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  1. Thanks everyone for watching!! What's amazing about this show is that each cast member made 2 videos per episode that you can find on their channels! FOLLOW YOUR FAVORITE CAST MEMBER!!
    Steve O –
    Jukka –
    SSSniperwolf –
    Furious Pete –
    Chachi Gonzales –
    JusReign –
    Nikki Baker –
    Gus Kenworthy –
    Chuck Liddell –

  2. Anyone reading this just dislike it and stop watching, the are NO other episodes after this, YouTube disabled it all!! How the f am gonna watch it now!!

  3. Людям невідомо наскільки це важко , поки не спробують самі . Сам не розумів , як важко дається кожен крок на такій висоті , поки не спробував . Дуже хотів би сам прйняти участь в цьому проекті .

  4. этих девок, нужно трахнуть хорошо, спермой залить, всю рожу, и никуда им больше ненужно будет идти.

  5. Someone really misunderstood Sniper Wolf as a character and role model… I apologize for going nerd mode and getting all serious but:

    Sniper Wolf was a child born into war in Iraqi Kurdistan in 1983, forced into being a soldier after watching her entire family, and her village, die before her eyes from a nerve gas attack deployed by Saddam Hussein. She was then abducted by Saddam's regime and brainwashed into becoming a child assassin. She was saved by Big Boss and later turned rogue by Liquid Snake in a terrorist attack against the world after Big Boss died… Sniper Wolf is a dire tragedy filled with sorrow, drug addiction, loss, and deranged romance… She poisoned her victims with mercury and would intentionally develop an emotional attachment with her targets before killing them. This was likely due to the severe mental trauma of losing everyone that she's ever cared for and watching her entire family die from sarin nerve gas.

    This is your role model and the person you compare yourself to? Holy shit dude…

    Sniper Wolf is a badass female character, but definitely not a role model. She was designed as the literal embodiment of the tragedy, loss, and isolation of war. She lost everyone she ever cared for, was never allowed to love, and all she knew was death… She was a tragic victim of circumstance, a child warped by war, turned evil by the monstrosity that is mankind. Her entire motivation was to find someone who was skilled enough to put her out of her misery and end her suffering.

    People, please think about the characters you idolize and what they represent before claiming them as your digital persona. Some stories and characters have meaning designed to make you think, she is one of them.

  6. Don’t even classify sssniperwolf as a gaming YouTuber. She makes reaction videos. Should’ve gotten somebody else

  7. Chick Liddell rocking around like that all the time, looks like he is getting ready to punch you in the dick. That would make me nervous. Lol

  8. 10:40 False eyelashes to climb a Mountain, go figure. The blokes have got tatts so they're extra tough. Ex conns maybe?

  9. Tell me that that girl was out of breath climbing a staircase. Tell me she was just trying to be funny or else…….those two guys with the numbness are hilarious. I was just about to forget this vid and move on when I got to these funny, funny guys. This will absolutely make me stay for more!!!

  10. I just came here also for Steve but I decided wth let's watch this. then …boom, instead of relaxing, I need to transform stupid feet in meters… :)).

  11. The Olympic medalist is soooo full of himself. Yes we get it your really fit but going off way ahead of everyone and bragging about it makes you just look selfish. You can see how frustrated everyone got with him specially jukka

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