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– [Joy] Whizzaroo! – Let’s do something fun today! – Yeah! What should we do? – Ooh, ooh! I know! – Did they just disappear
using a magic wand? (lively music) I wonder where they went! – [Kids] Whoa! – Okay guys, we’re here. Let’s have some outdoor fun. (lively music) – Ah, there they are! (lively music) Sparkle and I are on the
go-carts and we’re ready to ride. Let’s do this, I think we’re gonna win. (motors purring) (cheering) (lively music) This is so much fun and we’re in the lead, we’re winning! (cheering) Having fun, Sparkle? (motors humming) Sparkle’s driving! (cheering) (cheering) So we’re in front! (cheering) (lively music) (motors purring) (cheering) That was so much fun! Yeah! – I had the time of my life! – Me too! – I’ve gotta do that again. – Hey Sparkle, what did you think? – Nah! That wasn’t really my thing. – Okay, we’ll find something else. – This place is magical! (upbeat music) – Who’s up for a round of golf? – I’ll play, I’ll play! – I’ll play too! – It’s about to go down. – They’re not ready. (upbeat music) I wanna live on this island! – I could be okay with that. (upbeat music) – [Kids] We’re dancing on the golf course! (upbeat music) – Wow, just wow! Master golfer golfs. (upbeat music) Hole in one, baby! (upbeat music) – [Scooter Voiceover] What? – Yeah, that just happened! – Worry fellas, I’ll avenge us. (upbeat music) Don’t worry, I’ll get it this time! (upbeat music) Wait a minute! Is something wrong with this game? – So Dad, you’re not a golfer. – I’ll show you how it’s done. (lively music) Ooowee! – [Bird Voiceover] Huh? – Oh no, we’re not going down like this. (lively music) Like a pro. (lively music) – Or not! (lively music) – Lemme try that again. (lively music) I think this ball likes me. (lively music) Ball, you are supposed to go in the hole! (lively music) Nice and easy, nice and easy. (lively music) Don’t judge me. This is harder than it looks. (lively music) (cheering) (upbeat music) – London bridge is falling down! (upbeat music) – Whoa! (upbeat music) – I’m glad we’re on a fat bridge! (upbeat music) – I think I’ll move into that house! – I hear you, sweetie, I hear you. (upbeat music) – I think I’m gonna have
to win this for us, fellas. (lively music) Oh, brother! (lively music) So close! (lively music) – [Bird Voiceover] Wow! (lively music) – Golfing’s a real workout! (lively music) Wait a minute, my ball’s missing! – Let’s go find it. – Oh ball! – [Joy] Ball! – Maybe it at the bumper boats! – I’m ready for hide and seek! (light music) – I don’t see it over there. – Me either. (light music) – Maybe it’s hiding at the roller coaster. – Let’s go check. (light music) (upbeat music) – I see that roller coaster! (upbeat music) – Does anybody see that missing golf ball? – Uh! – Nope, sorry! – If it isn’t here, where is it? – I’m losing hope! – I’ll go ask for help. (upbeat music) – What did they say? What did they say? – Sorry Sparkle, I have bad news. When the ball goes in the hole that means the game is over. – Oh, so that’s what happened! (light music) – After all that outdoor fun, I think we should have something to eat. (upbeat music) – Hey guys, wait up! (upbeat music) – Let’s check out what’s on this menu. (upbeat music) – This is so delicious. – I know, right? – I just love, love, love this place! – I wanna come here every day. (upbeat music) – Doesn’t this look delicious? Time for me to enjoy! – I’m so stuffed. – Me too! (upbeat music) – [Sparkle] For more awesome
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