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guys look how cute my little plant is on
my kitchen penne waves welcome back to my channel guys I had a rough night
I’m not gonna lie I just did not sleep but I woke up it like for something I
was telling you guys I haven’t like styled my hair in like the longest time
I feel like I’ve been so lazy with my hair and then I’m like you know what
tomorrow I’m just gonna quickly go through and like wave it so I just used
the nume wand that comes with like the different heads I think the one I have
on is the 1 inch no I think it’s like one and a half but I just kind of wave
it in different directions so it’s kind of the key to get these very like
natural beachy waves so speaking of beachy y’all in this vlog I’m gonna talk
about where I’m traveling to next which I’m so excited about it’s been such a
long time coming where this place is like just been in my head it’s gonna
happen y’all I’m gonna mention that a little bit later okay watch yourself if
you guys are not following by the way it is at Steph she Macedo make sure you
guys follow your girl if you guys are brand new to my channel welcome make
sure you guys subscribe and also click that little belt right next to the
notification bell I know some of you don’t get notified even when you click
that I really hope that YouTube fixes that like it’s been a while since that’s
been happening and I still get messages like I don’t get notified maybe like
undo it and then do it again and see if that works and by the way I always
mentioned my brand new live video is on my IG story I’m kind of in the mood to
do like a little bit of an at-home workout I just want something that like
stretches on my body and it just makes me feel good
honestly I feel like I’m starting to get back into loving it you just have to
pull yourself back if it’s important to you and it is super important to me to
get back to that because I realized you guys after one day of going to the gym
my bloated area like right in the front of my tummy is so much better okay and I
was on my cycle that’s like when I’m my biggest like I’m huge in that area
during that time and I was like wow it really really does something like
working out just does so many things not just for your figure it’s for your body
too and I notice it and I’ve noticed it prior before like whatever I do in this
one you guys can add it to your next routine at the gym or your next routine
at your home workout whatever it is I got a whole box when she is
and I’m actually waiting for a misguided order that’s coming so i’ma show y’all
watch yourself maybe we’ll go through that after and I really need to do
groceries too so that’s gonna be like a new vlog coming up I feel like I’m gonna
take you guys with me okay baby I brought my yoga mat I actually want to
get into yoga to be honest with you I think it’s gonna be really nice and
calming and Lord knows I need some calming in my life because I’m always
anxious all the time first thing I love love love to do is stretching you guys
so we’re just gonna do some stretching this foot and going right underneath and
it’s gonna stretch your butt area over here at the back also your hands gonna
push down on and just let this part of your body like fall down into it it’s so
so good you guys are doing this with me I like to hold each of them for about
eight to ten seconds I also just love this stretch I love working out with no
shoes on honestly I wish I can do it at the gym it’s actually harder to bring
both arms over like this now you can feel all of this being stretched oh
whatever it is that you have time before it just matters what you’re actually
doing something I’m already sweating and I’m just stretching with I’m not even
joking you I’m sweating meet your legs at the back like that almost like a
butterfly like this part of your body fall down stretch up like this I’m kind
of doing you already okay so I want to try this workout I always see people
doing it and you can honestly do this without weight that fits too hard for
you supposed to bring one of your arms up and the opposite leg up and then this
one so little bit hard if you’re not good about it
I want to try it now with the 10-pound weight Oh Lord Jesus okay now that is a workout I just worked
on my arms yesterday so they’re like really really really weak pull up and
come down slowly don’t have to rush it you want to actually feel that
resistance this actually feels really good you can actually bring it out first
and then bring it up back in bring it up like this this kind of sure remove a lot
of your back plank paint we’re gonna hold our plane for as long as you can
make sure your body is level and straight as I’m gonna to be honest it’s
all in her head you just have to like telling yourself you’re gonna make it
through it it’s so good for your abs too I felt some though I obviously noticed
such a huge difference in my back when I do that workout and it’s really good for
your stomach area as well your abs it’s really like strengthening sometimes what
helps with this is to hold on to something that has weight so that it
helps you stay down but I do it is all raw a heavy weight
for this put it behind me and hold on to it like this and it helps from this part
of your body not kind of coming up so in this case I’m just gonna hold on to
these guys so you’re just going to lift and down try not to go all the way to
the floor and make sure the abs are nice and tight or you can also do these Bend
and then kind of straight up a little bit
and make sure this is really nice and tight I love this stretch too even if I
have shoes on I’d like to just grab my feet pull this part of my body upward so
I can feel the stretch in my back and make sure these guys are not like up
there push down so that you can feel them stretching too and just breathe I
feel like it’s a really good meditation too if you guys have anxiety or
depression or you’re just constantly stressed out and you feel like you just
have so much going on and need to release
I feel like stretching is such a good form of meditation for me because
sometimes it’s hard for me to just sit down and just let go of everything and
just sit still so I still need to sometimes be doing something and
stretching for me especially the breathing is really healing if I feel
very anxious that day these workouts are gonna be super super helpful Cathie’s oh
my god okay so these are from she in like look how fat these are I knew I had
to have them so I got these in my shoe size seven I’m gonna try everything on
for you guys I feel like it’s just much more easy to explain and show you and
look Oh fab this is like oh my god I cannot look at these two together and
then I’ll show you guys what I got from urban a planet so these jeans are not
from them you guys I actually just ripped them all up my forever 21 jeans
and these are the runners from them you guys look how cute they look and they’re
so comfortable because they have like that really high platform kind of base
at the bottom then I have this kind of leg cardigan slash sweater piece from
them I believe this one was a small but some
of them don’t have these sizing on them you guys so I will definitely leave it
down below how cute is that though you guys all these pieces are also really
good for like the school year it just has this like ribbed detail these
buttons you can undo them as well if you want to really nice and stretchy again
I’ll let you guys know what size I got down below but it’s really nice and soft
you guys and goes so super cute with jeans and I also had a coupon code for
my babes like watch yourself nice this top is so much fun I got this Metallica
graphics here I am kind of obsessed with graphic tees right now I’m not
a lie look how cute it is and I’m wearing it with a little handbag look
how cute this little cutie is and it also has like this croc skin sort of
detail to it and silver hardware oh my god you guys I’ve been wanting this bag
for like the longest time it’s just so fast I love it and I always just like to
tuck in like a long graphic tee on the side kind of just styles it a little bit
more I’m not even gonna mention the sizes I’ll leave them down below for you
guys all right y’all here’s another one
wanted to hang it down so I can show you guys how long it goes I just look what
happens when you tuck it in like watch yourself
it just styles it it makes it so feminine this one says wild and free
what does it say at the bottom reckless I don’t have my glasses on right now I
think I might do a graphic tee today and then maybe I’ll do like a belt or
something this one is really nice and soft to you guys and it kind of has this
more like relaxed leave a little bit more of an oversized look funny enough
this is a small you guys so it is very kind of like oversized and baggy but I
just love it they have like a bunch of these to be honest with you but these
are the ones that kind of like stood out to me the most so I actually bought a
ton of black sweaters you guys but you can never have enough black sweater so
so this one is sort of like a shorter cropped version of a sweater it has that
like fuzzy sort of feeling to it I don’t know if you guys can tell so it kind of
hits you by your wrist over there has a little bit of a v-neck but it’s a little
bit softer but has that like fuzzy kind of really soft and comfortable feeling
to it I like wearing short sweaters like these with high-waisted jeans when I
don’t feel like having them too oversized or going too low or anything
and I love this length I love that you guys can also dress this up too cozy
black sweater that you guys can use and it’s like perfect for fall back to
school you guys can also wear this with joggers so this one is a little bit
different but kind of similar in a way just because this one is also a fuzzy
sweater you guys can see they’re super fuzzy really nice and comfortable but
kind of goes higher up on the neckline so definitely really really turtleneck
with this one one it kind of comes down a little bit more by my hip I’m five
foot one for those who don’t know and again really really great for
back-to-school but just has this really high kind of
turtleneck it’s so soft I wish you guys could feel it it’s just so super fuzzy
also has the fuzzy kind of feeling on the inside a little bit to key this one
is a fuzzy kind of teddy sort of sweater and it also just a turtleneck I actually
got this from them in two different colors last year and I really loved it
it is your most like ultimate cozy like you’re gonna want to cozy up with this
at home pairing it with the running shows you guys cuz I felt like it’s so
super cute with it designer look without having to pay for
it I like having these more affordable sneakers because then I get to have like
ten of them instead of like paying $300 for just one of them as my hair always
ends up being like a disaster up here every time I’m like switching the
sweaters so this one here is a turtleneck as well it’s a crop sweater
and it’s more of a knit this one is more of this knit sort of detail like this
and it’s just a really basic basic sweater I love this with a pair of
high-waisted jeans and my stomach is not tan right now I wish it was like the top
of my body but it’s not I was never a fan of wearing black clothing until I
kind of went lighter and now I’m like obsessed so this one guy is a nude rib
top it also has this button detail so it has this button detail on the sleeves
and look at this color it is like seriously everything this is the
neckline just goes a little bit high also has this ribbed detail on it really
nice and stretchy I’ll show you guys more of a close-up
it’s so cute you guys and the material is really nice and comfortable and soft
too so these are really popular – you guys are like cardigan slash sweaters I
feel and it has like a v-neck this is very similar to the first one I showed
you guys but it was in in the beige color this one’s a little bit more thick
very comfortable as well I want to show you guys like the quality of it it’s
just really really nice these button so the cutest thing ever but it’s just
really basic really plain and again looks super cute with jeans the sneakers
as well you guys the sweater legit has me written all over it look at this
color with these shoes I cannot again you can also tuck this in
like that just to give it a little bit more of a flare but it’s so nice you
guys look at the color of this water has like this kind of like two-tone thing
going on high turtleneck which I love because I always mentioned I love when
my neck is covered up as soon as it’s cold quality is just amazing I’m clean
and yet it’s just so so so affordable this was just a really basic white knit
sweater it’s so cute look at this neckline like it’s so adorable it’s
actually not that thick so this is actually perfect for when it’s starting
to get a little bit chilly looks so cute with the shoes you guys honestly I love
a good white sweater mice and sweaters and black like you can just never go
wrong with those colors it’s just very free very stretchy as well gives you a
ton of room even on the arms gives me room to know it’s not the last piece one
more piece left it is a basic black cardigan like
everybody needs one of these and look how super cute looks with the white you
guys don’t have one you must get one really basic knit that’s a close-up of
it you guys tend to like drop it down on my shoulder like that it just styles it
a little bit more but this is definitely a must-have and sometimes I go up one or
two sizes in my cardigans because I know I’m gonna be kind of layering it with
sweaters do you guys like my kitchen full of clothing need to do my makeup so
that I do not look like I did not get sleep last night that’s what I need to
do anyways if you guys want to shop any of these pieces I’ll leave them down
below for you guys of course and I’ll leave like I always like to leave a
description since there’s a lot of these like black sweaters so I’ll be sure to
be really really kind of helpful with that and I also have a coupon code so
you guys will save 15% off with your order when she ends so make sure you
guys use that as well so that you guys can save a little bit of money so I
think I want to go out and finish editing my pantry video which is now
live on the channel and it’s so cool every time I’m like vlogging I’m like
but that’s gonna be up by the time they see this I’m so happy with my pantry if
you guys have not watched that video make sure you guys go check it out I
show you guys how I organized it what I kind of used all the containers little
kind of organization ideas and my next video is gonna be my spice cover in my
like coffee cupboard so I’m still finalizing those little details you guys
told me in my last vlog that I said paella wrong I am so sorry to all my
Latinas out there embarrassing okay so I can’t be doing
that to my Latinas or edges I just can’t be doing that my whole entire life I
thought it was paella but let’s not pronounce the elves now I really am I
should have said bye yeah I should have known better but yeah I’m going to go to
luck I don’t eat that at square one with her and I’ve never been to that location
I’ve only been to the one in Toronto hey love cafes you guys if you love like any
certain ones in the GTA let me know because I love just sitting down having
a latte it’s just I don’t know I just really it’s the most like relaxing
beautiful thing you guys I forgot to show you this is what I got from urban
planet like look how fab these shorts are maybe I’ll try these on for you guys
later just because I’m already in my outfit right now but I got these ones on
a size seven and typically I’m like a five seven with them these are very
stretchy as well but like look at these ribs and the color of these shorts are
just to die for and I got these for such a good price I think there were like $14
they always have a ton of sales going on I’ll link them for you guys but they
definitely do have stretch to them it also got this top it says California and
it also has Hollywood right over here I love this contrast of this pink and then
this really like burnt orange yellow color this is how long it goes on me by
the way I got a large I could have even gotten like an extra-large because I
wanted a really big fit looks so cute with these jeans I cannot I’ll leave a
link down below for you guys I don’t know why I got a California shirt it’s
not like I’m going to California or anything
watch it though only got two things from urban planners so this is like the last
thing this is my final look before I go out I kind of switched to my black jeans
instead what I really want you guys are black jeans but that are a little washed
kind of like the bottoms there and I have some rips in them I don’t have that
but yeah I’m about to head out right now and I’ll see you guys later
Boldin that we’re going to LA I don’t know what be honest but remember
I was telling the Olympus I would do it on the truck no but me and Kat first
need some Advil because we have some big-ass headache sore now guys we’re
gonna have something at this happy okay what should we have all ready to go oh
yeah okay I just got home my candle is going but I’m with my friend and we’re
like oh my god it is officially starting to get cold now I’m in my super cozy
sweater oh my god I showed you guys the sweater in my Urban Outfitters video
it’s like a back-to-school video is so cozy and it’s like my favorite thing
from that entire haul that I did make sure you guys watch my recent vlogs they
have actually four new recipes three or four new recipes in there and if you
guys missed my latest what I eat in a day it make sure you guys watch it oh
god you guys I almost forgot to tell you where I’m traveling to I almost did my
outro and I’m like oh my god I didn’t tell them we’re going out drum roll
please okay forget the drum roll interesting
steps next stop LA I’m coming to Los Angeles California California
I loved that show oh my god please tell me you guys watch The OC yes
you guys I’m coming to LA I am so stoked like my god Stoke stuff well I’m so
excited I’m so stoked why tis not so short it’s the longest fight I’ve ever
been on I used to be a little bit more excited
being on planes like when I was younger but now I get a little bit more anxiety
like not a lot I still love it and I love being at the airport like why just
like 5 hours and 40 minutes and I’m a little bit claustrophobic I just hope I
don’t feel like that I mean I don’t really feel claustrophobic on a plane
but maybe it’s because I’ve never done a long flight I need you guys to help me
all of my Cali girls you guys are my like number one audience by the way I
love you guys so so so much I still love my New York babes and all of my other
babes like watch yourself but I need all of your suggestions whether you guys are
from LA you guys of course are gonna know like the top spots and you guys
know me you guys know what I kind of like my personality things that I would
love to see please let me know your suggestions down below and then all I
can kind of like look them up and kind of make a little itinerary I don’t like
to be too like ok at two o’clock we’re gonna be here and for know I don’t like
to be like that but just like my New York trip I want to pack as much as I
can I know you guys are gonna let me know the best places to visit so let me
know all of your suggestions down below and let me know if you guys are excited
for me to go I’m so excited I am like so corny so anywhere I go I have to like
match the style so I want to be like super LA when I go there and that’s how
I’m styling my luggage like watch yourself rip like jeans like graphic
tees I thought that black belt or watch yourself of course I’ll be bringing you
guys with me I’ll be showing it on IG story of course like and I’ll be having
outfit photos watch yourself I’ll make sure to get my airport photo
because I’ve always wanted to go to LAX and oh my god I’m finally gonna go to
LAX like I don’t know it just seems like for you guys is probably not a big deal
but if you’re from where I’m from because you know like its LAX for God’s
sake like if you guys enjoyed this vlog don’t forget to give it a big thumbs up
and also if you guys want to shop any of those she and I don’t think sure you
guys do down below in the description box along with my coupon codes that you
guys can save some money subscribe to my channel and also click
that notification bow so that you guys can notified for all of my brand new
videos thank you guys so much for watching I love you guys so so much and
I will see all of my beautiful babes in my next video

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  1. omg i JUST got back home to mississauga from LA! if you’re flying with air canada, make sure you book night flights because the planes are so much bigger and nicer than the day planes, it makes for a much more comfortable flight

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