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(Weekly Idol EP.315) Welcome!!WANNA ONE’s Water Park ep.01 [네 맘속에서 헤엄쳐도 되니]

We’ll give you a chance to appear on a water park commercial Wow Let’s take a shot here Here? Can’t you see CG here? It looks empty now, but it will be amazing on TV CG costs a lot of money, you know? We’ll invest for you (They are tripped) We’ve already prepared the lines ‘Can I swim in your heart?’ (It’s so embarrassing) It makes me cringe Lai Kuan-Lin, let’s suppose we were in
an aquarium Sorry, I meant, a swimming pool (You crack us up) OK, let’s go with Lai kuan-Lin What should I do? You can do it in English (Water park commercial
with Lai Kuan-Lin) Go (high quality CG) (reading Doni’s face) (finishing up quickly) (He opens a water park
in his fans’ mind) This must be a water park in the USA (Good job) The viewers are excited Yay (Kuan-Lin, keep up the good work) We’ll put CG here Please OK, go, Seong-Wu (worried) (pressured) He’s comedian in Wanna One I’m looking forward to Wanna One’s comedian, Seong-Wu Wanna One’s comedian Wanna One’s Yoo Jae Suk (Did you say Yoo Jae Suk?) (But he couldn’t hear) He’s too nervous to say something He’ll be funny (I’d like to make them laugh) He must have a lot of thoughts – Should I dive?
– Go Wanna One’s Yoo Jae Suk He turned red Seong-wu’s challenge Go He’s swimming now Please do pop-pin (OK, got it) (funny and gorgeous at the same time) (cool) Can I (Oh, boy) swim in your heart? (proud) You made it Now other members must feel pressured Because they have to show
something more (pressured) But don’t worry,
we have Min-hyun at the end (startled) You’re right OK, Ji-hoon Let’s go (dynamic movement, plus point) (I’m the man) Can I swim in your heart? (embarrassing) How cute you are, Ji-hoon You were cute Now Bae Jin-young He’s pressured now Ready, go O-Pu, O-Pu (swimming making sound) (embarrassed) It’s hot Can I swim in your heart? (applause to avoid embarrassment) (I don’t like the line) (The goal of the mission- Who makes
people more cringe?) How smart I am I’m Bae Jin-young I’m the main role of the commercial Now Kang Daniel It’s pressuring OK, go (well prepared model) He’s familiar with it Can I get into your heart? (Who the heck are you?) (cool) (‘wow’ to myself) I like it! I’m yours

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  1. They are already disbanded 😭😭and I m still here watching their old videos and smiling and crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭

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