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Workout at home on the ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

The time is now. Set your fitness goals
and instead of walking toward them, run with the ProForm 505 CST treadmill. This
treadmill is powered by a rugged 2.5 continuous horsepower motor so you’ll
never have to slow down. Bring your favorite entertainment with you. Attach
your tablet to the integrated holder and watch your favorite shows, browse the web,
or connect with friends all while you workout. And use your tablet to tap into
I fit which takes you to thousands of incredible destinations all over the
globe. Pick from a pre-planned route or map your own with Google Maps. Walk
through the rolling hills of Scotland or hike the mountains of the Swiss Alps. The
possibilities are endless and iFit tracks your workout stats, provides
professional training, and allows you to connect and share your progress with
friends. And finding your speed is easy, stop scrolling and use the quick speed
controls up to 10 miles per hour or burn calories just by walking. Increase
incline with a single touch up to 10%. And no matter if you’re walking or
running the innovative ProShox cushion deck provides
you with a softer landing so you can exercise comfortably.
The spacious 20 by 55 inch deck provides room for you to run naturally as you
would on the open road. And there’s always a new challenge ahead, choose from
18 preset workout apps each designed by a certified personal trainer. And all of
your workout stats are right where you need them. Track time, distance, speed,
calories burned, and even access iFit through the 5 inch backlit display. Stay
motivated by jamming out to your favorite tunes with crisp and clear
audio delivered through a set of 2 inch speakers. The in handle grips give you a
fast and reliable heart-rate readout to help you stay in your target heart rate
zone. And we know how crucial it is to save space in your home so we made it
easy with the space saver design. nothing is stopping you so make the move
now. Reach your fitness goals with the innovative 505 CST treadmill from

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