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Water Park Fun With Her Friends! |

– Good morning guys.
Welcome to the vlog. Busy day today.
Busy day today. Tiff is taking Sierra and some
of her friends to Wet ‘N Wild. Gonna do a
little water park day, just the girls. I think, I don’t
think Bryce is going. But it’s gonna be
the girls hanging out. I’m gonna go upstairs and do
my live stream as usual but I’m gonna cut it a little bit short
’cause I’m gonna meet up with my brothers to go see Deadpool 2. Really excited about that. My brothers and I have
not seen a movie in years. I think the last time
was just me and Austin. I don’t think me and Travis have
seen a movie together in years. I can’t remember
the last time we saw. So I’m really
excited to do that. Always a pleasure,
always excited to hang out with my brothers. Some of the funniest
guys and I just really, really look forward to that. So go see Deadpool 2 later this
afternoon and I’ll bring you guys along with me for the ride. So stay tuned. – Alright, Sierra’s been
looking forward to this day. It’s been planned for about a
week and we actually ended up moving it up so it ended up
working out but what’s today? – Wet ‘N Wild with my friends.
– Wet ‘N Wild with her friends. It’s been a couple years since we’ve been
so she’s super excited. There’s the slide
in the background. – [Sierra] Wonder if
they have new slides or not. – I don’t know.
I’m sure something’s new. Let’s go. (wind blowing) Alright Sierra,
we made it in. What’s first?
– Finding a place to sit. – [Tiffany] Shaded place,
hopefully. Found a spot. First thing, sunscreen. (girls yelling excitedly) – Katie, stop screaming! Oh my god. She screamed so loud.
Oh my god. She screamed so loud.
What the heck? (girls screaming) Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god! – The girls went
and got cooled off, got a little wet but everybody’s starving ’cause
we didn’t eat lunch. So that’s kinda
first (mumbles), right? And then we’ll
hit up some slides. – Alright, it’s a
little after 3 o’clock. Just ended my live stream. So good, so good. I love, I love streaming. I mean push aside the video game
aspect of the fact that I get to play video games which
is my favorite pastime, favorite hobby,
but just the chat, the camaraderie,
the laughs, the fun, the highs, the lows,
the adrenaline. It’s just like the perfect,
perfect thing for me. I love it. I was talking with somebody
earlier about YouTube versus Twitch, vlogs versus
streams and ah, I love it. I love it. Unfortunately my brothers had to
cancel the plans for the movies so no Deadpool tonight. Both of ’em had various reasons
it just didn’t work out. So it actually works out
that both of them couldn’t go, I guess because now we just
rescheduled altogether instead of like one
person can’t make it. So we’re gonna try and
reschedule for next week to go see Deadpool 2. Hopefully, cross my fingers. But for now, I’m starvin’. I always miss lunch ’cause I
stream through it so I’m gonna grab something
out of the fridge. We went to the store the
other day and make a little snacky-snack and then
I’m gonna get some exercise. We’re gonna go for a brisk walk
out in the 110 degree weather and then I’m gonna hop in
the pool and make some laps. That’s kinda been my workout,
it’s not really a workout, my exercise routine, I guess. Walks around the neighborhood,
and I say brisk walks ’cause I’m walking fast, right? I’m walking fast and then come
back in the pool and then cool off and then we’ll shower and
the girls should be home then. – Let’s go! (girls chatting) – [Clintus] You
look a little flushed. – I just went on a walk. – [Clintus] Little brisk walk
there. It’s 110 degrees. Yeah.
It’s a little hot, guys. It’s a little hot,
just a little bit. No big deal.
Like I said, went for a walk. Probably should’ve
gone for a run, honestly, but I listen to my
podcasts and runs are shorter. I’d rather walk
so it takes longer, so I can listen to more of my podcast but then it’s
just like ridiculously hot. But now we’re
gonna hop in the pool, cool off, do a couple of laps and then we’ll
be done for the day. – [Tiffany] Alright,
our day’s coming to an end. Sun’s going down.
We’re hungry for some dinner. So did you feel like
you got a day’s worth? – Yes. – [Tiffany] Lots of slides,
lots of fun. – We only skipped the
ones that weren’t amazing. – [Tiffany] Right,
they went on those slides. The red one, three times? – There times and
the yellow one twice. – [Tiffany] Twice.
Those are the best, you think? That one and
the toilet bowl, right? – Yeah. – Okay, so I didn’t get a ton
of clips because I kinda let the girls do their own thing. You know, they’re old enough. I just sat here and relaxed
and they did their own thing. So they had the GoPro, you
guys have probably saw all that footage and
that’s probably about it. – [Sierra] Yeah. We only got those ones
right there on the GoPro, that’s it.
– [Tiffany] Oh and the– – Wave pool.
– [Tiffany] Wave pool. Yeah. – But I wish we
could’ve gotten those. Those are scary. Like you want to
be holding on to them. – [Tiffany] Yeah. – Or else you’re gonna fall out.
Like it’s just scary. – Yeah, that’s another thing. I didn’t want to give all the, you know, what’s the word? All of the responsibility
of giving her the GoPro on the rides. She just wanted to
enjoy herself with her friends and I was kinda the odd ball. She had two friends so it’s
perfect for her friends to have an even, even number.
– [Sierra] Yeah. – So I was the oddball so I
would always be by myself. I don’t think you want to see
me going down the slide, right? Dinner time. You know who this is for.
Yep, bringing some home. All this.
Look at all this. – [Girl] Get in this business. – [Tiffany] Salad,
gotta have a salad. I did show this. This is a cheesy breadsticks.
Yum. Boys are gonna eat good. We definitely
ordered way too much. – So Tiff just gave me a buzz
and pulled up to hand over two full size pizzas. I don’t know what
she vlogged for you guys. She’s taking all the girls home but there’s two
pizzas from Barro’s. She ordered way too
much pizza apparently. So we got pizza for dinner,
and we got pizza for leftovers tomorrow so I’m a happy camper. With that being said, let me
know in the comments down below your favorite pizza toppings. For me personally,
it’s vegetables. Just all the vegetables. I want tomatoes,
bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, jalapeños,
peppercinis, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes. I want ’em all.
I want it all. That’s my favorite pizza.
What’s your favorite pizza? Let me know in the
comments down below. Alright guys, gonna go
ahead and call it a night. Girls got back home and pretty
much went straight to bed. Bryce is down here playing some
Roblox and I just kinda chilled on the couch tonight. Caught up on a couple TV shows, been on my DVR
for like two years. Something crazy like that. The commercials, the commercials
that I’m fast forwarding through are from like two years ago. It’s crazy.
I just never watch TV. But it was nice to
kind of (sighs) veg out, decompress that sort of thing. Thanks for watching. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. It’s Friday,
looking forward to that. For no reason,
just ’cause it’s Friday. Just ’cause it sounds good.
(laughs) We’ll see you guys tomorrow. Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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