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– Dad, I think we’re lost Dad. (upbeat music) – Goodbye. (laughing) – I’m the champion. (upbeat music) ♪ Five times three, 15 bees ♪ ♪ Oh don’t sting me ♪ ♪ Times eight, 64 ♪ ♪ 64 stickers on the door ♪ – So with Elise having
dyslexia and dyscalculia, we found this Good and the Beautiful memorization of multiplication
tables that’s to song. It helps her a lot. ♪ 25 ♪ – Hey, guess what? – What?
– I can even sing ’em without the songs. – [Jeremy] Can you? ♪ Six times four is 24 ♪ ♪ 24 rainclouds waiting to pour ♪ ♪ Thunder, lightning, boom, bang, crash ♪ ♪ Six times four is 24 ♪ – [Jeremy] So what do you
think about the songs? – I love them. They stick in my head. – [Jeremy] And they’re gonna stick in this girl’s head as well. You’re gonna be learning
the multiplication tables. – Really? – [Jeremy] If you sing these songs. ♪ Oh don’t sting me ♪ – [Jeremy] Nae Nae, you learning? So we got the girls all new swimsuits. I like how sporty they are. – I know, I like ’em. ♪ Three times three is nine ♪ ♪ Nine monkeys on a vine ♪ – [Jeremy] Janae’s like, what’s going on? Nae Nae, did you get a new swimsuit? Can I see it? (gasps) Do you have a floatie on? And of course, Laura’s flip flops. – So it’s field trip day. And I woke up with a terrible headache. I just do not feel good. And Jeremy is taking the day and taking the kids on the field trip, which I’m so grateful for. (happy music) – This is scary. This is a very narrow road
and we have a trash man right by us. That’s so close! The narrow roads here and
trash trucks are scary. – [Isaac] Garbage truck. – Garbage truck, that’s
what they’re called. Thank you. So we’ve been going in circles. The roads on the GPS don’t match up with the roads on the mountain. We’re hoping to find it. It says we’re only a mile away. – [Caleb] Hopefully. – We’ll see if we can
find where we’re going. (playfully sad music) We came to another dead end. It supposedly takes us there. But there is no actual road,
just an old broken down house. – Dad, I think we’re lost, Dad. – [Jeremy] We’re really hoping that this actually leads to a road. I think this is our last
chance of making it. – [Caleb] The moment of truth. – All right, is there a road here that goes to the right. – [Elise] Yes! – Really?
– That’s not it. Okay we have 100 feet and
there’s supposed to be a road to the right. Yes! We’ve come to the pin. Maybe it’s this building. Well luckily some of our friends saw us wandering around lost and came up and told us it’s at the house just right over there. ‘Kay, get the books you’re
giving your presentations on. (happy music) So the kids are gonna go
over to a local library and they’re gonna share the
books that they’ve been reading on water transportation. So today they’re doing all
the instruction in Spanish. (speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) – Guys! Look at mine. – Dude!
– They’re continuing their study of water transportation. They’re now building penny boats. (upbeat music) (woman speaking in foreign language) (Laura squeals) – [Laura] Daddy, can you help me? (bright piano music) – [Jeremy] Is that to walk the plank? – [Kids] Yeah. – [Jeremy] For the bad kids? (women laughing) Good job. Your sail is catching the wind, Elise. – Really?
– Yeah. – I make it so it’s blowing out that way so that breeze. – Very creative, I love it.
– [Woman] Nice, I love it. – [Jeremy] Nae Nae, did you make a boat? (gasps) – Wow! – [Jeremy] It floats! So after our science class today the kids are coming to
this splash playground. (upbeat music) – Daddy I’m cold. – [Jeremy] Are you cold? (tropical music) (upbeat music) (screaming) – That was awesome. – [Jeremy] You okay? – Goodbye. (tropical music) (squealing) (laughing) (screaming) – That was awesome. – Okay, Caleb, stop. – I was the champion! – [Jeremy] We’ll we’re
back on this windy road through the mountains. Do you wanna take a nap, Nae Nae? – [Elise] Oh, she nods her head. – [Jeremy] Does she has a binky? – [Elise] Yes. – [Jeremy] Okay, go to sleep. – Good night! So we’re driving by AutoZone and we saw these flowers
and it matched the red and it looked so funny and gorgeous. – Maybe AutoZone did that on purpose. – [Jeremy] That’s like
brilliant marketing, planting a certain kind of tree that matches the Auto Zone orange red. – Yeah. – [Elise] 10 minutes later. (jazzy music) – Well it has been a long day. Most of the kids are in bed. Isaac had a birthday party he went to, I’m picking him up from it. And then we’ll get him
home and in bed as well. I’m so grateful that our kids have been able to make
some really great friends. Even in just the short amount of time that we’ve been here in Puerto Rico. (kids chattering) How was the party? – It was awesome. – [Jeremy] You guys were
playing sharks and minnows at the end there, or what was that? – Yeah, we just were doing a game night. We just played, since
seven we’ve been playing all sorts of games. – [Jeremy] Just outdoor games. – Yeah. Goodnight J House out. – [Kendra] Did you come in
our room with the balloon? – Yeah. (upbeat music) Thank you Dada! – [Jeremy] You will build a
replica of your room to scale.

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