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Voodoo skyrockets hypercasual gaming business with Google AdMob

need to be entertained. People need games. I love gaming, because I can
reach millions of players all over the world. Voodoo was founded in 2013. Mobile gaming was starting off. People were making PC and
console games and just kind of porting them on mobile. So the experience
was a bit strange. What we wanted to do was make
games that were perfectly tailored for the mobile user. We’re always moving around. That’s why we focused on
making hypercasual games. Hypercasual games are games that
are extremely accessible, where you understand
immediately all the rules and it’s just very
natural for the player. They’re likely to download
it, not need a tutorial, and be retained in that
game for a long time. We wanted extremely
accessible, fun experience. And to monetize, the only way
was to put ads in our games. Ads are an integral part
of our business model. It’s intrinsic to the game. JOSEPHINE ROBERT: We want people
to keep playing our games. And we feel very strongly
that rewarded ads can do that. GABRIEL RIVAUD: That means
that, instead of paying, the user can get a bonus by
just watching a 30-second video. JOSEPHINE ROBERT: The experience
is good for the user for them to watch ads in exchange
of free content. AdMob was one of
the first networks with which we could grow. We really liked their
ability to scale, their innovative approach. We also like the
partnership that we had. We use them for every
game that we launch. GABRIEL RIVAUD: AdMob allows
us to make some games, because they make our
business model possible. And that allows us to
reach millions of players all around the world. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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