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Vlog #1 Valentine’s in Yellowstone National Park- Bozeman MT

this is flight number two and I still
have no clue where we’re headed what’s up guys um so we took couple of
days of work here to do a little bit of traveling in as I mentioned before in
some of my posts alex is doing all the planning so for the first time I’m going
somewhere where I have no clue where we’re going what we’re doing destination
and we left Phoenix early in the morning first flight here to Las Vegas and then
we have another flight to catch I am sitting there by the gate but I
have no clue where we’re going in so just trying to stitch together a couple
of clues and see if I can figure out house before it’s obvious we are
apparently going to hose me I’ve no clue without this really make headphones
really really good he was trying to figure out where we go right now she’s convinced that we’re
going it’s really cool I love this Airport
with the feel of a lodge all the woods really cool and the fire my fire we go downstairs I
gonna put my sweatshirt on CC up soon we are waiting for our uber ride to get
to enterprise and I’m sleepy and sleep as much less sure they probably see it
in my eyes yeah so the same they’re just having
some Korea cruise what this is supposed to be a little Korean Parisian so and
make you very happy so this is a you know just like the name
of the restaurant and yes the owner yeah she’s very nice very energetic and we
really enjoying the onion sphere and the food you know amazing yes you would be
so happy yeah we are going to be you know YouTube
yeah yeah well that’d be cool very nice yeah yeah trekking pals yeah so we’ve
got some chicken dumpling that way they don’t that’s you chicken teriyaki don’t really TC yeah
very a very good presentation I mean and everybody’s been just
marveling about the flavors are really good I’m excited for my seafood soup looks really good so you give you it’s
not good tasty and delicious everybody else thank
you thank you we’re going crazy we are so full right
now that’s out what dude I really feel like I’m gonna fall for the proud
citizens of Genovia I think the carrot cake like icing was
always when it had to be the most enticing there wasn’t actually a place is just
cowboy driving but with Honda spoon we saw a couple of them earlier just stop

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  1. For this Valentine's weekend, Alex put together a unique adventure for us. It was my first time going somewhere without knowing where we are headed, why and when 😀 In this vlog we share with you our adventure to get to Gardner, MT where our adventure began. Stay tuned for the next one

  2. Hi Habiba. I enjoyed the video. Learned a lot from your travel editing style. I particularly enjoyed the audio. It sounded clean even though you were on the move. I appreciate you sharing your Filmmaking and photography gear!

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