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What’s inside a Water Elevator?

(rushing water) – [Dad] Today we are at
one of our favorite place. – Maui. – In the entire world, Maui, Hawaii, and we’re at the grand Wailea Resort. And sometimes we see
something when we’re traveling that we’re like, yes, we need to make a video on
this and show it to you guys, and we found something
here that is exclusive, that is rare. – There’s only one in the entire world. – [Dad] Seriously a water elevator. What even is it, and why the heck do they have it? – A water elevator. – [Dad] We haven’t even got on it yet, because we thought this
needs to be a video, we’re gonna show you
guys what it’s all about. So right behind is is the
famous water elevator, let us know in the comments if you’ve been to Grand Wailea, ’cause this thing has
been here for 27 years. This entire park is a series of slides that goes from pool to pool to pool. There’s like seven or eight slides, that you can go from the top
all the way down to the bottom and come back through. There’s a little door over there that looks kind of like a
submarine door or something. We go inside, I don’t know what happens, but we are going to be
propelled and elevated to the top. I don’t know if it’s quick, if it’s slow, what it looks like. We’re gonna go on it right now for our first time and then tell you more
about how the thing works, get a little bit of an inside look into what’s inside the water elevator. ‘Cause this is unique. (fun upbeat music) It is so big. – Yay. – [Dad] What is this thing? – This thing’s like a magnet. – [Dad] Like a giant magnet. There’s a water fall. There’s a camera up there, hi. It’s like we’re in a cave right now. Oh look at the door. – All right, aloha, my name’s Logan. I’ll be your one elevator operator today. – Okay, it is going up. We’re going up, check it out right here. You can see that going up. Ah, the water’s getting me. I don’t know if that’s a good comparison. The original owner of this resort, that built this water park
had a son that was disabled, he was paralyzed. And so he wanted a way to be
able to get from the lower part of the water park up to the
upper part of the water park. 1.2 million dollars just
for this water elevator, and that’s how many
years again this built, like 20 years ago? – [Logan] It was built in 1991. – [Dad] 1991 guys. There’s no mechanical anything with this. This is all floating. Look how high we are, look down there. – Wow, we just went that high, with water. – There’s actually a wall
that comes up right here. How do you get that one up, turn the big wheel? – Yes, sir. – All right, so check this out. Logan is turning this wheel right here, and it’s closing the door, and then now the water is
going to start lowering, and the volcano down below is going to start exploding water, there it goes, again, yeah. So there’s the water fall, it just turned on. It’s draining, all the
water from inside of there, is coming out. So, now we’re gonna take you and show you inside the pump room. We’re getting exclusive access right now to see inside the water fountain. – It’s right through these doors. – “Authorized personnel only.” – You’re not kind of a personnel. – Oh, it’s the water. – [Dad] There it is, we’re showing you the WWII Memorial video, where we went down into the pipes, underneath the monument. This looks very similar except
I have to duck a lot more. This is flowing all of the water through every one of the slides. Just the water elevator alone
takes 16,000 gallons of water. – 16,000, that’s ridiculous. – [Dad] 16,000 gallons of
water go up and go down and it does that all day long. That’s a lot of work, so when one. Say that’s good. This is a sign you don’t want to see but it can happen some times and be nice to them if it goes out, because they are working hard
to keep this thing going. They’re pumping 25,000 gallons
per minute in the pool. – Per minute. – I don’t think we should
be authorized personnel. We should probably go before
we break something, let’s go. Look at this little wall that’s holding back pretty
much all of of the water, and then it’s that dry pole. And now there’s a series of slides that go all the way down. You can take the fast option, which is right here, through a cave. Let’s see it, Lincoln, bye buddy. Or you can go down this
smaller one, right here, that takes you to that pool. That then takes you to that pool, that then takes you to a lazy river, and then another pool, it’s crazy. (fun upbeat music) Now we enter the lazy river. – No, this is where you became lazy. – [Dad] Yeah, this is crazy lazy. This is the slow way but the
fun way to get to the bottom. What happens at the top. Right now he’s spinning the valve, so that the water will start flowing into the water elevator, hey, that’s some work. That’s is a lot of
spinning you got going on. Okay, it’s a lot of, close the valve. Now it’s filling up with water. You can see the pool down here, the lower pool with the
ocean and all the trees. We’ve got a giant water
slide right over here. So there you go, there’s your water elevator, something that you never knew existed, but is really, really cool. So while you decide which
video to watch next, we’re gonna go down
they’re big giant slide that they just made. So Lincoln, you’re first, go buddy, go. – I’m screaming all the
way down, you ready? – [Dad] Let’s hear it. (Lincoln screaming) Yeah. – Did you scream? – [Dad] Yeah, I heard you screaming. – Yeah, nice. – Great job.

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  1. Very very cool. I especially love the reason it was made in the first place. What a dad won't do for his kids!

  2. I rather climb the stairs then wait 1 min full of people in their, depends
    If their girls I'm going in

  3. I remember this from a long time ago when my parents took me as a kid! I didn’t appreciate it back then but man I sure do now!!!

  4. I’ve been the the Grand Walia (I don’t remember how to spell it) twice and the water elevator was so fun and I thought it was so great how they told the story of the disabled son to everyone.

  5. Bro I went there and I remember there’s a rope that you can swing on into the pool and it’s the funnest thing there

  6. I went and stayed at the grand Waelia (Excuse me if I spelled it incorrectly) and it was the most magical experience! Hope you had fun 🙂

  7. "Theres no machanical with this elevator " he said…
    Meanwhile in the background
    Electric motors
    Switches. …on and on…..

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