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(Weekly Idol EP.315) Welcome!! WANNA ONE’s Water Park ep.02 [네 맘에 빠져버렸잖아!]

Wanna One’s main role He is rapper, vocalist and dancer A perfect guy Kim Jae-hwan Is this bobsleigh or something? – Can I start?
– Go (I can’t see your face) Normally people don’t swim like this
in a water park I’ll swim in your heart OK (going back with encouragement) Keep up the good work Are you satisfied? Yes, I think it was OK You’re pretentious Very positive Woo-Jin, go There’s nothing to do He’s targeting our water park Is it OK to change the lines? Go ahead Please make a swimming pool here OK, got it A big and deep pool? Or a pool for children? – A small one
– OK Go (customized mini size swimming pool) I dived into your heart (He makes everybody cringe) (Please help) (successful) You’re the main role for the ad (He can’t be happy) Among many swimming pools If you beat Min-hyun, it’s yours But Wanna One’s father Min-hyun, you’ve got something to show,
right? He did his best but Wanna One’s father, who made three
guys debut Wanna One’s big shot Wanna One’s emperor Hwang Min-hyun, he’s coming Go (something sloppy) What’s going on? What should I do? (I’m so sorry,mate) May I swim in your heart? What did you do? (disappointed) What was it? Was it a baby walker? Well, we are Wanna One so I pretended it like a big floating tube
for 11 people – It’s not big enough for 11 people
– Seriously? Let’s do it again We were very disappointed Was it really Min-hyun? (so disappointed) See? How disappointed Daniel was Jae-hwan looked so disappointed Jae-hwan, what was your religion again? Hwang Min-hyunian Don’t make him disappointed – OK, go
– Go for it Ready Look at him Look how he is holding his hands What will he show us? Min-hyun (cheering) (or pressuring) It’s Min-hyun’s time (We’re watching you) (intensive swimming) (losing his mind) Can I swim in your heart? Thank you We expected more but it was a very humble water park

Reader Comments

  1. woojin: falls into pool
    woojin: stares at camera
    woojin: i fell into your heart
    wanna one: dies
    wannable: dies
    doni: dies
    coni: dies

  2. I really laugh at MinHyun. He's just like jin BTS, their jokes are not funny but we laugh when they laugh XD

  3. I am so weak for Minhyun's high pitched dork laugh why

    2:17 oh! "Minhyunxwall".. I see it now (*두근두근* ㅠㅠ)

  4. I must say…Woojin is variety genius! He's is full of fresh, new ideas and very quick on his feet, being able to adapt to any situation. I expected him to be awkward but he did so well. In Happy Together, in m2 video too when he imitated jisung. I'm speechless. He always receives the best reactions from mcs and members. Truly amazing!!

  5. park woojin arrrrr, hahahahaha..
    i love how woojin always effortlessly innocently charm people..
    park woojin n kang daniel are my fave versions

  6. omg i love you park woojin im not the only one who thinks he and ong are probably the genuinely funniest and cutest ppl right


  8. Jaehwan is so extra, keep your hearts ready cause Woojin is full of surprises as usual and Minhyun's still flawless despite the cringe

  9. Park WooJin 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😍😍😍🙈🙈🙈🙈🙉🙉🙉🙉

  10. omg help ~ i always come here every day to watch park rudejin. how can a cheesy and cringey line make my heart beat so fast? Tf is this

  11. Park Woojin will never leave the top spot of my bias list. Even if I put everything aside and watch just this water park cf he still wins my heart. Yeah YOU ACTUALLY FELL INTO MY HEART TOO DEEP I CAN'T SEEM TO GET YOU OUT PARK WOOJIN ❤️

  12. Hahahahaha minhyun u never learn ugh Daniel's face after minhyun did his line hahahahaha he looked so dissatisfied

  13. Woojin: *Fell into the pool and stare at you* I Fell in your heart *Smirk*
    Wanna One: *Cringe*
    Wannables and Me: Died because of his Sexy Satoori accent
    Goshhh park woojin😆Why are you making my heartbeat go wild again😍

  14. What if Minhyun and Jin are together in one variety show 😂 Its like were watching one person looking in a mirror. THEY LOOK SO MUCH THE SAME AND THEY HAVE SO MANY RESEMBLANCE WITH EACH OTHER

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