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What Happens If You Jump Rope For 5 Min Everyday?

what’s going on Jared a nation I am Dan Whitmer and today we’re talking about what happens if you jump rope for five minutes every day [Music] hey guys before we get started I just want to remind you that all of our videos are sponsored by cross stroke which is the best jump rope experience on the market you want to get the ropes that we use in love check out the link below for 10% off also if you’re new to the jRD community and you want to get in the jod community and get some free workouts and direct daily access to Brenna to myself and go ahead and click the link for our four-week challenge which is also linked up in the description so at first glance you might be thinking to yourself how is jumping rope for five minutes every day going to benefit me well it actually has some pretty profound benefits not just on your body but also on your mentality and your habits and it’s especially good for beginners you see by jumping rope for only five minutes per day it’s not about your workout length what you’re doing is committing to doing the thing for a little bit of time every single day and when you build a habit habits are what build results you can’t just expect to workout once a week for three hours and then the rest of the week do nothing you need to be working out and moving your body on a consistent basis also just to specify this is not one of those YouTube videos where it says what happens if you jump rope for five minutes a day and then we show this like insane transformation because honestly if you want to get super lean and shredded eventually you’re gonna have to jump rope for more than five minutes a day to end up getting shredded and getting the body you want but what we’re talking about here is what will happen if you jump rope for five minutes every day and if you jump rope for five minutes every day what you’re gonna do is you’re gonna start to build up this consistency which is gonna help you increase the amount of time you’re working out and also make it a habit or just increase the frequency Bruce Lee has a pretty famous quote that reads something like this I might butcher a little bit but essentially what it says is I fear not the man who practices 10,000 kicks once but I fear the man who practices one kick 10,000 times and what he’s saying by that is the person who just takes one full day and does 10,000 kicks but then never practices again it’s going to be in a much worse position than the person who just does one kick for 10,000 days in a row because the person who’s doing it 10,000 days in a row is building up a habit and chances are they’re probably going to end up doing more than one kick a day but it’s just the fact that they decided to start they say on the internet that it takes 67 days in order to build a habit so what we would like you guys to do is just jump rope for say the next two to three months just tell yourself I’m gonna jump rope for just five minutes every single day for the next two or three months and see where that gets you now don’t be expecting a bunch of weight to fall off but you’re probably gonna start feeling better you’re probably gonna have more of a motivation to go work out and you’re probably going to start just starting to lose a little bit of weight here and there so try that out the main thing here is you just want to be consistent don’t worry about being perfect don’t worry about getting super motivated to go work out for two hours a couple times a week just tell yourself I’m gonna jump rope for five minutes every day and see what results do you get we encourage you guys to comment below and tell us how jumping rope for five minutes every day is affecting you and lastly before I let you go of this video we’re obviously gonna jump rope for five minutes now we’re not going to do five minutes straight what we’re gonna do is a minute 15-second break a minute and 15 second break the whole way up to five minutes so go ahead and grab your jump rope and let’s get into it jump rope dudes and dudettes we’re doing a little sample 5 minute workout here so you can see all it takes is this workout right here to get started and start building habit for the rest of your life so you got 1 minute total here and you’re already 15 seconds in and you can see Dan is just doing some some pretty basic run in place just kind of moving his his energy his weight one foot the other and not back to the regular bounce and doesn’t matter what moves you do you here guys we just want you to move your body if you just know the jump rope regular bounce just to the regular valentino how did you other moves go ahead and do them we’re gonna jump rope for five minutes and if you skip up just keep going no worries we’re not worried about how many skips you do we’re just worried about jump rope for five minutes you got less than 10 seconds left and finishing up in three two one time now go ahead and take 15 seconds rest and get ready for the next circuit you’re a Dan five minutes a day all right here we go get started in three two one Dan gets bonus points he started early go ahead and do the thing like dance Hawks are earlier in this video you get the win you get the W just by taking the action alright so just like the fact that you’re doing this and you’re actually putting the effort in like you’ve already had the success so go ahead and pile yourself in the back but continue doing the thing let’s finish this 5 minute workout this is the second circuit of for one-minute circuit sorry second exercise in the four rounds of exercise that we’re doing you can see Dan is just coming barely off the ground there just a inch or two you know trying to keep this low-impact we’re trying to stay healthy out here jump rope do philosophy is move your body stay healthy ten seconds left we’re finishing up in three two one time now take a 15 second rest and we’re getting back after it so take a deep breath in through your nose out through your mouth gather yourself let’s get ready to rock and roll in three two one begin nothing changes guys this is the third of four exercises that we’re doing in total so go ahead and give your effort here and listen if you get through this workout and you’re like huh I’m already sweating I might as well keep going we we highly advise that you can take this short little workout here the five minute you can do it four to five times and really get a high calorie burn workout in halfway home thirty more seconds [Music] excellent work keep pushing great job you got yourself ten more seconds remaining and then you’re gonna have a rest and then your final circuit five four three two one rats for 15 seconds and then we are getting into the final exercise [Music] and get started in three two one back into it this is it right here just one more minute and you officially did the things today let’s go [Music] if you want to sink yourself like Dan does I’m pretty sure that’s really helpful with improving jump rope form in calorie burn you guys are 30 seconds in 30 more seconds and you’re done [Music] they’re working if you want to know how to do any of the tricks that Dan is doing in these videos here check out the tutorials will link them up for you we got mad tutorial to help you jump rope get lean and live more home stretch here we got just I’m gonna make you go all through the vowel I’m gonna take it all the way through five minutes you got 15 more seconds I’m making this just a little bit longer than it would be so we can get to that full five minutes so a minute 15 seconds since you know what you don’t need that last 15 seconds arrested three two one five minutes you’re done [Music]

Reader Comments

  1. Today I start to do jump rope but am still struggling cause it's the first time of my life doing jump rope….

  2. I love it !! I got a new rope this week and I have been utilizing it like you have said!! Thanks for the great info!! And I am a subscriber!

  3. And stop eating junk 🙂 like I am doing now 🙁 5 mins sounds short but it’s so hard, I did only less than 1 mins I couldn’t catch my breath

  4. Best jump rope motivation vid ever. I'm discouraged beginner starting at zero and didn't expect 5 min to be so hard! But I can commit to doing the thing, it's the first 'step'

  5. you will look like a marathon Guy from Kenia and everyone thinks you need to eat more 😀
    I jump roped for 15 years 😀 (

    edit: well i stopped (still coaching kids) now iam just lifting weights^^ i look way more bulky^^

  6. Can't believe i jump rope twice a day first session 30 minutes and second more than 1 hour 😂 i actually having fun doing it

  7. I can’t figure out how to keep jumping for a long time I always lose the rhythm I bought a seven dollar rope from hibbits sports and it’s light

  8. Anyone else that really wants to do this but dont want to go and buy and actual Jumprope..?😂😂 I will do it soon i promise myself (AND I WILL/SOOOON)

  9. 1:30 big oof: look at all the doods in the back staring at the girl like she's a piece of meat though. Makes me sad. Ima go out and jump rope some more.

  10. Can I continue my regularly diet because j consume rice a lot is that OK to keep that diet and jump for an hour in a day

  11. i jump rope 40 min morning and i jump rope while at gym and i jump rope when i come home some times , is it ok for me tho

  12. Just started jumping rope yesterday I starting on 10 minutes everyday when should I do more and when should I have rest days

  13. I've been doing one minute followed by one minute of rest though I have done two minutes jumping before,  @61 years, after weight training. So you're saying only a 15 second rest. Love the calf-pump and cardio benefits. I even bought a weighted vest to help build my girl scout calves, ha. Great site!

  14. You guys are great! I just began 2 days ago and I feel great! As a little girl this is all I ever did and it was fun. Making it fun again. Come support!

  15. bruh your interpretation of the bruce lee is completely wrong, but it is what it is, an interpretation, his quote would fit more into making a lot of the same exercise over and over again and mastering it instead of making a bunch of exercises and not mastering none.

  16. Sir:my weight is 78.age 43.height 5.8 i do 3000 skipping rope in 50mnt after 200 skipping i rest 45 sec is this a good way can i loss weight i start 3 days ago….

  17. I have a problem; I work away from home during the week and although I do at least a half hour workout every lunchtime (thanks for the free workout vids by the way) I can’t seem to motivate myself when I go home st the weekend; all my weekday clean eating and workouts go out the window to spend quality time with my family. Any tips?

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  19. Hi just a question, i cant do any of those fancy rope swinging skills but just basic jumps. Will I take more time to lose weight? 🙁 im practicing fancy moves every day but dont seem to improve… so i give up on them haha

  20. I have been jumping ropes for months but my calves are getting bigger that normal. I am afraid.
    But I focus more on running coz it will help my calves to get smaller

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