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VLOG: Indo ao Up!ABC – Imigração Japonesa

Hey Guys! How are you? I’m Naty Sabatini Today we have another VLOG for the channel… I’m going to Up!ABC (brasilian event) that takes place in the city of Santo André
(I CHANGED MY ID TO: @natysacosplay) My city! :B
(I CHANGED MY ID TO: @natysacosplay) I’m going to Up!ABC on Saturday and Sunday, both days! And I decided that this time I’m going to record a little of both days so you can see more things and also two different cosplays of mine! Today I go with my Misty cosplay, from Pokémon and it will be the first time with the complete cosplay! I’ve never used it complet before! My Togepi has arrived! Tomorrow I’ll go with my Blair cosplay, from Soul Eater! The witch! I already did some tutorials about her here on the channel! Actually I already had coffee, I woke up about…an hour ago I had breakfast and…Anyway…I did some thing and I’m going to start putting on my makeup soon and I’ll try to film a little while I get ready! Very fast so I don’t spend too much time of the video, just a few parts of me organizing my cosplay and going to the event! and then I want to film more things there in the event for you!! Okk! I hope you enjoy this video! I just did the makeup I’m going to wear for Misty’s Cosplay! now I’m going to my room to put her clothes on! I’m going to get dressed! because I’m still in my pajamas So I’ll change and then I’ll leave for the event. It’s good that the weather is not too cold today. because I thought I would die of cold with Misty’s clothes because the clothes are short! but the sun is rising, so I’m already happy So I’ll put the clothes on and show you the result! Now the cosplay is ready, with Misty’s wig! Look at my Togepi that arrived this week Now I’m going to have lunch before leaving. Because it’s past noon, it’s already a little late. Soo… I’ll…. humm… What? [Juh: Empty bag doesn’t catch Pokemon! ] Juh also goes on the event! [ Juh: I’ll catch Pokemon instead of Jinchuuriki! LOL ] I already have my Togepi at least! [Juh: I’ll capture him too.] Juh goes for Sasori’s cosplay;…the correct pronunciation is SasÔri ou SÁsori? [Juh: It’s SÁsori!] That’s it! We are going to eat and in a little while we are going to the event We enter the event!! Wow! It seems like I’m evolving! Wait… We just arrived at UP!ABC … and and I think I’ll first take some pictures of my cosplay! Then I’ll start walking and also eat something later. I’ll also film for you whatever I find interesting! And… there are enough people! Take a look! Let’s go! I’m on the inside of the building where is happening Up!ABC! and there are many cool themed rooms So I’m going to shoot some of what I find in the rooms! I’m looking for the first room that is about Sailor Moon! Is very cute! There are lots of cute little dolls! There’s lots of food! And a lot of photo room too! There’s a lot of cool stuff to shoot for you. Take some photos now Can I record?
[Photographer: What?] Can I record?
[Photographer: Yess!] That’s for my channel! My God! Look at this Sasori, how cute he is! It’s a sweetheart! Don’t kill anyone! Look!
[Juh: Has he already set it?] Now it’s your turn! Go! Gosh! rsrs [Juh: That’s a pyramid!] [Juh: And that’s a cube!] It has a hole in the middle of your pyramid! [Juh it’s because Naruto destroyed it with a Rasengan] Oh…I see! kkk (On Stage: The most beautiful nerd Contest)
[Presenter: Unfortunately we’ll have to take two more girls off the stage.] [Presenter: You will help us choose who will stay and who will leave!] [Presenter: So…Number 1…applause?] [Presenter: Applause for Number 2!] [Presenter: The fans liked her!] [Presenter: You can tell me how much you paid for them … because sometimes I need to do a show and so I can call them! ] We’re going now to the food court! Finally! If I find something nice to eat I’ll show you … but I’ve already had lunch! But… I want to buy some different candy or some drink…then show for you! Look! This is a good option to buy! Look at that churro full of Nutella! [ Juh: That caught the my attention!] OMGGG! :O Musical Stage I don’t know if you can hear me … but I’m going to take off the Cosplay! because I want to eat and film more things! It’s playing the music of the Pokémon! Uhuu! Now I stopped to eat … but in fact I didn’t buy something different! I’m just eating…. French fries! [Juh: And the hot dog is gone!] and the hot dog … but Juh already ate it! as we already had lunch we prefer to buy something smaller to eat now! Maybe we’ll buy a churro! Do you want a churro? Churro! Churro! *-* and after I finish the fries I might as well buy a Bubble Mupy … Something like that…that’s a drink! And then I’ll show for you! I bought the drink I said Look how cool the little balls! I chose grape … that is, the taste of Mupy is grape and these balls taste like yogurt! I’ve tried it, it’s really tasty! The balls explode in the mouth, with yogurt flavor! It cost R$ 10.00 ( about $ 2,70) The price is good as I have seen in other events for $ 12-15 (about $ 3,20 – 4,00) And that’s good! We’re leaving the event now! Leaving the first day of the event! And as I said, tomorrow I’m going back with my Blair cosplay! And if I find anything else interesting I’ll also film! I’ll add to this video too! I can also film something that I’ll eat and my cosplay, but much less than today! So…I’m going home! Hi! Good morning people! Today is Sunday! I woke up and I’ll start producing myself for Blair’s Cosplay! Because I’m going to the Up!ABC! again! Today I’m not going to show me making up and dressing up … maybe just Blair’s final outfit! Not to spend too much time of the video! Then I’ll record more things there at the event! Let’s go! I finished to change! I’m already with Blair cosplay! I mean … I still have to put on my hat and gloves, but I’m practically ready! Juh is with the Naruto cosplay! [Juh: Dattebayo!] Now we’re going to the event … I mean, first we’re going to go in a park Because my mother wants to see some things. but then we’ll go to the event! Arriving there I try to shoot more things! We arrived at the event! now I’m going to walk and look for fun things to shoot! Artists Alley Games Area – Gamix Hey guys! I already took out the Blair Cosplay I’m leaving already …. I’ll just finish drinking this Bubble Mupy I bought again Now it’s getting dark, I think it’s past 5:30 pm. So we’re leaving soon … but I just wanted to say goodbye! Say that I hope you have enjoyed the video Thank you for watching! And I see you in my next video!

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