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[WMMT5DX] SETKA doing Hakone TA with wearing a Chicken Mask!

SETKA : I can’t see front! No name : He can’t see front! lol BOMUN : How should you do!? lol SETKA : I’m fine. just go BOMUN : lol No name : Ah! TRUE- : This is not democracy WMMT! ( Korean politics parody joke) TRUE- : I compelled to crash!! SETKA : lol
BOMUN :What are you talking about!? lol (everyone said Korean politics parody joke) BOMUN : SETKA is very good despite in joke chaos lol No name, BOMUN : Awh~ BOMUN : he spoiled TA~lol BOMUN : Is it curse?? BOMUN : Buy some chickens when you come! BOMUN : Chicken san(SETKA), Buy some chickens when you come plz! BOMUN : I want Chicken! (Japanese)

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