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Water Parks Are The Best Places ON EARTH | Ridiculousness

– Some of the greatest
places that you can go have water and slides.
(audience laughing) Have you ever been to a water park? – Yes.
– That’s one of the greatest places you can go? – Period.
– A water park? – I’m talking if you
lined up top 10 places on the planet Earth that you could go and
find yourself a good time. – Like destinations. – I’m talking all over the world. Forget the (beep)ing Louvre, okay? Forget about the (beep)ing
Egyptian pyramids. So (beep)ing what? They were built (beep)ing
16,000 years ago. – That’s the Midwest in y’all. ‘Cause, to me, water
parks are just disgusting. (audience laughing) They’re just disgusting. – It’s a party soup, you know what I mean? It’s a different vibe.
– It’s disgusting. – It’s a different vibe. Now, have you ever been on a water slide? – Yeah, of course.
– Yes, love it. I won’t go on the one that
goes straight down though, no way.
– Why? Why? – ‘Cause I’m scared I might
fall out or something. (laughs) I don’t know.
– That’s right. You wanna know why? You could fall out and you
could get damaged and hurt.

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