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WaterWorks Water Park (with audio description) | Onboard Activities | Carnival Cruise Line

The Carnival logo.WaterWorks onboard waterpark
features hundreds of feet of
winding waterslides
under a sunny blue sky.The bright yellow Power
Drencher overlooks the park.
Kids wait for the enormous
bucket of water to tip over…
and soak them!Fountains squirt water
A man slides down
The Drainpipe – a giant funnel,
attached to an enclosed
spiral water slide.
A girl screams and laughs as
she speeds down The Twister –
a steep, curving water slide.The Carnival logo.

Reader Comments

  1. Who came up with this commentary? LOL. "The Carnival logo." Really? Come on. That's not really professional. The whole thing sounds like a 5th grader's English project or something.

  2. Carnival es mi línea de cruceros favorita, desearía que cambiarán el barco actual, por uno nuevo, estoy viajando con ustedes desde 1997, gracias.

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