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[Weather] Early spring warmth this afternoon, skies get brighter

good morning we will enjoy a nice early
spring-like weather with big temperature differences Stowe
low to mid single visit morning lows will jump more than 10 degrees Celsius
by the afternoon getting close to 20 degrees Celsius for some parts of the
country so let’s take a closer look Seoul will get up to 14 degrees tape
will come to and Busan an 18 degrees coming to topping out at 19 degrees this
afternoon and skies will get brighter as the day goes on but you know we have
that unpleasant ultrafine dust again for the north and center of the country but
at least some of you down south you can enjoy a better air today now the cold
winter weather does not want to say farewell just set a bone-chilling
airmass will put into the country after nationwide precipitation this weekend
and the cold will linger through early next week
so we will still need our thick winter jackets for next week that’s Korea for
you and here’s the International weather for viewers around the world

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