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Will Addy and Maya Become Millionaires ???

Tic Tac Toy. (soft music) – You’re mane is looking
absolutely fabulous, Stella. – It sure is, Addy, but don’t
forget that we have a lot of friends waiting for their turn. – Oh, you’re right, Maya. – There’s Emma, Blaire, and Luna. Oh, and there’s also
Koko, Ella, and Izzy. – Are they going to want
their wings and fur styled too? – Yes please, says Emma. – Well perfect cause Stella
and Star are just about done. I just need to polish their unicorn horns. – Oh yes. Mustn’t forget that. – (Addy) Polish, polish, polish. – Remember to make them extra sparkly. – No problem. – Shall we see if they glow now? – Why, of course. – Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous. – Yes, isn’t it lovely how
the tail and the horn glow? – Yep, these light-up
unicorns are stunning. – And since Stella and
Star did such a great job at the salon, they can choose
their own XOXO FRIEND. – I’ll take the glittery Luna please. – Coming right up. – Thank you. – And, Stella, what do you want? Sutton. Sutton? Good choice. There you go, cutie-patootie. – All right, you two are done. (phone rings)
– Oh, just one moment. I better get the phone. – No problem. I’ll get the next two (mumbles). Emma and Blaire, you two are next up. – Hello. Addy speaking. – Which XOXO FRIEND do
you think you’re going to want, Blaire? How about Bops? He’s a cute, glittery bunny. – Oh, we will definitely
be ready first thing in the morning. Thank you. Thank you. – And what XOXO FRIEND do you
think you would want, Emma? I think Silver. She’s a purple puppy just like you. – All right, time for a brush now. – You won’t believe the phone
conversation I just had. – Really? Who were you talking to? – Ms. Weatherby’s attorney. – Huh? – You know Ms. Weatherby. The bajillonaire who lives
in that giant mansion. She has all the maids,
the butlers, chauffeurs. – Oh yeah. That really old lady with all the cats? – Yes. Well, apparently she died last week. – Oh, that’s terrible. – Absolutely terrible. But there’s a silver lining. – Huh? – In her will, she left us $10 million. – You’re kidding me, right? – No, but there’s a catch. We have to earn the money. I don’t know all the details, but her chauffeur will be here first thing in the morning with instructions. – Wow, we’re going to
be millionaires, Addy. Just think, we can build
an XOXO-shaped pool in our yard and eat candy all day long. – Don’t get ahead of ourselves, Maya. Remember, we have to earn the money. – Ah, I’m sure it will
be a piece of cake, Addy. (boing sound) (cheerful music) – Mm-mm. (door bell rings) (gasps) – That must be Ms.
Weatherby’s chauffeur, Maya. – Wow, I can’t believe
this is really happening. – I’m glad we had a big bowl
of Lucky Charms this morning cause we’re going to need all
the luck we can get today. – For sure. Come on, Addy, let’s do it. It should be way fun. (cheerful music) – Ah, well good morning,
Ms. Addy and Ms. Maya. My name is Winston and I will
be your personal chauffeur for the day. – Nice to meet you.
– Nice to meet you. – I must apologize. Ms. Weatherby’s limousine
is in need of repairs so I brought her other vehicle. I do hope it’s up to your standards. – Oh, we don’t really have a standard. – Well then, if you’ll kindly
follow me to the vehicle, we’ll get settled and
begin today’s festivities. – Sounds like a plan.
– Sounds likes a plan. (cheerful music) – This is gonna be fun. – Uh-huh. (boing sound) – Ladies, your seats are
temperature-controlled so please use the controls
near the armrests. – Oh, wow. – And the button on the right activates the massage components. – Oh, now that feels good. – Would either of you care for
some sparkling apple juice? – Yes, please!
– Yes, please! – Coming right up. (cheerful music) – Thank you, Mr. Watson. – Yes, thank you. – And now, would either of you
care for some assorted candy? Or perhaps some cotton candy? – Oh, absolutely. I’ll take both please. – Me too. – Thank you.
– Thank you. – (Maya) Mm-mm. – And if there’s anything I can do to make your day more comfortable, please don’t hesitate to make a request. – Well, I have a question. What exactly are we
doing here, Mr. Watson? – Well, Ms. Weatherby
has quite the day planned for you girls. She left behind a series
of clues that will lead you to some of her favorite
places throughout the city. If you solve the clues correctly
and make it to the end, you’ll find a bag of money
containing $10 million. – Wow. Incredible. – And whether you find it or not, it’s my personal goal to
make sure you enjoy the day living like the rich and famous. – So where’s our first
destination, Mr. Watson? – Well, that’s up to you to determine. Here’s your first clue. – This is my favorite type of shop, where you can browse and play nonstop. Games, crafts, and dolls galore, you’ll find all the things you just adore. – And look down there! I bet we have to unscramble the letters so we can figure out where we have to go. – Yeah, the answer must be two words and the first word is three letters and the second word is five. – So what type of place can you shop for games, crafts, and dolls? – It’s going to be some sort of store. Hey! I think that’s the second word! S- T- O- R- E. Store. – You’re right. Now what word can we make
with a Y, a T, and an O? – Hmm. – Toy!
– Toy! – T- O- Y. It’s a toy store, Watson. Can you take us to the
coolest toy store in town? – Absolutely. Buckle up and we’ll be on our way. (boing sound) (cheerful music) – Wow, I can definitely
see why Ms. Weatherby liked to shop here. – No kidding. It’s like a kid’s dream come true. Check this out, Maya! Look at all these lava lamps. There’s one in every
color you can imagine. – And, Addy, they have Vendees. I’ve always wanted one of these. Atomic rainbow. – And look! (cheerful music) It’s a mini clay kit. – Whoa, I’ve never seen anything like it. – And look, a trampoline. – I want a turn, Addy. – And look over there. (whirring) Have you ever seen anything like this? (clears throat) – Ms. Addy, Ms. Maya. – Oh, pardon, Mr. Watson. Would you like a turn? – No, I’m quite fine. However, did you forget why we were here? – Oh yeah. Totally. So what exactly are we looking for? – I believe you are searching
for a sparkly silver envelope. – Oh boy. That could be anywhere. Do you see how many toys are in here? – Well, I know Ms. Weatherby
was particularly fond with her beanie boos,
slime, and craft kits. So perhaps those would
be good places to start? – Thanks, Watson. We appreciate the advice. – For sure. I’ll check out the beanie boos. You start with the slime, Addy. – I’m on it. (upbeat music) – Oh, this puppy and ostrich are so cute. – Oh, and the sloth! Darling. Oh, and there’s another shelf over there. Awe. Awe, these are adorable, but I’m definitely not seeing
a sparkly envelope anywhere. I hope Addy’s having
better luck by the slime. – Wow. They have the coolest slime collection. Slime-lishish slime shakers. There’s a hot cocoa, popcorn,
and a gumball machine. And so many other tubs too. Unfortunately, I don’t see
any sparkly, silver envelopes. (upbeat music) Maya, remember this? You can make a masterpiece with yarn. – Yeah, but I’m too busy
checking out these Aqua-Mals. How cool is this. – Super cool but we gotta
refocus and find this envelope. (upbeat music) (gasps) – Here it is! – Nice work, Maya! Now what does it say inside? – Congratulations. You found your first envelope. Mr. Watson will provide
you with your next clue. After you enjoy a shopping spree on me. (gasps) Sincerely, Mrs. Weatherby. What? A shopping spree? – Totally cool. I already know what I’m getting. – Me too. (cheerful music) – Here’s Miles the Dragon for you, Addy. – Oh, I just love my squish-mellow. – And here’s Sophia the
Unicorn for you, Maya. – Thanks, Mr. Watson.
– Thanks, Mr. Watson. – Now, if you two want
to find this money bag by the end of the day, we better get moving. – Not a problem.
– Not a problem. (cheerful music) (boing sound) – Burgers, shakes, nuggets, or fries? In a Happy Meal, you’ll
surely find a prize. It’s my very favorite place to eat, as no other fast food can compete. – So, it’s a fast food restaurant and it looks like it’s nine letters long. One, two, three, four, five,
six, seven, eight, nine. – It contains letters C, S, D, L, M, N, A, O, D. – Hmm, I think I know where we’re headed. – Me too. – M, C, D, O, N, A, L, D, S. Mr. Watson, to McDonald’s, please. (boing sound) (upbeat music) – Hmm, I’m feeling hungry all of a sudden. – Really? I’m feeling we need to check out that amazing play-place over there. – Oh, good call. – Don’t forget to keep an eye out for that sparkly envelope, girls. – This way, Addy. (upbeat music) Let’s crawl through these things. (upbeat music) – And check out these. (upbeat music) – Here I come! – And now down the slide. – Whoa! – Hey! I found the envelope, Maya. – I totally forget we
were looking for that. Let’s see what it says. – Good work. You found the second envelope. Your reward will be at
the next destination. Mr. Watson will give you the next clue after you enjoy a delicious feast on me. Sincerely, Ms. Weatherby. – Sweet! It’s chow time, Addy. (cheerful music) (boing sound) Looks perfect, Mr. Watson. – Yes, I’m famished! – I didn’t know such little girls could have such big appetites. – Oh, we worked up our
appetites in that play-place. – I guess so. Well, chow down and when you’re done, I’ll present you with your final clue. – Sounds good, Mr. Watson. (cheerful music) (boing sound) – Ride down the slide
or play on the swing. A picnic basket you may want to bring. Others go there to fly a kite, or enjoy a day so sunny and bright. – Okay. The answer’s only four letters. And they’re K, R, P, A. – There’s only one
answer that makes sense. – A park!
– A park! – Mr. Watson, there is
so many parks around. Do you know which park she’s referring to? – Oh, I have a pretty good idea. She loved to spend the Sunday
afternoons at the Dragon Park. – Dragon Park? Now that sounds cool. (boing sound) – Wow, I can see why they
call this the Dragon Park. – Totally. Let’s go climb on its tail, Addy. – Good idea. Come on, Mr. Watson. (cheerful music) Ms. Weatherby sure knows some cool parks. – For an old lady, she
sure knew how to have fun. – This is fun. – And look, there’s swings over there. – Mr. Watson, will you push us? – Well, I suppose we have a little time. (cheerful music) – Really high. – High! Higher, Mr. Watson! Higher! – I’m doing my best, girls. – I want to be able to touch the sky. – Let’s go climb, Maya! – Coming. (cheerful music) – Go, go, go. – Whee! (clears throat) – Ms. Addy and Ms. Maya. – Yes, Mr. Watson?
– Yes, Mr. Watson? – Are you forgetting something? – Oh my goodness! You’re right. We haven’t done the giant,
twisty slide yet, Maya. – That wasn’t quite what I had in mind. – Mr. Watson is right, Addy. We need to find the sparkly envelope. – Actually, since this
is the last location, I think you need to find the money bag. – Really, already?
– Really, already? – I believe it’s time. – I saw an interesting hiding place over by the dragon, Addy. I bet the bag is over there somewhere. – Well, what are we waiting for? (upbeat music) Whoa, this is an interesting place! – Let’s go check it out. (upbeat music) I bet it’s down in that fort over there. – Then let’s go. (upbeat music) I don’t see anything in here. Any other ideas? – What about in that tunnel over there? – Good thinking. (upbeat music) I think I see something, Maya. – (Maya) We found it! We found it! It’s the money bag! – Wow, you certainly did, didn’t you? Come on. Let’s get it back to the car safely before you draw any unwanted attention. – Good thinking, Watson. (boing sound) So what should I buy first, Addy? A life-sized unicorn stuffed animal or the world’s biggest trampoline? – Hmm, tough call. I bet I’m gonna buy a pet sloth. – Oh, can I have one too? – Why not? Uh oh. Something isn’t quite right here. – What do you mean? – The $10 million it’s toy money. – What? (boing sound) (cheerful music) (car door slams) – Well, I apologize again,
Ms. Addy and Ms. Maya, that things didn’t go as expected. Ms. Weatherby sure had an
interesting sense of humor. And apparently, she left all
the real money to her cats. – No worries, Mr. Watson. Money isn’t all that it’s
cracked up to be anyways. – That’s right. Besides, we had the most
amazing day thanks to you. – Well, you two girls take care. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around. – Oh, for sure. We’re buddies now. Bye, Mr. Watson. – Come on, Addy. We still have a lot of
XOXO hearts to style at our salon. – Race you inside. (cheerful music)

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