, we got a lot of people up here. We’re clear, go, go, go, go, go, go, go! Flip, oh! (water splash) That’s what I’m talking
about, flipping, go, oh! (water splash) All right, go, go, go, go, go! Oh yeah! (water splash) Okay, Sharers, so it looks like, the obstacle of the trampoline
is to not actually bounce on the trampoline, but to
bounce off the trampoline and flip over that hamster wheel. So, I’m gonna give it a
go, all right, we clear? All right Sharers, here we go! Three, two, one, oh! Whoa! [water splash] Sharers, now it looks
like my friend Alex is about to go down the Slip N’ Slide, he’s going to try and
stand up the whole time. All right, let’s see how it goes. So, Alex says he’s gonna be able to stand the whole way down, you
think you can do it? – I’m gonna try. – All right, so he’s
going to go start here, you’re goinna stand,
you’re gonna try to ride it all the way down to
the bottom, you ready? – I think so – I have no idea if this
is possible but let’s see. All right Alex, whenever
you’re ready, go for it! Three, two, one, will he be able to stand? Ooh, so far so good. Oh yeah! Go Alex, there we
go, there we go, there we go. Oh yeah, all the way, woo! Oooooh! Now, things are picking
up, people are starting to do tricks down the Slip
N’ Slide and everything. Oh we got people going down
on the big swan, uh oh! Will they crash? That’s the question. Oh no, they’re going to make it? Let’s see, let’s see, let’s see! Oh yeah! The swans are really
cool and stuff to ride down, but the more people you pile on to them, the higher the chances are of
you falling and wiping out. Oh, there goes Grace with her friends, Oh Grace is riding the
swan, she could wipe out, let’s see, let’s see,
let’s see, let’s see! Oh! She’s good! Oh, now
someone’s going down, this is going to be crazy,
they’re trying to stand on this boogie board,
uh oh will this work? Oh no, uh oh, so far so good, whoa! Oh my goodneess, oh no! Will he make it? Oh! So close.. We got the Bingham’s doing
standing on the back. Let’s see how this works. Uh oh, oh no, Whoa! Careful, careful, careful, whoa! Oh my goodness, Sharers,
the party is going great, the weather is holding out,
it’s supposed to storm, but not today, we got
people all over, still, we even have everyone in
the water, what’s going on? You having fun? Oooh, yeah! Can do you the Share the Love? Share the Love? Let’s see it, oh yeah! You
got the Share the Love hands, I love it. Things are getting crazy right
now at the Sharer fam house. We now not only have water
trampolines and water obstacle courses, but we have on land trampolines. These guys came with
Jack, they’re flippers, they can do some crazy stuff,
hit me with something cool. Oh dear, what’s gonna happen? Oh my goodness. Woaaah! (water splash) I don’t know how many flips that was, but comment down below if you can see them, maybe you could play it in slow
mo and count how many flips, I’m going to say that was
two, I’m not sure though. All right Jack, hit me
with something, oh no! (water splash) Oooh! Second belly flop of the day. All right, let’s see
what this is gonna be, let’s see how many flips we got, uh oh! Uh oh, something’s goin’
on here, let’s see, uh oh Aaah… Whoa! Nice! (water splash) Fresh flip, off the tramp,
into the pond, I’m likin’ it. Oh and there’s Grace, she’s
practicing on the surfboard. Grace is it goin’ any better this time? – Oh yeah, I’m gettin’ the hang of it, I’m gettin’ the skills on
point, oh yeah! I’m surfin’. – Grace has been surfin’ all day. Grace this is awesome, that’s
what I’m talkin’ about. Oh yeah, hold on, let me
try this real quick Grace, – Let’s see how long, you ready? – I’m ready. Three, two, one, woo! – Switch, and I’m on, here we go, ready? Oh my goodness, woo! – Whoa! Steve, you’re having it difficult, – I’m going the wrong way, I
don’t normally surf this way – I think I have an idea
of what to do Sharers, I think we need to turn up the
notch full throttle Stephen. – Oh no, oh no, – Oh yeah! Whoa! Look at
that go, whoa, whoa, whoa! Whoa! – Oh my goodness, this
thing is absolutely crazy! – Oh oh, Sharers, if this wasn’t enough, now Jack is no longer
flippin’, he’s up at the top. He’s about to do the zip
line, this is the first time he’s done the zip line all year. He’s gonna start from up
here and go all the way down there, all right. Ready for this? Oh wait, hold on, Jack needs
a little bit of a lift. Scoot down, all right. – I got it. – You got it, all right, ready? Let go when you’re on
the of the water, and go! Oh dear, let’s see how he goes. Will he make it? Ah! Oh yeah! There we go! Like I said, this party is just
gettin’ wilder and wilder. – This party is so wild. – Oh yeah, someone’s goin’ down again. – Whoa, look at that. – Oh! Back flip! That’s
what I’m talking about. And my mom’s here, mom you’re having fun? – Oh yeah! Having fun! This is great! – All right Sharers, well
this is our July 4th party. We hope you enjoyed it
just as much as we did. – Oh yeah! – If you want to be able to
make it to this party one year, make sure you share this video with at least one of your friends,
comment down below when done and you maybe will just
get an invite next year. – Oh yeah! – And until next time
Sharers, you know what to do! Stay awesome and share
the love, peace woo! [upbeat techno music]

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