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Weird Japanese Arcade Games!

– [Angel] Hey guys, today
we’re going to do a compilation of weird Japanese arcade
games that we’ve come across. So for this one, it’s a sumo wrestler. She has to push the sumo wrestler. Alright, she’s going for the lowest level. So start pushing! All you’ve
got to do is push him back, all the way to the back. Keep going! Harder! Harder! Harder!
Okay, I think you won. Yeah, it’s going to say
winner right here. Winner! – [Crystal] Yeah I did that one good! – [Angel] Going to the
second level. Push it! Is this one harder? – [Crystal] Yeah. – [Angel] Come on, look, his
feet are moving on the track. Okay, you did it! – [Crystal] I did it! – [Angel] Yeah, you’re
a winner again! Winner! She’s going to the third
level. Uh-oh, he’s pushing! He’s pushing! – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, I’m
not going to be able to do it! – [Angel] Can you push him? – [Crystal] No! – [Angel] Push! – [Crystal] I can’t, I’m trying, but I’m going to sprain my neck! – [Angel] She said she’s
going to sprain her neck. You’re not moving him at all! He is not budging on that track. – [Crystal] I can’t! – [Angel] I think you
lost. Yeah, you lost. No, it said draw, it said draw
so you’ve got to draw, yeah. – [Crystal] Cause
Angel’s stronger than me, he started at the third level! Whoa! Too easy! Was that too easy for you? – [Angel] That was really easy. – [Crystal] He’s going for
the fourth level! (laughing) I don’t know! Whoa! Oh my
gosh, he’s doing it! Yes! – [Angel] Oh my gosh! – [Crystal] Good job! You’re the winner! – [Angel] Now I have to go
up to the grand champion. – [Crystal] Ooh! Go Angel
go! Be the grand champion! Grand champion, Angel, come on!
What is he doing? (laughing) Oh my gosh! (laughter) Oh, he did it! – [Angel] That was so
hard. Next up is this game. She has to run back and forth
to control that platform. The ball’s gonna come up, there it goes. It’s coming down. No you
gotta go back! Oh no! That was so fast! I think she
gets three times to do it. It’s probably easier
with a group of people, but there’s only Crystal
and me, so I have to record. So, when it gets about halfway,
run the other way, alright? Here it comes. Run the other
way! Run the other way! Oh that was good. Run the
other way! Oh wait, nevermind. That one has some hills up
there. Hold it, hold it! Hold it, hold it, hold
it! Hold it! Hold it! No you gotta go- No! Come on! (laughter) – [Crystal] No! – [Angel] No, just stay
over there for a second. Okay, come back the other
way! The other way! Ohh! – [Crystal] Aww man! – [Angel] I think you got one more try! I think you get three balls. So, if she can manage
to get it down there, she has to get it into the goal as well. You got one more try? – [Crystal] Yeah, I do. – [Angel] Alright, here’s
the last try I think. I think it’s three, it might be more, but I’m pretty sure it’s
only three. Here it comes! Oh, oh, that’s perfect! Oh, that was good! Just stay down there. Okay,
nevermind. Don’t listen to me. (laughter) She looks so
funny running back and forth. Oh, here it is. No, no, no,
no! Okay, oh gosh! She got it! Come on, come on, come on, come on! Ohh! – [Crytal] Aww man! – [Angel] Oh nooooo! I
think that’s game over. I guess she has more than three balls because it’s letting her go again. This is ball number four.
Ahh, she’s a pro now. She knows exactly what to
do. Run, run, run, run! Hold it there! Go the other
way! Too fast! Ohh! Noooo! – [Crystal] Ahhh! – [Angel] Oh her ball
actually got stuck down there! How did that happen? – [Crystal] I don’t know! It landed. – [Angel] So, it bounced off the- Oh my gosh you can still win! – [Angel and Crystal] Nooooo! – [Angel] That was sooo close! So, it actually bounced
over there, fell down, and got stuck down there.
You have another ball? – [Crystal] I think so. – [Angel] I don’t know how many
balls she get in this game. This is number five. Oh
no, not enough. (laughter) Watching her run back
and forth is hilarious. Oh, okay, second level.
She has to balance it. Go the other way. – [Crystal] Okay! – [Angel] Hold it! Okay.
Oh, no, it’s not enough! Oh! (laughter) No, you’re
going the other way! There we go! No, it bounced off. – [Crystal] Awww! – [Angel] Aw, I was hoping it was gonna bounce off there and come back this way. – [Crystal] Now Angel’s
gonna give it a try! It’s not as easy as it
looks. It’s not even- It doesn’t even look easy!
Oh my gosh, look at Angel! (laughter) Where is the
ball? Oh my gosh! (laughter) Oh that was good, that was good Angel! Wow, you’re a pro! (laughter) Oh my gosh! He’s doing super good! Uh-oh! Uh-oh! He’s balancing the ball right
there. Ohh! It fell out! – [Angel] I was really close, right? – [Crystal] Yeah that was super close! Here comes the ball! Oh-ho! Angel’s a maniac! He’s gonna make an earthquake! Goodness! Oh my gosh! Ohhh! Whoa! – [Angel] It almost bounced up like yours! – [Crystal] Yeah! It almost did! Oh! Oh-ho! Angel’s a maniac!
Oh my gosh! (laughter) Whoa! Guys, see what I’m talking about? He’s gonna break it! (laughter) Oh, balance it! No! Oh!
Good, good, good, okay. Oh wow, he’s doing so
good. Ohh, going to the.. Oh my gosh he’s a art- He’s made it all the way
to the bottom almost! Holy Moley! (laughter)
Ohhhh my gosh Angel! Ahhhhhh! – [Angel] Nooooo! It was so close! – [Crystal] That was so
close! Here it comes. Okay, Angel’s sweating up
a storm. This is a workout! This game gives you a for-real
workout, guys. (laughter) Ohhhh! – [Angel] Crystal’s gonna
try this champion kick. Are you ready to try kicking it? Alright, so she has to
just kick it sideways, like a karate master or something! Hu-ya! – (laughter) – [Angel] What was that!? You
got 64 on your first kick! – [Crystal] Ohhhh! – [Angel] Come on Cris,
get better than that. You gotta kick it sideways. Hu-ya! – [Crystal] (laughter) – [Angel] Are you
serious? You got less! 55! Next up we have this weird
popcorn game machine. – [Crystal] Popcorn machine! – [Angel] So, it costs 200 yen to play. – [Crystal] Yes – [Angel] And it looks
like there are three, I think it’s supposed to be five, but it looks like there’s
only three different kind. I think these are just normal popcorn, butter popcorn, and caramel
corn, or caramel popcorn. – [Crystal] Yes. – [Angel] So which one do you want, Cris? – [Crystal] Caramel! – [Angel] Alright, so she wants caramel, so then she has to spin that
thing, that’s like right there. It’s doing some kind of story mode, I don’t know what it’s saying, I don’t think you can skip it. He’s saying something on the
screen. I can’t hear him. – [Crystal] He’s gonna
start making that popcorn! – [Angel] I think he’s saying, “We’re gonna put the
popcorn in, are you ready?” – [Crystal] Yeah, I’m ready! – [Angel] Alright, popcorn’s
in, start spinning! – [Crystal] Spinning! – [Angel] So, as she spins it, it actually makes the
popcorn move. See, look now- – [Crystal] Oh look! – [Angel] Spin it faster! – [Crystal] Okay! – [Angel] Yeah, cause
see, it actually pops it. It actually looks like it’s popping it! – [Crystal] Oh, look at his clothes! – (laughter) – [Angel] If you stop
spinning, does it stop moving? Oh it does! – [Crystal] Oh my gosh, it does! – [Angel] Oh it does! Keep
popping it! Keep popping it! – [Crystal] I have to keep
going! Get more popcorn! – [Angel] So it looks like
there’s a timer up here. I guess that’s- Is it
actually popping real popcorn? – [Crystal] I think so, it better be! – [Angel] I guess for 200
yen, it better be, right? – [Crystal] Yes! Oh! I wish
I could go as fast as him! – [Angel] You are going as fast as him! Watch, if you stop, he stops. See? – [Crsytal] Ohh! Keep going! – [Angel] (laughter) It’s
saying push a button, let’s push this button, we want this one. – [Crystal] (laughter) – [Angel] Push it, push it, come on! Spin it, spin it, spin it!
I don’t know if it matters if you push it whenever it says. So it looks like we’re about halfway, so we might have to
fast-forward through this, or skip it altogether! So it’s been about two hours now! And it smells like popcorn, so… – [Crystal] Yeah, it smells really good! – [Angel] It’s really
making real popcorn here. It has like a little timer
up there still counting down, I don’t know why. Right
there it says it’s done. – [Crystal] Yeah, he’s saying my popcorn is going to be really delicious! – [Angel] Is that what
he’s saying? (laughter) – [Crystal] Yeah. – [Angel] I hope you’re- Oh wait! Somebody’s coming. Who’s this guy? – [Crystal] He lost! Oh my gosh! – [Angel] He stole your popcorn! – [Crystal] You better give me my popcorn! – [Angel] Or maybe he’s not stealing it, he’s saying, “this is
gonna be really good!” – [Crystal] Oh, I think
it’s giving me instructions! – [Angel, Ohh, yeah, yeah, yeah. Maybe that means hold
it right there because it might be hot somewhere else. – [Crystal] Okay. Maybe I have to cut it. – [Angel] Okay. I guess? Crystal
can read Japanese, I guess? – [Crystal] I seen the little- – [Angel] Oh wait, I hear
something! I hear something! – [Crystal] Ooohhhh! – [Angel] What is that, what is that? – [Crystal] Oh my gosh!
Oh this is the caramel! – [Angel] Oh, that’s the caramel! Oh, there it is, popcorn! I
didn’t even notice it in there! – [Crystal] Me neither! Oh my gosh! – [Angel] This is so
weird. Why do they have a machine here that
actually makes popcorn? – [Crystal] I have no idea. It’s so weird! – [Angel] (laughter) I want to taste it. – [Crystal] How is it? – [Angel] Just plain. You need to put that caramel on there for sure. – [Crystal] I do! – [Angel] Definitely put that on there, because it is super plain. – [Crystal] It is, I need it on there. – [Angel] I think caramel is supposed to be a liquid, isn’t it? – [Crystal] I know,
this is caramel powder. – [Angel] Ooh let me taste some of this powdered one right here. Thank you. – [Crystal] (laughter) – [Angel] (coughing) I had too much! – [Crystal] What is it? – [Angel] I had too much! – [Crystal] Oh my gosh,
you gotta shake it I think. – [Angel] (coughs) They
didn’t say this. (coughing) – [Crystal] (laughing) – [Angel] Wow! – [Crystal] Oh my gosh! – [Angel] It was like
pure cinnammon sugar. – [Crystal] Really?! – [Angel] How is it? You like it? – [Crystal] It’s just okay! – [Angel] Now we’re gonna
try out this Pac Man game. It looks kind of weird. So what you have to do is,
one person’s on this side, the other person’s on the other side, and you press these
buttons as fast as you can, both of them at the same time,
and it’s gonna build this up. Whoever gets over there
first is the winner, and if the person wins on this side, the blue’s gonna hit them.
The blue person wins, the red’s gonna hit them.
It kind of hits your hands, but it’s really soft, so
it’s just like a speed game, see who’s fastest. So me
and Crystal are gonna try playing it and see who’s better. – [Angel] Go! – [Crystal] Aww man! (laughter) Ahh you’ve gotta be kidding me! – (buttons clanging) – [Crystal] Aww man! – (buttons clanging) – [Crystal] Yeahhh! – [Angel] Nooo! – [Crystal] (laughter) Yeahhhh! Yeah, yeah, yeah! (laughter) – [Angel] The last game we’re
gonna play is Fantasy BanBan. What we have to do here
is knock down those little bitty targets
holding up the prizes. If you knock those down,
the prize falls and you win. – [Crystal] Yeah. – [Angel] Crystal’s up first,
which one are you going for? – [Crystal] The Nemo! – [Angel] She’s going for the Nemo. – [Crystal] Oh, I hit it
but I didn’t get it in! – [Angel] Which one did you hit? – [Crystal] The blue. – [Angel] Yeah, so she’s
gotta knock down those four little, I don’t know
what you’d call them, little things holding up the platform. – [Crystal] Yeah. – [Angel] So she has
these little bitty corks, let me get them. – [Crystal] Yeah, a whole
bunch of little corks. – [Angel] Little bitty corks,
she has to put in the gun, she has to cock it, and she
has to try and shoot them. They have little bitty white bull’s eyes. I think you forgot to cock it. – [Crystal] Yeah I did. – [Angel] (laughter)
Yeah, little bull’s eyes. If you hit them perfect,
it’ll knock it down. Hopefully she can get
it so we can show you. – [Crystal] Oh, what in the world?! – [Angel] Did you cock it all they way? You gotta make sure you
cock it all the way. – [Crystal] Okay. – [Angel] She’s not used
to shooting a gun, I guess. – [Crystal] I’m not. Ohh! – [Angel] Where did that one even go?! – [Crystal] It hit the
blue one! I seen it! – [Angel] Are you sure? – [Crystal] Yes! – [Angel] I feel like
you’re making this up. – [Crystal] I’m not making it up. – [Angel] Did you cock
it all the way for sure? – [Crystal] I think so. – [Angel] Nope, you didn’t,
now you did. (laughter) – [Crystal] Okay, it’s right here. – [Angel] She’s going for the blue one. – [Crystal] Ohhh! – [Angel] Did it hit it? – [Crystal] Yeah! – [Angel] So you’re
sure you’re hitting it? – [Crystal] Yes, I’m sure! – [Angel] Because I can’t see where it’s shooting with the camera. Let me get up here, maybe
I can see it up here. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh! – [Angel] Did you hit it that time? – [Crystal] Yes. It’s too
hard. I’m gonna let you try. – [Angel] No, you didn’t hit
it that time. I really… – [Crystal] I did! – [Angel] No you didn’t! I saw that one. It actually hit the end of Nemo’s tail. Try one more time, and
then I think I’ll try. – [Crystal] Yes, cause this is hard. – [Angel] Yeah, it is a hard game. You have to aim it just right. – [Crystal] Okay, I’m
trying for the orange. – [Angel] She’s going for the orange one. – [Crystal] No! – [Angel] You hit Nemo in the face! – [Crystal] Now Angel’s
up, and he’s all up in it! (laughter) – [Angel] I’m gonna get this Nemo toy. – [Crystal] He’s gonna get it! Okay. – [Angel] Got it. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh! First try and he already got the blue one. – [Angel] You know it. – [Crystal] That’s what I was trying for. – [Angel] Ahh. – [Crystal] Aww, he missed that one. – [Angel] It’s cause you
loosened it up for me. – [Crystal] Oh I did!? – [Angel] Yeah. – [Crystal] Okay, good. I
told you I was hitting them! (laughter) Ohhh! – [Angel] Oh look it got stuck
between it! Do you see it? – [Crystal] Yes, right below Nemo! – [Angel] I hit his chin! – [Crystal] And the metal part. You see it guys? The cork. (laughter) – [Angel] I hit him right in the chin. – [Crystal] Let’s see if he can get one. – [Angel] I’m gonna go for the orange one. – [Crystal] Orange one! Awww I don’t know where that one went. – [Angel] No idea. I have no
idea where that went either. – [Crystal] (laughter) Come on Angel! Oh yes! He got the orange
one. Super awesome. Now he only needs two more for Nemo. – [Angel] I’m going for the red one. – [Crystal] Oh you’re
going for the red one? – [Angel] Yeah because I think the red one and the green one are the hardest. – [Crystal] Yes. – [Angel] Like red one is
the one I want to hit. – [Crystal] Okay, he’s
going for the red one. Ohh my gosh! One more, Angel. One more! I’m so excited! Ohhh I
thought that was gonna be in. – [Angel] I thought it was,
I think I rushed that one. – [Crystal] Yeah, don’t rush, Angel, you have to win this
Nemo. I’m super excited. Win this Nemo! Ohh My
goodness! That wasn’t quite it. – [Angel] It was so close. – [Crystal] This next one though. This next one, he’s gonna get it. Oh my gosh, I told you! I told you you were gonna
get it with the next one! – [Angel] How many did
that take? Like six? Seven? – [Crystal] I don’t
know. Like a little bit! – [Crystal] Oh yes! We
got a humongous Nemo! Angel’s all up in it again,
ready to go for Pikachu, and already got a blue
one down! First try, too. That’s so awesome! – [Angel] This game’s really easy. – [Crystal] You think it’s easy?! – [Angel] It’s pretty easy. – [Crystal] No way! It’s hard! I couldn’t get any of
them down, but then again, I guess I’m not good at it. Oh my gosh! He got the purple! He
got the big one down! – [Angel] The big one is down. – [Crystal] (laughter) – [Angel] I think that’s
what you want to do is start with the big ones. – [Crystal] Ohh. – [Angel] So, I’m going for orange. – [Crystal] Okay, going for the orange. Only three more, guys.
Aww, he didn’t get that, I think that one hit the metal part. – [Angel] Oh did it? – [Crystal] Yeah, where that
little sticker is, number one. Yes! Two more! – [Angel] I didn’t want
to hit the red one. – [Crystal] I know, it might make it a little bit harder, but
you can still get it! – [Angel] I hope so. So I have
to wait for it to come down because I actually can’t
shoot at the very top. – [Crystal] Okay. – [Angel] It doesn’t aim that high. – [Crystal] Wow, look at
Angel. He is so ready. – [Angel] One more. – [Crystal] One more! – [Angel] You missed it. (laughter) – [Crystal] Oh my gosh! One more, guys. And it’s right in the middle,
that’s probably a good thing. I’m so excited! He’s
gonna get a Pikachu too! Ohh it hit it but it didn’t
hit the little target! – [Angel] Are you sure? – [Crystal] Yeah! – [Angel] Okay. I feel
like it hits to the right. – [Crystal] I wanna get closer. – [Angel] Oh that one
hit it! That one hit it right in the middle, but
it didn’t knock it down. – [Crystal] Yeah. – [Angel] Do you see
that little target on it? – [Crystal] Yeah that little, little white target right there. – [Angel] You could probably zoom in on it to show the target. – [Crystal] Okay, the target. – [Angel] Yeah, right on each one of them there’s the white little target. – [Crystal] Yeah, right there. – [Angel] Yeah, you have to hit
that perfect for it to fall. So I’m gonna try to hit that again. This is gonna be the one. – [Crystal] Okay. This is it, guys. – [Angel] Oh, I have to
wait for it to come down. – [Crystal] Okay. – [Angel] Because after it
gets too high, I can’t… – [Crystal] I hope he gets it, guys. – [Angel] Aww! – [Crystal] Aww, he didn’t get it! – [Angel] I hit the silver! – [Crystal] Awesome, you can still get it. I have faith in you, Angel! Oh my gosh! – [Angel] Got it! – [Crystal] Pikachu’s
coming home with us! Yes! – [Angel] Always start off
with just five dollars worth. – [Crystal] Yes, only five
bucks! This is insane! – [Angel] I got another one. – [Crystal] Whoo! – [Angel] So we’re gonna
wrap it up there, guys. A couple of those games were really weird. – [Crystal] Really weird, but fun! – [Angel] The top weird
one was the sumo wrestler. – [Crystal] Oh my gosh!
That thing strained my neck. – [Angel] That was so
weird. It broke my back. – (laughter) – [Angel] We both got hurt from that game. But I was able to dominate that game. – [Crystal] Yeah! – [Angel] That wrestler had nothing on me. – (laughter) – [Angel] So which game was your favorite out of all the ones we played? – [Crystal] Ummm, can’t
go wrong with popcorn! – [Angel] She liked the
popcorn vending machine. That’s pretty much all it was, was a vending machine, for popcorn, for kids. – [Crystal] I guess.
All I did was spin it. – [Angel] Yeah, that’s
all she… (makes noises) Took her forever to pop it too. – [Crystal] (laughter) Yes. – [Angel] My favorite game
had to be the shooting one. – [Crystal] You were so good at it. – [Angel] What was it? Fantasy BanBan. That game is so fun, and if
you’re really good at shooting that gun, with practice, you
can win every time almost. – [Crystal] Mmm-hmm! – [Angel] So you guys
have to let us know which game was your favorite, with a comment. Thanks for watching everyone! – [Crystal] Bye!

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