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Watkins Regional Park – Upper Marlboro, MD – Visit a Playground – Landscape Structures

[♪ ♫ ♪] This is a huge playground project that
we’ve had and we were wanting to do a really cool themed playground. And one of my staff had an idea for Wizard of Oz, and we had a large area so it fit the project. Since the new playground has gone in the volume has increased dramatically. We have probably 80 to 90 kids at any
single point of time throughout the day on the weekends we have a lot more. You know what I love are all the little details. I love Wizard of Oz and so to see this all come to light has just been wonderful. We’re trying to teach kids to learn while they’re outside playing.
Playing doesn’t have to involve being just on play equipment you can learn
while you play. We work with Landscape Structures to put in words that they
have to find wizard, eyes, scarecrow, Dorothy it’s really unique. And the
younger kids can look for their ABCs. I have never seen anything like this. There
were some kids that came the other day they were glued to the window as the car
drove in the parking lot. It’s amazing because their faces just they light up
they just couldn’t wait to get out and run down and have this experience. What I like about this playground is the theme, is so fun, it’s Wizard of Oz and I like it. It’s like a whole world of Oz. I like that there’s a barn over there where Dorothy had little animals.
And there’s a chicken coop and I like the little pole right there that you can go down. [♪ ♫ ♪] [tick, tick, tick]

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  1. I can't really express my feelings after watching your ads however there are NO caucasian children playing anywhere in them????? Just saying 😮

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