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William and Bentley went to a water park! [The Return of Superman/2019.05.23]

(The bell is rattling!) He is here. (Ben runs over.) Sir, do you want to take a bath as well? You can’t go in. The bathtub is full. Sir, I’m sorry. Now… – Bentley wants to go in. / – This customer went in first. I’m sorry. Sir, sir. There is no reasoning with him. Sir, this bathtub is very popular. It’s a must-have item for each household. Baby, I didn’t think about you. I’m sorry. – Wait. I will make one. / – What? He will make one? I’m sorry. I will make you one. Will he make a bathtub for Bentley? (I’m excited!) (Bentley, are you that excited?) – Children love to play with water. / – That’s right. (Bentley is using all his might.) Sir, sir. Ben, Ben. Baby. – He grabbed it. / – Put your arms up. (Bentley takes off his clothes first.) (Stop! I’m stuck!) – Watch the buttons! / – Goodness. – Sam needs to unbutton the top first. / – My goodness. His upper lip was up to his eyebrows. All right. Sit down. There is a bathtub for Bentley. (It’s cozy and nice.) Hold on. I’m sorry. Hold on. – He’s cute. / – He’s cute. (It must be a portable bathtub.) – My goodness. / – I’m going to eat in here. Do you want to eat in there? I will make you a meal. Hurry up. – All right. / – You become hungry after sweating. (I’ll keep an eye on Ben with these binoculars.) – He held them backward. / – He held them backward. (Why did he hold the binoculars backward?) (I can’t see very well with these.) (William is ridiculous.) Dad, I’m going to listen to music. Do you want to listen to music? He wants to enjoy music while he is in a bath. (Wait, this song is…) Are you going to dance? (William’s favorite song, “The Finger Family”) (I’m getting excited!) (Here I am!) (Good job, brother.) Bentley is dancing. (Is the timing okay?) (He sings passionately.) Dad, I’m hungry. Okay. – What are those? / – They’re huge. (Grilled jumbo sausages and fried eggs) I didn’t know such sausages existed. – Sam is the best. / – Is that a sausage? It’s a jumbo sausage. Sir, don’t come out. That’s not what’s important now. Bentley lost his reasons before food. (Hurry up.) Right now, he is dripping water. – He should wait for food. / – Sir, go inside. I will give you food if you go inside. Go inside. There you go. He went inside at the mention of food. There you go. Here. – There you go. / – I want food too. Okay. I’ll give you food. I will give you a full plate. – A full plate? / – Yes, please. Here. Enjoy your food. He will enjoy it in water. Since it’s food from Sam Restaurant, it should be very tasty. It’s food you can trust. (It’s quite delicious.) It looks delicious. (He tries to get another bite.) Bentley’s done with his. – Now he wants William’s food. / – Sir, eat your food. I will serve you more food. (Let me take a bite before I go.) (Eating) All right. Ben. You shouldn’t touch someone else’s food. All right. (Shall I eat now?) (It falls.) – Gosh, it fell. / – It fell. (The sausage fell in the water.) Is he going to eat it? It’s okay. I suppose that’s like wet-aging. (I made broth with a sausage.) William is… He is enjoying his food gracefully. – He’s enjoying his food fully. / – This is tasty. Thank you. Thank you for the food. – Food tastes great when I eat it in here. / – Right? Dad, give me babyccino. Babyccino? (I thought it was over.) I will make one for you. Sam’s been satisfying the kids’ requests, – but now he’s tired. / – Okay. I will prepare babyccino right away. – He’s incredible. / – Right. (Will there be dessert?) Here. Take your babyccino, sir. (He sticks out his hands.) It must be so nice to have a full-course meal in water. Ben, Ben. Go inside. I will give it to you. He keeps asking Ben to go inside in order to get food. – He’ll drip water on the floor otherwise. / – I know. (My score is…) (Drum roll) (It gets a perfect score!) When are you going to come out? I like it in here. Your body will swell up at this rate. Look at your hands. You became a grandpa. I will go out now. – Really? / – Yes. Let’s go to a big pool now. A big pool? Let’s go out. Okay. Let’s go to a big pool. – William, shall we swim? / – Yes! – Welcome. / – Hello. Hello! Have fun. Take off your shoes, William. I… Bentley. Can you do it alone? Let’s do it together. All right. (I will take off my hat as well.) – He’s in such a hurry. / – I said shoes. Oh, pizza! Baby, come here. There is a pizza. – Children. / – Pizza! – Pizza! / – He is right. – It’s a pizza tube. / – What? It’s a tube? Gosh, it’s really big. Excuse me. This isn’t real pizza. – Is he surfing? / – Look at this. – He stood up. / – I’m full now. – There are various tubes. / – Let’s go swimming. Are you going to walk backward? (He is wearing cute swim pants.) It’s this way. Come on. Let’s go. Take off your shoes. – Let’s go. / – Will they go inside within today? – It will happen today. / – Baby, let’s hurry up. (Ben, let’s hurry up and go in.) Let’s go. Yes. (I’m excited.) Today, they will have fun in big pools. William and Bentley love to play in the water. In summer, water parks are packed with people. If we go now, we get the place almost to ourselves. Go, go! Do you like it? Isn’t it warm? (Get ready) (and jump into the water.) (I like that it’s warm.) – Is it fun? / – How nice! He’s happy. (Dad!) (It’s warm!) – Dad. / – “Dad”. (He can walk in the water.) Back in the days, he couldn’t go in alone. – Now he walks around. / – I know, right? What? Oh, no. (I let my guard down.) The floor is slippery, right? – He doesn’t cry. / – Baby fell down! (I’m okay!) William. (Watch your older brother.) (I can do it too.) (Sinking) Most babies would be too scared after sinking once. He’s brave. – He watches William. / – You won’t go in there? Dad, let’s go to a bigger pool. All right.

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