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What Now – Red loves the Sparkle Friends

Now did you know, here’s a little fact for ya Did you know that they actually show the Sparkle Friends in Australia but they don’t know that the characters are real people, because they don’t get What Now? I know.. Their loss, eh. SERENA: They play in Aussie? How about that. But hey, if you ever imagined yourself as a Sparkle Friend CHARLIE: I have! SERENA: You are one! Then you should… Oh, Camilla!.. I was gonna say you should get that down on paper Because we want you to draw yourself with Gungi, send it into us and you could be in to win one of the only Gungi toys in the whole world. This was made by ‘Geekfreeks’. Isn’t that SO cool? RED: That’s really cool Serena! I drew this picture of me, do you think I could be a Sparkle Friend? SERENA: That is such a great picture! You so could be a Sparkle Friend. RED: Really? Oh awesome! Sparkle Friends High Score! SERENA: Yea, High Score! Go Red! High Score! RED: High Score!! SERENA: Wouldn’t he make a great Sparkle Friend? CHARLIE: Yea, totally. SERENA: Red? Red.. watch out for the… (CRASH NOISE) SERENA: Don’t worry guys.. he’s fine… I’ll just make sure he’s ok… CHARLIE: Grab some sellotape and some superglue Serena!!

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