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We got SOAKED at Universal Studios Orlando!

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  1. To give chris the benefit of the doubt. It loves to rain in Florida when its not supposed too and be dry when its supposed to rain

  2. 7:53 LOLOL!!! Duncan is like a little Einstein. The experiment was a success! 😂
    P.S. That park is so cool! 🤗

  3. Everytime i have gone to universal orlando it has rained regardless of weather idk if its my luck or thats just orlando also ive been many times

  4. It’s cold here in UK today, and I felt chilled to the bone watching everyone get soaking wet! I bet it was warm there though? How long did it take to dry off? X Rose

  5. Your videos make me so happy! Thank you for always bringing us this great content. I hope YouTube comes to their senses soon.

  6. I heard you were having troubles with YT and videos etc so I'ma gonna watch every BF video I can in the next 48 hours just because you're LOVELY!

  7. Love you guys love the ending of the videos good job guys.. Duncan's little face so funny but cute… Dam that potato looked good was it good? Lol love you guys have more fun 😂😍😊♥️

  8. I just want to thank you guys for letting me live vicariously through you! Keep the adventures coming!!!

  9. Who doesn’t love some go potatoes 🥔💙❤️ Love you guys sooo much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS**pOtAtOeS*

    For each like i'll add a pOtAtO ( 🥔 )

    Love the Ballingers

  11. You guys are an amazing family and I love seeing Parker, Bailey, Jacob, and Duncan grow up and become wonderful young people. Keep doing all the incredible stuff you do! Sending love! <3

  12. That "ball factory" was buried deep in my memories. I've been trying to figure out where that memory came from for YEARS. I was convinced it was a dream or something because I could not figure it out. I remember all the small details. That was at least 15 years ago and it hasn't changed a bit. I think I was about Duncan's height, but closer to Parkers age (I was very short). It seems so small and simple through adult eyes, but it was so huge and magical as a little kid.

  13. At 3:24 at Duncan and Parker are going down the slide I just like I don’t really know how to explain it but just like

  14. It’s aIsland of adventure and the other is universal studios
    And when you in a resort it’s called universal studios Orlando resort

  15. Im going on this same trip in November so this was helpful, thanks! Also I have missed the let's talk about what we've learned so much

  16. I am in love with your family. They are so well mannered, well spoken, bright and intelligent. Not to mention Duncan’s facial expressions. ❤️🙏🏼

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