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Weeki Wachee Mermaids ~Tarpon Springs Sponges & Warmest Water

the best way I can think of to involve
you in my exercising who needs weights with the kitty
laughter kitty don’t kappa yeah well it is possible today that I may put
on the most motorcycle miles ever in my life on any motorcycle it’s just the
nature of getting around and trying to see some new stuff don’t get me wrong I
love it but highways on the motorcycle not so much fun in fact it’s a little
stressful as a motorcycle people just don’t see you no matter what but it is
possible that I put on close to 200 miles on Roxy the rebel today it’s all
for fun I decided not to go to the Tampa RV show by the way
just decided that there are way too many YouTube vloggers and people go in there
and I want to do something I want to see something really different and fresh and
I want to share something totally fresh than what everybody else in the area is
showing so today we’re starting off at Wicky Watchi
State Park yeah palm trees sunshine a little bit of clouds and typical of
Florida and January I did get alert on my phone we are going to break a record
for this day as far as temperature it’s gonna be another warm day in Florida I
forgot to show though I did bring long jeans and wore them on the ride I just
left them on the motorcycle stripped down to my shorts to hang out for the
day there’s the park it’s 13 bucks to get in but you guys get in free cuz
you’re coming with me that’s weird they’ve got a picture of a
mermaid in their title up here and also a weather alert everything in the water
park is closed for the day on a day with record-setting Heat
yeah that makes sense but the kids are all in school son okay all right lots of
mermaid stuff stay with me now this ain’t no Disney park this place is wide
open nobody’s here I’m sure there’s people
here I gotta wait a couple hours but we may see some actual mermaids suggest
want see some mermaids only place in the country that has live mermaids here at
Wicky watching they do have some cool magnets they’re like made out of tiles
he’s got a mermaid riding a dolphin there I kind of like that magnet Wow
look how clear that spring water is here at the state park it’s crystal clear but
it’s also really weird to see a water park just completely shut down
when it’s 80 degrees I mean back home it doesn’t even get eighty degrees for a
high in the summertime in July and August doesn’t even get to this hot as
it is right now and as you know it’s just I don’t know it’s hard to tell
it could be shut down because nobody uses it or it could be empty in here
because they decide to close it because they can’t make enough money I can’t
really tell look at this wild peacock out here at the clerk just chillin staying cool in the shade
showing off now at that tail Wow the pretty bird lots of interesting
photo opportunities here in the park you can sit here with the mermaid and the
King here in their shell also on the way in there there was a mermaid and I had
to stop and get my picture taken with her she said her name was Ariel and I’m
Eric if you don’t think that’s funny then this is pretty funny they did put a
nice notice on the bathroom doors that the air conditioner that supplies the
restroom right now is out of service it is well over a hundred degrees in that
bathroom it is hot in there it’s disgusting well even though the water
park is closed for the season Buccaneer Bay itself is actually open if you want
to go inside there’s a couple people keeping keeping cool by going and
dunking in the water it is really super crystal clear and I think I want to do
it I did get a notice they made a park notice that the river boat the river
ride has been canceled for today and they also reminded us in the same memo
that there’s no refunds or anything so if they cancel anything or closed
anything due to weather or mechanical issues it’s you don’t get a refund you
say they keep enforcing that so I think I think it breaks down a lot as far as I
know the mermaid show is still on in about an hour let’s go check out the
water obviously they can’t guarantee that there will be Gators but the water
so clear that you can see them coming so I guess it’s okay look at all the tiny
little minnow fish everywhere tiny little fish they’re all around me yeah I
mean I didn’t bring swimming trunks or anything but I think my shorts and
boxers are gonna dry in like three minutes after I get out with this eat
the water the the spring here I would I would say it basically feels like a
heated pool I don’t know how many gallons of water constantly flowing but
now this would be a nice place any time of the year to cool off waterpark open
or not I feel fantastic and I love the color at the crystal-clear water I mean
it looks turquoise green but still at nights it’s it’s wonderful
it’s amazing you know it’s it’s hard to put a value on a place like this this
place has been around apparently since before Disney World and before Busch
Gardens in Tampa so this place has been around for a while it’s natural
there’s nobody here there’s no crowds like Disney or anything so 13 bucks I
have already gotten my money’s worth I feel fantastic and I’m so cooled off
just gonna wait a little bit and then I’ll take you into the mermaid show
we’ll go see the mermaids together guys by the way it is Friday it’s my cheat
day here then I’m filming this so I got some food here at the cafe not terribly
unhealthy not really healthy either chicken tenders in France which way to
the mermaid show oh now you’re shy you’re out in public
with everything just out and okay all right well I found the waiting area for
the show here and still a half hour before they start but they they’ll see
this a little early did want to show you the magnet I got been at i/o magnet
there yeah had to get one really neat mermaid show in there they
do play a lot of copyright music so I’m at the dub in something else on get in
trouble I’ve already gotten in trouble enough by Disney that’s a fun little
show though and I’ll have to come back some here for the boat tour when it’s
working again Vickie but for now I’m gonna get back on the bike and go
explore some more Florida having a fun day man hoots warm I did have to make a
u-turn real quick much easier on the bike than it would be a Motorhome
because I found the coolest auto garage ever in the shape of a huge dinosaur
they’ve got three individual Bay’s here at the auto shop how cool is that it
looks like it’s been around for quite a while but I have never seen a quirky
garage my RV will not fit in in any of these bays though so they won’t be able
to work on Miranda not that she needs any work knock on wood but that is
awesome I love it guys alright what’s up with all the dinosaurs all of a sudden
this must be pepto-bismol eyeness or he is very very pink
definitely a pepto-bismol pink I don’t know what’s on the ground underneath and
though it looks like a mass collection of lids it is it’s literally thousands
and thousands of random sized lids does that US I’m gonna do with the dinosaur I
don’t understand why they’re all here it looks like we’re nearest a dentist and a
CT scan place anybody answer that one for me why are there lids of all sizes
underneath this dinosaur I’m really trying to think am I missing something
here lids I don’t know can you help me out
there guys again even though people won’t listen and they’ll be confused it
is my cheat day my one cheat day and I found some ice cream I have not had ice
cream in 2020 once not yet so I’m gonna head over to this ice cream
cone shaped shop and get something tasty on a hot day
I just went with the basic chocolate on a sugar cone my staple oh my gosh it’s
been a while don’t mind me I’m just gonna get my lick on off off camera of
course this is as far as I’m gonna be going south today I’m still 70 miles
from the RV and it’s 3:30 so I don’t wanna hit some traffic don’t want to be
down here past five but my last stop is the Sponge Docks here in Tarpon Springs
a well-known place actually they call this the sponge capital of the world
here right in this little tiny little town about a Greek and Cuban history I
guess in fact here are some right here everybody a sponge famous from Tarpon
Springs lots of them it’s like it’s like a thing here I guess yeah so I mean it’s
hard to believe that sponge collection was a is still a thing to me
they used to go down underwater and they would hook them off the bottom but they
found that they didn’t regenerate us quickly that way so now there’s a safer
way of removing the sponges I guess and it’s still a thing and still very
popular here in Tarpon Springs I love sitting in these big Adirondack chairs
I got a flash somebody down take my picture I just hired one of you to be my
chauffeur and picture taker and driver from once in a while when I get tired
hang on all right I got my picture whoo got my picture on the big Adirondack
chair how many of those do I have a lot around the country all right let’s go
check out sponge o’rama sponge factor
look at all the sponges it could be yours if the price is right a sponge
look at them all that one could be a cat man yep fresh off the boat get your
sponges mm-hmm is there something else you do with them besides wash dishes I
don’t know they’re magnets here all generic from China I’m not getting a
magnet here always something real special about coming out to a badia a
saltwater here I think it’s salt I mean it’s it’s a bay
that leads to the Gulf so there’s some salt in this water I grew up on the
water my entire life we had a house right on Puget Sound and Olympia
Washington and I could take my homework and down to a little canoe and go out
into the muddy salty stinky Puget Sound and just anchor out in a body of water
to do my homework and so the water will always be my my second home you know I’m
gonna hit up one last let it go down the other side of the road look at one more
gift shop so if I can find a good magnet get back to you when I get back to the
RV to see Jack’s well I’m back just about a half hour before the Sun
actually sets if my eyes are like their water it’s cuz I got here I’d just been
coughing for like five minutes straight tit miss this bronchitis really does
stick around for three full weeks I’m gonna go hit the pool I gotta put the
bike away and we got a lead here in the mornings I’m gonna do most of my packing
up today you uh saw my first magnet with the mermaid I could get one at Tarpon
Springs on the way out there hand-painted a pair of sunglasses that
says tarpon springs on it how cool is that love it see if the jacks man wants
to come house ID you are what are you looking for exactly you don’t know just
gonna roam okay good luck see you later Clair Jax
Oh Oh is the grass greener in our neighbours site is that what’s going on
Oh clearly great now you’re gonna puke it all up in the RV you and I’ve still
got some work to do after I go to the pool I gotta do my workout still I got
to eat my healthy meal and get some veggies eggs I haven’t had any veggies
here on my day off I’m gonna get some and like I said yeah just kind of pack
up I don’t put the passenger slide out too often but if I’m gonna stay multiple
nights somewhere sometimes I consider putting the passenger slide out also it
just gives me a little more room anyways saying goodbye to this area of Florida
for a little bit and again I chose not to do the Tampa RV show this year
because every youtuber I know in the area is there and I’ve seen it before
and you probably should go it’s really cool but it’s also just not great for
filming cuz just walking around looking at exhibits and doing tours of RVs and I
didn’t want to put my viewers through that because I’m I don’t even enjoy that
kind of stuff and I will click on it so that’s kind of me going through the
screen and doing something different the highlight of my whole day today
the mermaids were cool but the highlight for me was going swimming in the springs
that was the highlight that was the happiest I was all day and one of the
greatest memories I’ll have for this area of Florida so anyways guys take
care Jackson I’ll see you soon as we go north in Florida I guess

Reader Comments

  1. The Jean's don't really give you any protection.. I have mesh riding pants. I wear shorts under them. Very cool while riding.. just sayin

  2. Eric 15 years ago I designed and installed that small electric sign at the 9:42 mark that says Sponge Factory when they first opened in Tarpon Springs. The electric sign is small because the city of Tarpon Springs don't allow big electric signs in their small city but they are allowed to paint a big art mural on the walls and buildings and that's what the Sponge Factory did on the big long side of the building facing the busy street and parking lot to attract tourists to their business. Just thought you and others on here would like to know : )

  3. I hope that you and Living Free Mike get together and have some fun. ๐ŸšŒ๐Ÿˆ๐Ÿ•๐Ÿž๐Ÿ–๐Ÿœ๐Ÿ’–๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Ž

  4. Pepto Bismal Dino has his very own "flip your lid" gravel pit. Every dino needs a pit. If I pressed my cat instead of weights he"d deliberately pass gas in revenge. Safe wandering!

  5. Hi Eric! You have an Apple Watch and an iPhone… did you know you can use the watch as a remote shutter button on the iPhone camera? Could help with some of those Adirondack chair shots.

  6. Thank you so so so much for not doing the Tampa RV show! So many people posting videos on that and Q this time of year. Overkill.

  7. My friends live down the street I made a video ๐Ÿ˜ you can see under water shots and stuff. ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿปโ€โ™€๏ธ if youโ€™re interested

  8. You should come back during the summer and do the rainbow springs run. Worth it. All the springs are great, but that one is my fav.

  9. You sound a lot better. Your cough is gone, thatโ€™s good! That spring water looked really nice, betcha walking around in wet shorts and undies didnโ€™t feel very nice though๐Ÿ˜ณ. The mermaids in the water brought to mind a scene from an old movie I saw once and for the life of me I canโ€™t remember what the film even was but it took place in a Florida night club when some goofy looking blind guy fell into a mermaidโ€™s pool … and you wanted to know this why, lol. ๐Ÿ˜†

  10. You gotta be on your toe's with eyes in the back of your head when riding a bike in Florida, I couldn't tell you how many times I have almost been taken out by people in cars not paying attention to what there doing.

    Hubba hubba hubba, you gotta love mermaids. Hay wait a minute…One of these mermaids is not like the others. LOL!
    Let me guess, they played Motley Crew Girls Girls Girls at the mermaid show. ๐Ÿ™„ LOL!
    Hope you get to feeling better soon. Good video. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

  11. Weeki Wachii? You had to go right by my house in Port Richey! That place has been there since I was a little girl (I'm now 68).

  12. I told you last time you were in the area to checkout Rock Crusher RV park in Crystal River.It's actually in the rock quarry!! Turn east off US19,by the airport on the south end of Crystal River. It's an old limerock quarry that has alot of stuff to see. There's a huge satellite dish that's about 75 to 100 feet across in the southern end next to the "pond". 100' plus cliffs surround you……. On the Gulf coast there's the small town of Aripeka that Babe Ruth used to Winter in. Lotsa other little towns on the coast west of Weeki Wachee including Bayport.

  13. Eric, go on Amazon and buy some Sovereign Silver brand colloidal silver. Before the discovery of antibiotics this is what was used to treat infections. A little fact about colloidal silver is that it kills bacteria and viruses. Antibiotics only kill bacteria.

  14. I believe some of the diving scenes from Sea Hunt starring Lloyd Bridges in the early 60s were filmed there. Drove by it many times but yet to see it. Bucket List!

  15. I remember flying into Seattle early nineties and it was low Eighties in the summer , people were freaking out about the heat but it was humid.

  16. The water was a great idea! Thank you for these adventures. I have heard about the mermaids most of my life and it was fun to see the show.

  17. We live 50 miles north of Atlanta and it's in the 20s here at night for a couple nights (highs of 41) so not much sympathy for your 80 degree bliss ๐Ÿ™‚ Good call on passing up the RV show.

  18. Safe travels … thank you that you didnโ€™t do the RV show …๐Ÿ˜ป๐Ÿ˜ปgreen cat puke ๐Ÿคฎ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  19. Hey Eric, one of my favorite TV shows from the 1960's is Route 66. Back in 1960 Buzz and Todd went to Weeki Wachee and made an episode there. Martin Millner actually swan with the mermaids. I went into my dvd library to find that show – Route 66 "The Cruel Sea" October 1960 -. Thanxs for showing how the place hasn't changed…. except you filmed in color and their show was black and white.
    Mike D. Cincinnati OH

  20. just took note of the hat you are wearing…โ€ฆ Olympia Supply Co……are you from Olympia? That's where I'm at…. travel safe my friend…Oh, I note that later in the video, you say you're from Olympia also.

  21. Beautiful day in Florida. Even if warm.
    Enjoyed the mermaids. Amazing how they can stay under water so long / I know they have the tanks. But just the thought of holding your breath , moving around like that and your eyes. Wow

  22. didnt know weeki Wachee was still around… i remember tv was inundated with commercials about them when i was growing up.. im 70 now

  23. Weeki Wachee is not the only place in the U.S. with live mermaids. Also at the Sip & Dip Lounge in Great Falls, Montana. Described by the New YorkTimes as "The Campiest Place on Earth", it is a "kitsch-tastic tiki bar hidden inside the Oโ€™Haire Motor Inn."

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    Keep being real and bring you.

  25. Y'all need to check out "Silver Springs State Park" up near ocala. Amazing to check out the number of films and TV shows that were filmed there. Its also not too far from the filming location for "Doc Hollywood"

  26. Sad to see Weeki Wachee wasn't more exciting, especially in the winter months, with all the visiting"Snow Birds". It wasn't too long ago, that was a popular and happening kind of place. But not having much of a crowd is always a plus. I hope you are able to get some real seafood while in Tarpon Springs, some of the best. Nicely Done. Thanks for sharing.

  27. Fun fact: Paris Hilton and Nichole Richie (Lionel Richies Daughter) shot an episode of their reality show โ€œThe surreal Lifeโ€ and both actually dressed and swam as mermaids. Looks like a fun place!

  28. Great seeing those places. As a child we lived in Tallahassee, traveled many times down Hwy 27/19 to Dunedin and Tampa where my grandparents lived. Loved the giant dinosaur. Always had to stop at a Stuckeys next to the bridge that crosses the Suwannee River. We never stopped at Weeki Watchi. Tarpon Springs is always fun. They used to have great Greek food there. Congrats to Jax on his weight loss, you as well Eric, keep up the good work.

  29. I live on the coast between Weeki Wachee and Tarpon Springs. A manatee came up under my kayak the other day. I love it here. On your way out of Florida go to Citrus county to swim with the manatees.

  30. Just as you said, Eric!!… All the other YouTubers are doing the RV show… It's so nice and refreshing to see the places you stop at, and we enjoy getting to visit with Jax!!

  31. Those sponges are also used for crafts and to paint with. Dip them in paint, tap them on a surface and you get a wild and random looking texture.

  32. โคJAXโคERICโค
    ๐Ÿ–’๐Ÿ˜„ I WANT TO MEET JAX!

  33. You were a block away from us! Darn we missed seeing you. Someday maybe!!
    We enjoy ur videos because you are not like everyone else! Ur videos are done so well too!

  34. You have had veggies, they are called potatoes. Try them baked instead of fried and then they are healthier, because the are chocked full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber, … just Google it if you don't believe it. Add real butter or sour cream takes it up a notch too…

    As far as natural sponges, better for pottery making and command a high price at many community colleges in Washington State.

  35. Thanks for showing me some of the attractions down south at that I've always heard of but have never seen

  36. I wish I would've known!!! I would have loved to shake your hand my friend. I live down the road from that Twistie-Treat!! I'm glad you could find some fun here in our area. I sure would have loved to show you some of the other things we have to enjoy around town.. Best of luck to you guys and your travels.

  37. I read a book about a girl that ran away to be a mermaid at the springs once. Iโ€™ve always wanted to visit the park so thanks for taking us along!

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