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What is Xel Ha park like? Our full guide plus great tips!

We are at the beautiful Xel Ha park today We are going to show you all around some of the best tips so you can enjoy your day here. So a lot of people ask what is Xel-Há? Well this is Xel Ha. No we are going to show you a few things on the map so you that can enjoy your day here. First you are going to start here and you will enter in where you can eat breakfast and there’s also meals served here. Then you can bike or walk to the beginning of the river where you can snorkel or you can also take a raft down the river and all along the way there’s activities you can do like cliff jumping, there zip line and you can snorkel into this area. There’s walkways there’s cenotes. There is nature trails and there’s a lot of other activities all here at Xel Ha. Now let’s show you what a typical day at Xel Ha Park is like. Your first stop might be for breakfast. Since this is an early start to the day and you want to power up for all that snorkeling and swimming you’re going to be doing, they have a large breakfast buffet here you can find Mexican specialties as well as international breakfast foods. After breakfast you might want to check out that boat right there. This is a stationary glass-bottom boat. Here you can pretend to be captain or you can go down below and see all the fish that hang out underneath this boat. One of the first things and most people want to do is go to the beginning of the river. On your way there you’ll pass through the children’s playground. This is a great area for young children that can climb and play and occupy their time there. Keep following the trail and the signs and you’ll be led to where you can take the bikes to the beginning of the river. You also can take a tram or walk. Along the trail you just might see some of the local animals like this one. When you get to the beginning of the river you have two options either you can take the rafts or you can snorkel. Both are amazing options and you should have enough time in your day at Xel Ha to try both. As you can see the waters are crystal clear and you’ll be able to do some activities like cliff jumping and ziplining along the river. Around Xel Ha you’ll find lots of inlets, caves and amazing places to snorkel. And after you have snorkeled or taken the raft, you might want to try this floating bridge. This goes across the entrance that leads out to the ocean. It is a little bumpy and a lot of fun. And when you get to the other side of the bridge make sure you stop by the sign and the big chair it’s a great photo op. Also follow the trail and you’ll be going to the wilder side of Xel Ha. Here you can see some of the beautiful cenotes that are hidden in the back side. Also in this part of Xel Ha are the zip bikes. This is an optional activity that you can do and it’s a lot of fun. After all the activity you will be doing at Xel Ha you can also take a break and just relax. There’s some great places to sit and enjoy the beautiful views. Xel Ha is a beautiful place to visit and you can see why it’s so popular with tourist coming to the Riviera Maya. For more information about Xel Ha, how to get discount tickets, what is the best way to get to Xel Ha and so much more, see our article on our website.

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  2. I went 2 years ago and definitely recommend this place. You paid an admission fee that includes snorkels gear and food all day.

  3. Went couple of year ago. Such a great park. I loved the fresh water river. Sadly, we only got to spend one day at the park.

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