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[Weather] Spring spell continues under clear skies

good morning we had some nice weather
yesterday under clear blue skies and a spring weather pattern continues today
in most parts of the country a chilly morning will turn into a balmy afternoon
leading to why temperature differences across much of the country
meanwhile the air is getting dry with dry weather alerts in place for more
eastern regions and those in Orson and Kings and Coupe de Provence will need to
be particularly careful of wildfires as dry warnings are in place moving on to
our readings a single digits to start the day in most parts our pollen count
you are kicking off today at 4 degrees Celsius
Chinchin a bit colder at 1 degree Celsius this morning by the afternoon so
will get up to 16 degrees table getting up to 19 Kendra will have white gaps of
16 degrees from this morning lows rising to 20 degrees by the afternoon and the
spring spell continues with welcomed nationwide rain and storm between
Thursday and Saturday and that should ease the dryness in the air that’s Korea
for you and here’s the International weather for viewers around the world

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