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Workout Video Tutorial 02 – Quick Fitness Fullbody Home Workout Own Bodyweight

Workout Video Tutorial 02 – Quick Fitness Fullbody Home Workout Own Bodyweight Welcome Back Guys [I] have Another sexy Video for you and this Time it’s all about [Full-Body] Home Workout From Head To toe [I] have a surprise for you Lovely Natalie will Show you how to do the exercises We have seven Different Exercises and you will have A rest Time in Between While I show you how to do the next Exercise? you do ten Reps each Let’s Start Natalie get Ready First exercise Push-Ups, we do Five Real Push-Ups and Five Knee Push-ups Three two one and exhale [Pushup] Perfect and Number Three Comes Now Two more Four and Five Now [the] Knees Down Natalie and you guys Continue With Knee Push-ups, also Called Lady Push-ups two Three two Left number Four and the last one Five good Natalie Come up Next Exercise Swats and Once You come up you, do Butterfly Reverse Motions Get Ready and Three Two one and ten Reps One Perfect and Two Inhale when you go Down Keep your Body weight on your Heels Knees don’t come Forward and Squeeze your Shoulder blades Together Once You’re up right There We go five More seven Great Eight if your core Nice and Tight Two more [and] [Now] Comes the [Last] [Rap] Number ten Good Relax your legs We have one More Exercise for your legs? Reverse Lunges Here You Have to Watch your [Stability] so Keep your core [tight] and Start in Three Two one and go There We go Make them a [bit] bigger the lunges Great so you will do ten reps per Leg of Course and Make Sure Once You lunge Backwards That your Knee, doesn’t come Forward too much it’s the Same thing with the Squats so it’s always above your ankles There we go? Inhale Once You Lunch back and Exhale Once and Come on good Job Natalie Keep the core Tension Doesn’t Matter if You struggle Let’s get Back Into Position and go on Perfect and back Up Perfect Good Please Look Forward Perfect and Now the Last [Raps] and The Last Leg Good [Natalie] Relax For A second Good Job Still legs are finished We Continue With [our] Core Strength so lay on your Back? Next Exercise Simple Situps you Can do Anything Wrong here so Heels Are on the mat and your toes they are flexed Natalie Place your Palms on [your] thighs Inhale Engage the Core and Bring your Hands Up to [the] Kneecap There we go? Flex your ankles so bring your yeah toes up there, we go guys you can See how our Apps Work that’s Perfect Not Further Than my hand good and up Focus On A spot [that] helps you to Keep the Tension and your Head Straight Good Three More and Up We go nice Good Now the Last Rep Number [ten] Perfect Guys Inhale Exhale use your Nose in your Mouth Natalie is Still doing all right don’t worry next Exercise Seated Core Rotations Second Exercise for your Core so please Come up Engage the Core and Then Lift your legs Natalie Stretch your Arms out to the front and Here you will Rotate 45 degrees to the right and to the Left and go One Then You come back and that’s the Starting of the number Two there, we go Three Inhale and Go Perfect Five Keep your back straight don’t arch it Perfect and go Feel The Rotation [Feel] How are your diagonal Apps Work the muscles you have so Many Different Apps Here So they Need Different Exercises that’s why, We do more Than Just one? and now Comes the last one Good and Relax your core, well Done next One Please [Lay] Down on the mat Alternating superman’s This Exercise Works on your lower back on your glutes and Even on your upper back so stretch your Arms out to [the] front next are Also stretched out to the back and Natalie you start With the right arm bring it Up and the Left Leg back Down and then Swap the other Side Starts [Ten] Wraps Per Arm Don’t Forget that and Up Perfect you Can Even Bring your head up a bit Further Perfect [Enough] you Can Really See The lower Muscles here She is very Athletic Natalie and her glutes Good Perfect so We got Three more Reps and Up and now Comes the last one Good and Rest Guys One Exercise Left We will do A fron plank now so natalie Show them how front Plant Looks like? Place Yourself on your Forearms the Elbows are under your Shoulders Knees Up and Hold This Exercise for at least 30 Seconds Natalie Already Started so let’s Keep Counting I Have A very accurate Watch in my head Good Keep the Tension, don’t arch the lower Back Remember your glutes The Butt Cheek Squeeze Them Together Imagine you have A nut between your Butt Cheeks so try to Crack it that Gives You the extra Stability and brings your hip Forward okay so then you have a nice and Tight Plank Position Natalie Really Sucking The [Bellybutton] Keep the Tension, don’t forget to Breathe Good Five Four Three Two one and Rest Full Body Workout, finished Natalie I Help you up Good Guys We hoped you liked our Workout I’m Coach Dennis and This is Charming Natalie? Feel free subscribe to our Channel and if You Have Any Questions Just drop Us a link Below, also [Don’t] [Forget] [to] Check out our new Video Coming up next Week Thanks for Watching Hope to see you soon go for it and Guess you

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