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Walk through the Gaming zone at MLG Columbus 2016 (ENG SUBS)

Every player at this tournament has his own SSD and Vanya Edward was honored because former Na’Vi captain, his fellow-villager, Danil Teslenko signed it personally. We are from the same village. From the same garden! We graze cattle in turns. We are on the same page, we grew up in the same field… 3 days a week Zeus wakes up at 8, takes the cattle and goes to graze it. And 4 days a week other people do it. Then we dig potatoes together. We are from the same village, our accent is similar. We like to drink vodka. Then we turn on Okean Elzy and sing about the future president. We live near the border with Belarus. Where is my team? Gambit Gaming team is warming up. This is exactly how training camp looks like. There are some ultra-thin PCs here, I hope they are powerful even though they are slim, because it’s often quite the opposite, sometimes there are mobile video cards there. But let’s hope it will be fine. Well, yes they are slim, but I think everything can be fitted there easily and FPS is quite good. This is Gambit team sniper, the famous Waylander. You see, when there’s no one around he has around 250-300 FPS. Maybe it’s not as much as pro players like, but on the other hand it’s enough. However when there would be 10 people on the server FPS would drop and there must be more then 120-140. How are the PCs? This is warm-up zone. I understand it. Those will be better. Will they? Of course. Well, Waylander corrected me, he said warm-up PCs are worse than those on the scene, it’s great, there shouldn’t be any lags. A lot of player complained in Cluj-Napoca, Romania that PCs were really bad. What? Sensitivity is different? The table is oval, especially here. That’s probably because you sit, you feel it more. Yes, yes, try it here. Indeed, there is something. Oval tables… we had table-cloths some time ago, now the oval tables. The team is setting-up, the game will start in an hour, we came here too early, but it’s not important anymore we spent that time already. This is the standard procedure… or it isn’t, because they have to leave all their devices near PCs and then a person from staff, this one, will… A staff member will plug the devices in, of course according to US laws his salary is 12.500$. Who has that? The guy who plugs the devices in. Plus he’ll get an extra $100 from us for plugging in correctly. Be careful. Also you can see here… There comes a guy with a salary of 725 euro during last year, now he has a $220 salary and he transfers all money to the guy that plugs in our devices. That’s Gambit Gaming, they are ready to play. Maybe they’ll manage to suprise us. They are watching the new episode. Of “How I met your mother”. Ah, the new episode of Game of Thrones has just came out. Yes, you see how excited they are. They are cheering themselves up and boosting morale before the game against Astralis. Talking to each other. Where are you going? Outside? Yes, but I’ve got another question. Look at our rivals. Don’t they plug in devices themselves? I think they just don’t have enough money… Yes, they do it by themselves. The U.S flag. Everything is fine. We are going outside. Semmler said that you look good? Yes, he says: “You’re in great shape, but I’m in a suit, and I’m cool” I say: “You’re a caster, you get a makeup and so on”. He says: “Yes”. He’s a cool guy. Has he helped you a lot in your life? Sure. He’s just a great guy. What’s there? One cord is shorter… Ah, no, they are equal lenght. No, dude. These earbuds are mine? No, these are another ones. Where are Ceh9’s earbuds? Did you give him back? Don’t do like this, they fit perfectly. They fit perfectly.

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