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William E. Carter Playground Opening and Victoria McGrath Tot Lot Dedication

(inspirational music) – This new and improved Carter playground opens up new kinds of
opportunities for our young kids and for our families. I want to thank President Aoun. Northeastern invested 26 million dollars, and they’re committed to an additional 82 million dollars for the next 30 years, to maintain this park. Thank you for your partnership. – Excuse me. I’ve never spoken to
so many people before. (laughing) Our goal, in collaborating
with Northeastern, for our student athletes,
not only on the field, but also to educate them. We thank you so much, we are truly blessed and honored for this opportunity. – So today we build upon the
legacy of William E. Carter. As an African-American veteran of the Spanish-American
war, and World War I. – I’m extremely excited about these new fields for club sports, because it represents
a massive improvement in the quality of our training. – The Mayor deserves all the credit. He said, “This community is paramount. “This community is important to all of us. “What can we do together? “Let’s dream together.” And that was his dream, his
vision, and we were the hands. – I’d like to thank Northeastern, for making a place where kids could play. Once again, I am proud
to say, Carter Field. – We are celebrating the contributions and the impact of an Alumna, who impacted many young minds, and unfortunately is no longer with us. We are going to dedicate this playground, and hence forth, is going to be named, the Victoria McGrath Playground. – This playground means a lot to us. It’s a great representation
of what Victoria was about. She had a great spirit of altruism, and my wife and I, and my two boys, are trying to continue that, and it’s great to partner
with Northeastern to do that. (applause)

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