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Voca-Vlog #3 – At the Water Park

Hi guys, it’s Marine. Welcome back to My
Little English Page. Today, I am at a water park.
So…Let’s have a look! Oh, so much sun! Alright! And the thing that’s behind me is called a slide. This one is open. If it was a whole tube, closed, I would call that a flume. Now, to ride this slide, I need an inflatable. Those are double rings. It’s made of plastic and it’s filled with air. Those are inflatable. And little funny story… I used to use quite the wrong word to describe those things. I used to call them floaters. Well a floater is actually… a poo floating in the water! So…don’t call them floaters! Inflatables! Alright guys, that’s it for today! Keep on learning!

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