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Weightlifting For Women

(bright guitar music) – Weight lifting can benefit
everyone, so today I am at FFC with Michelle, to
talk specifically about weight training and women,
and why it’s important. Now Michelle, I know just
from my own history lifting weights, that it really does
change your body composition. – Yeah, it absolutely does. So as you’re weight
training, you’re losing fat, You’re gaining lean muscle
tissue, which is a lot denser than fat, so it’s gonna take
up less space in the body, for the same amount of weight. Lean muscle tissue
is also great, because it’s gonna let you
burn more calories at rest. – Love that lean muscle tissue. But other health benefits
of lifting weights are things like, increasing
your bone density. – Yeah, definitely, and
that’s something that we should all be
worried about, right? So, as we’re aging, it’s
important that we maintain our bone density, so that we prevent
things like osteoporosis. But then there’s
other benefits that we can talk about as well. So reduced stress and anxiety, increased cardiovascular health. If you can lift more, you can
carry those groceries home, you can do things
around the house, pick up your kids,
all of those things. – I think a lot of women
sort of shy away from weight lifting because they’re
afraid they’re gonna bulk up. – Yeah, definitely a concern. I hear it all day long in
the gym. Doesn’t happen. So bulking has a lot
to do with nutrition, lifting super heavy. – [Jane] I think it’s important
too to work with a trainer, because a trainer can
make you accountable. And also teach you the
right way to do the weights. – Trainers are teachers, right? So they’re teaching
you the skills that you need to eventually
be able to do it on your own. – I love that. Okay, you’re a trainer,
wanna teach me something? – Absolutely, let’s do it. (upbeat music) Today we’re gonna
start with a box squat. So it’s gonna be a little
bit safer than going right into back squats without
a box, ’cause it controls your range of
motion a little bit. One thing that people
should keep in mind when they’re picking a weight,
you wanna start light. You feel like that’s a
pretty good weight for you? – Yeah, it feels good. – Awesome. So we’re gonna work on the
right placement with the bars. You’re gonna place it
right on your back, just below your neck. As you’re doing this,
you’re gonna squeeze between those shoulder
blades, the whole time, squeeze your butt,
push in the heels, breathe out as you come up. – I love that, what’s next? (bright energetic music) – So the next exercise
we’re gonna do is a compound exercise, which means it’s two
muscle groups in one, okay? So we’re gonna do
a curl to a press. You turn your palms facing open, we’re gonna start with the curl. So as you do this, you
wanna keep your elbows in close to your sides,
don’t let them budge, curl towards your shoulder. We’re gonna rotate those
hands out, palms go forward, and press straight
up into the air. And then you’re gonna
bring it back down, reverse the direction. – We grabbed some foam
rollers and took it to the ground for the last one. – So we’re gonna be
doing a chest fly, with a narrow grip chest press. So you’re gonna grab
onto your weights, and then lean on back. Your feet are
shoulder width apart, my back’s nice and flat
on the foam roller, I’m gonna push those weights
straight up in the air. Come slowly down to the
side, till you’re parallel to the floor, and
then come on back up. – So these exercises are great. I think the biggest takeaway
for women is that adding weight lifting into their
exercise routine is easy, and it’s really good
for your health. – Yeah, definitely. You can do compound exercises,
make your workout efficient, incorporate it easily,
and reap all the benefits that it has to offer. – I love it, thank
you so much, Michelle. For more motivation to move, just head to our website (bright music)

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