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Will She Leave Her BF Because He’s Broke?!! Gold Digger Exposed?! (intense)

Whoo it is so great to see you guys once again I want to start off this video with a trick question if you lost all of your money and your boyfriend or your girlfriend found Out that you are now put a rope. What do they leave you or would they stay by your side? Well, that’s exactly what Antoine will be finding out today But before we get to that man, oh man I missed you guys I know it’s been a while But I hope you guys didn’t forget about these suckers right over here because you guys are gonna need him this video. Oh My god, that was such a fail so as I was saying for this video we are on a mission to see if Antoine’s girlfriend Jada would end up leaving him for A rich guy after finding out that Antoine was now broke. I Got $200 to my name once that is gone. I’m broke, of course though This is just a test Antoine is not really broken. The rich guy is just pretending to be rich He’s actually my friend loris in order to make him look rich though. He ended up renting out a multi-story volte bedroom Multi-million dollar home in Venice Beach and once booked we then made our way over to it This house was freakin gorgeous and the entire test from start to finish will be taking place in it Jada’s gonna walk in through the front door Which he doesn’t know is that Loris will be waiting for her when the time is right He’s gonna head it downstairs and greet her as the owner. He’s then gonna deliver some bad news to her Jada will then learn that Antoine is broke and finally Loras will try to swoop all the while Antoine will be upstairs in a bedroom Listening in to everything via FaceTime audio to see if Jada will end up treating him or not Now why does aunt won’t even want to test Jada well because there is one issue that is causing some serious tension between them and To make it worse Antoine got with Jada after breaking up with a girl that he dated for years And this one issue was never a problem in that previous relationship I’m not gonna tell you guys what that one issue is just yet, but you guys will find out in a little bit here well, yo I’ll go outside and get two right now. It’s a little confusing appliances So what side we went to go get Loras and when we officially linked up and brought him inside We then began to hide our cameras and when we were done with that all that was left to do was just wait for antoine Who would arrive in a couple of hours? Killing all those hours would have been very very boring But lucky for me. I was entertained playing raid shadow legends Once again, this game is sponsoring your video and I want to urge you guys to download it I guarantee that you will enjoy it’s amazing storyline be captivated by its crazy 3d graphics and become addicted to collecting all the epic champions There are also constant updates to the game So it always stays exciting in the description are my links to download this game for free. So go do it you’ll receive 50,000 silver ends a free epic champion when you do so this game also has an almost perfect score in the App Store I would Have not be recommending it if it wasn’t good Now if you’re one of those people who’s like, oh, I just don’t play games anymore. Trust me This is the game that will get you playing again. I Mean heck I almost want to play it right now, but I can’t I’ll play this later. We have to finish the video Ok, so a couple of hours go by and Antoine finally makes it to the hops are You doing hey, this is Lara now. I’m sure you might be wondering wait where the hell is Jada? How will she be getting to the house? Well, that is Antoine’s job. See if I don’t week ago We had Antoine so Jada that he wanted to take her on a nice three-day mini vacation in Venice Beach he sent her photos of the house and even the reservation receipts the plan was to have Jada under the impression that Antoine rented the house She’s also under the impression that her and Antoine are gonna show up at the house together But of course that’s not the case. We need her to come alone and think that Antoine is not even close to the house So right now Antoine will be calling her making up another excuse and asking her to just head to the house on her own Exactly I’m starting to storia with the homies right now. So it’s gonna be some time fore I get there. I Know babe, just give me some time. All right. Hey just head to Airbnb right now on each other I’ll cash up your gas money right now. Okay, I’ll just sing about 20 30 bucks. All right, just get that out Babe I can’t get up there. Okay. We’ve got this new song popping Okay, I’ll just sing some gas play so you get there. Give me some time Give me like two hours Maybe just give me two hours. The more were on the phone the more I’m gonna take up – give me two hours Please like go to the air B&B right now. I’m on the cash of you right now. So go there right now Oh Jesus it was an uphill battle. I got a little nervous but we did it people Jada is coming to the house by herself That’s all on you buddy. You’re up, sir Whoo, okay, so that was probably like a one-minute break for you guys But that was like an hour break for me right over here. We got everyone in the background That’s Josh the editor right there, and there’s Denso, but anyways guys back to the video. So thanks to Antoine We knew approximately what time Jada would be arriving and when it came close to that time We ended up double-checking our cameras and when Jada Texas that she was right around the corner We ended up hitting record on those cameras. We then left Loras downstairs We turned off all of the lights and we made our way upstairs To the bedroom to hide to link onto a phone call with Flores and to wake her Jada to arrive Yeah, I can yes. Remember to put me on mute. Oh, no, no. No not on me. I’m sorry I’m gonna put you on mute Like I said, we left Lori’s downstairs and I swear this man is gonna give poor Jada a heart attack He’s actually the one who insisted that we turn off all the lights. The reason why is because he’s always wanted to do this Definitely wants to do this. I’m telling this gonna scare her dude Well, we ended up letting him have his way and after a good couple of minutes Jada finally Texas Antwon asked him for the code to get into the house. Okay. She just she’s just showed up. Okay The moment of truth has arrived ladies and gentlemen It’s time to get this test officially started and the first step is to tell Jada some very very bad news. Oh Man okay. So Jada walked in and she is actually on her phone So she doesn’t even notice that Loras is in the room. That is freaking creepy. I would honestly freak the hell out Hopefully this girl doesn’t run or call the cops or something Are you a handsome funny? Are you a handsome funny? Yeah, I Am the owner, my name is Laura’s is that wrong with you boys No, you see like the that’s the thing like I can’t let you guys stay here I Yeah, I never got paid. I was waiting for my payment No, no, yeah like and they went through but somebody must have filed a claim on the transaction he must have called the bank and did a Refund because I got paid then it froze it and then it got reimbursed to Antoine So ladies and gentlemen Loras has successfully delivered to the bad-news scheme for his Jada that there was a stop payment on her and Antoine’s reservation so unfortunately They can’t state So, I mean I would suggest Antoine count with you know, yeah Okay, so this was one of the reactions that we anticipated from Jada she has decided to take initiative and give Antoine a call However, what we did not anticipate is that she would have be giving him a call outside So hard and setting up so many cameras around the house Jada decides to call Antoine and the one place that we did not set up any cameras. Ultimately though I blame Loras because my man sends her outside Yeah, you guys anybody here yeah, I know we heard um, she okay, she’s calling Anton right now in fact muting you though It was a bad Haul I canceled pay me I didn’t do those like that We can’t stay there I didn’t do know what let me call the bay unload the fuckin call the bank I’ll give you a call back. I see what’s up Okay, so the stage is now set for us to move on to step two of our plan And that is to finally let Jada know that Antwon is broke supposedly suppose That’s good That’s good We don’t come back you see up there because we call the bank that thinks like take forever to answer you have to wait about Five, I would say yeah tend to be safe Or what I’m tripping on is the fact that we do have a camera outside. So we’re literally like missing everything I mean, it sucks that we didn’t have a camera set up outside of it I mean hey We just have to improvise and get what we could so we decided to wait a good 10 to 15 minutes before calling Jada back Would you like some water or anything? And so after 10 to 15 minutes tick five, we have Antwon finally give Jada callback Babe so basically they say it’s credit card fraud there. They couldn’t go through with the payment What I just told you credit card fraud They said they can’t do nothing about it because I did send one of the guys here to the store To go big pick up something for the studio but I guess he just took out more than was posed to and Since I gave him my pin number to my car they said that’s all me so there’s nothing they can do about it Down the chute someone just told you phony I Have no other money I do have another card. Oh, but it’s not enough to cover the expenses of what room What are you talking about what do you mean what does that do it right now? I Repeat, what? Does that have to do it right now? I’m sorry. It’s out of my control. Okay. It happens. We want me to do In the beginning of the video I mentioned to you guys if there was one issue that was causing tension between Antwon and Jada and this is that one issue if it hasn’t become apparent already Antwon is actually pursuing a music career Which means that he’s investing a lot of time and money into his craft unfortunately, though Jada finds it really really hard to support him in that and like you guys just heard she is constantly getting upset at him because She feels like he could be investing his money and his time into other things that she thinks would be quote smarter for him to do So our test was kind of on hold because we were now waiting for Jada to call us back But thankfully after about ten minutes she does so Hello What do you mean what’s up you called me you said don’t call your friends you call your plan because I’m waiting on you. I Have no other money I spent mostly all my money on the studio stuff. I got $200 to my name once that’s gone. I’m broke And believe it you would me come all the way out here Babe like I’ve looked I’m gonna make it up to you. Okay? The song is about the table the song is about the pop right now once the song pops off I’m gonna take you wherever whatever you want to go. It don’t matter. Oh Man okay, so Jada ended up becoming a little bit more upset than at least I thought she would she wants to leave the house, but hopefully Lara’s can complete step 3 of the test before she tests So so what happened? I really can’t I’m gonna get myself. Oh It seems like you really wanted to say no like really Boyfriend why do you think that all he ever does is moneyless Spending money on these videos promoting Nothing it’s just sometimes you have to you have to learn that Geez okay, so it appears that Jada has a lot to Vince I mean at the end of the day, it’s okay for her to have a different perspective on things I mean, it’s unfortunate that they don’t line up with Anton’s perspectives, but that doesn’t mean she’s not loyal Do you think didn’t you know like you can like support him in his crap? Jeez I mean if I’m being honest, dude It kind of sounds like you can’t love him the way he wants you to and he can’t love you the way you want him To you know, do you even think you guys are a good match? How about this I’ll let you stay here, you know for the for the three days, you know free of charge Yeah, I’m serious I will feel like a Real big dick if I didn’t, you know, if I if I kicked you out, you know I feel like I’m crushing your dreams or something like Yeah, come sit down though. He come sit down come sit. Oh my gosh. Damn. So just when Laura sees, dr Phil talk crazy stout Jada. He made it epic comeback by telling her that she could stay at the house free of charge Unless you’re joking I’m serious. I’m serious. I’m serious. You know, you’re very pretty girl You know you seem like you know what you deserve and for like this guy, you know He’s not giving you what you do deserve but you know, not every guys like that know If I’m being honest, I would really feel honored If you would, you know, give me a shot to show you how you should be treated It’s not a condition it’s not nothing, you know, you could call up Antoine now and have them come through I’m just giving you an option cuz you don’t really seem too happy with this Antoine guy, you know there’s a music thing spending it all on dad not spending it on you, you know like What do I do Oh Dango, dango thing Oh ding, okay This could be the end of everything for those of you guys who don’t know loris actually does music as well Well, as you guys know Jeana wouldn’t like or be supportive of a music career So if Flores ends up telling her the truth that he does music This is the end of the line and the results could be inconclusive However, hopefully Loras is smart and he’s able to stay in character and come up with the different response I’m gonna really state, you know, that’s how I make my money I got my shit together, you know, I do that, you know But like I said you could I’m trying to let you stay here cuz I don’t want to be a dick and kick you out Another yeah, those three days I could show you around I could take you out I could take you to the nice restaurant right down the beach The beach is like three blocks that way, you know, I can I can I can treat you right? But like I said, you can you can do that with me or you can just do all that with your boyfriend But I mean, honestly, you don’t really seem like you too happy with them Okay, so we have successfully pulled off this test as best as we possibly could now it’s time to see what Jada’s responsible be She’s been placed in a hypothetical situation where her boyfriend is broken She now has a choice to make will Jada stay loyal to Antwon and turn down the dates Lloris Well, people will find out after this commercial break I Apologize for cutting it right then in there But I had to go get this band’s over here because my wrist and my forearm are hurting from all the editing that I’m doing Oh, but it’s all good. No pain. No gain. Where were we in this video? I can take it to the nice restaurant all right down the beach I can I can treat you right but like I said you can do that with me or you can just do all that with your Time is really up to you go Yeah, when it comes to me and Antoine like I Just think right now maybe the best thing is just I Kind of figured what was gonna happen guys like Jada was thinking about it. Just way too long You don’t think about it that long unless you’re actually considering it But I mean heck I guess even if she is considering it as long as she still says no, I guess she passes a test In your house, I was just gonna ask, okay like invite some friends over Don’t break nothing and don’t invite Antoine Not only can Jada not support Antoine in his music, but she also can’t stay loyal to him I’m gonna click cuz I think that was enough. It just might lead to the point where she starts saying Oh, can I go put my stuff in the room or something like and she comes upstairs and finds us here But what do you think? What are your thoughts? Do you think she might have just been vulnerable or mad at you? Do you think you might have just accepted to go on a date with him because she’s really mad at her and she’s really heated And that’s what she just said. Yeah, so she’s just really accepted on a date with Laurence out of anger That’s what a part of me thinks. I don’t know. It’s whatever your thought is then what’s your thought process? What are you? Looking back on it now at the end of the day whether she was angry or she just won the house She still failed if she thinks it’s okay for her to do this because of anger because she wants the house and what other things Is she willing to do because of her anger and her wants? Paid in full, okay, I know Maybe want to sell I Know how much small talk Lars can keep her out there. So you said you wanted to go out there? Are you good to go out there? Okay, hold on one sec. One second Let me let me actually built my other camera. But okay. So Antoine is ready to go Woo people you guys know exactly what time it is and no there are no more commercial breaks So I hope you guys listen to me to grab your talk is in the beginning because we’re gonna go straight into this thing It’s not her first rodeo together You guys should have talkies every single video with at least half the back state for the confrontation because you guys already know This shit’s can’t be good What’s up cute, is that what’s up here? That’s no no you expose now bitch you expose now, okay I let the whole world know how big the whole you is What’s up? What’s up? What is that Jada? I Lied cos Jada that vocal are gay. I get a card you are when I called you with some shithead credit card fraud I’m fucking lies. I still got my money And guess what? You ain’t seen the domination, bitch Ain’t nobody joking Jada you see me laughing So jameth, so just so just so you understand like everything my name is Sergio this entire thing was actually just a test the plan for this test was to make Antoine broke and then have someone else who had More money hit on you and stuff Because we wanted to see if you would end up going out with him or saying well – Antoine and stuff Did you fail you fail Oh God do to you Bitch Fucking embarrassing Photo for partnerships. Excuse me. First of all, you don’t want to quit your job. That was your job not mine yours I didn’t make you quit you put your mother and job number two I called you and I asked you we go do it this week or next week? That’s so proud you live it up get MoMA you never think pork the motherfucking future you live this weird-ass world We all thought process we’re balls around Motherfucking Jada it’s gotta be Jenna this Jenna death. It’s my way or the highway mother you fly planes right now. So I guess Go Use me, oh man, this is gonna be interesting I need these I paid My job to be here today you didn’t I was fine without you but then you had to go do all this So you looking for money Go start sucking dick right down the corner in fig right there. I’m home school. What are you gonna came? Here you off a Crisco right now. I know the bouncer Yeah, go suck dick You don’t suck some dick Gina oh Man apparently Jada quit her job to come to this house I don’t know how true that is or isn’t but she is not threatening to break these things in this house if she doesn’t get paid Gina why would you put your job? Oh Jesus I don’t think any of us saw that coming like we knew she was mad and threatening it but like people are mad at Threatened stuff all the time. Like they don’t actually go through that, but Jada went through That’s one very poor choice of words Okay, can’t wash it like this That stuff is not ours this house is rented this house doesn’t belong to him just you’re breaking someone else’s things. It’s our space Nobody paying you here This girl was out of control I came to the conclusion that no one not even Antoine could stop her at this point her peril ‘evil was way over 9000 and when I saw her going for the fourth thing to break I realized that someone had to give in to her demands Okay. Okay. I’ll pay you. I’ll pay you I’ll pay you stop. Okay, will you take a check? I’ll pay you in check Can I write you a check? It’s in my car Will you not break anything while I go get it? So I agree to pay Chatam, but here’s the funny thing as I was walking to the car I was like, yeah, what if we actually don’t have to pay this girl, I mean we do these gold digger videos Anyways, we have prop money and we also have fake checks literally County Exactly I have a check. This is the perfect plan The problem was I didn’t use those checks in a minute why they exist you know where they work Can you can you check in that day back trunk? Please and have them something right there or the front check in the front All right, every motherfucking thing on that goddamn phone see this is the problem with you. Look at that You’re demeaning right now and your body language. You don’t give a fuck That’s some bullshit reason. I don’t need your motherfucking life no more. You can fucking bounce Why should I have to pay you for anyway, elaborate, please? Why do you want money for her how do I make you quit your goddamn job? No fault no Fault no fault Some who’s just fucking afraid they take responsibility for the lady. That’s so bullish. What do you what do you have a thing? No He’s gonna hold it you all we could find was prop money We were looking and looking and looking everywhere for those checks, but we couldn’t find them at this point We had already taken a couple of minutes and I had a feeling that Jada was gonna break something again Or worse she would end up noticing the camera inches away from her and breaking facts But what I didn’t know is that something else was happening inside of the house Antwuan actually decided to pull up his phone and send money to her bait. You know what I trust you. Love no more I don’t exactly know why he did it in the video He says it’s because he was tired of seeing her ugly mug, but at the same time he could have felt bad for me He could have felt bad for all those things that were breaking or maybe he was just tired of seeing her mug I don’t know. But the point is he paid her. There you go Check your baby did Jada then walked on over to her phone check that she got the payment and then just like that Got her things and made her way out Jada was gone Antwon paid her. I didn’t get a pair with the fake checks What a shame but at the end of the day the good news was that nobody was hurt and at least Antwon now knew the truth and when Leslie came and got me from the garage and told me what Antwon had done I finally had a chance to assess the bad news Let’s just say I would have not be surprised if those things end up costing us a lot of money

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