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Vir The Robot Boy | Hindi Cartoon For Kids | Coconuts attack | Animated Series| Wow Kidz

Vir, how are you planning to travel? Grandpa they have an international safari, Chulbul. Haha!! They will sit on the donkey show him the carrot and he will take them to the lake side. Haha!! Grandpa don’t worry we will manage. Ok enjoy. When he bully’s me, I don’t mind but when he bully’s my friends I dislike it completely. Come on lets teach him a lesson. Ok, this is gonna be lot of fun. Imli we are not going to share our donkey’s secret with Bunty. Which secret? That when one kisses on the donkey’s head , the head turns into steering and legs get the wheels. And if you kick like scooter , it starts running like one. This can be used like scooters. Oh yes, I had read somewhere, thank God Bunty isn’t here to know this secret, now lets go for our picnic. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum Keki, Feki I will share a secret and show you that even a donkey can turn in car or scooter and can run fast. All the hair’s in my mouth. His head will have the steering and legs with wheels. Haha!! You will make me scooter, wait I will make you an aeroplane. Mummy!! Hahaha!! I feel like having coconut water , I will drop one coconut right away. Oh my leg!! I wish the coconut had come down by itself . I would have had lots of water then. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum. All the coconuts from the tree come by itself in front of Chulbul now. Wow! Vir look all the coconuts are coming down by itself. He is gonna cut our friends, coconuts attack!! What am I doing here? Gintu don’t disaapear after making these coconuts from your magic. Who are you? Come I will tell you. Gintu stop them, they are running away. Agadam, bagadam, aalam, phaalam, ikadam, tikadam, dum, dumadum. Hey stop!! They are made from my magic , that is the reason my magic spell will not work on them. Come on lets catch them. What is this happening? Help!! Hey this never happen’s in our town. What are you doing? Make a way. My car!! They are taking away my scooter. My scooter!! Robo boy help!! Gintu do something, catch them. Even I’ll try. Stop!! What is this? Run! Friends party is over. Coconut’s attack!! Vir!! Imli, where is Gintu? Tell him to spell some magic to correct these. My lasers are not working on them at all. Look friends go back to your trees or else I will get angry Where am I? Who am I? Hey my lord, what to do about him, when will this stop. Coconut’s attack!!! Vir they gonna come back again, find a permanent solution for this. Gintu said they have to realize themselves to return then only the magic spell will work on them. What are you trying to say? Do something like, they realize and return back to the trees. Oh Chulbul where are the coconuts? You got me to eat the fast food and there Vir is alone fighting with them. Very good , lets go now. Soldiers surround this boy from all sides and together attack him. Yes sir!! Imli go away or else you will hurt yourself. I am going but remember one thing these coconuts are behaving like an army. Once Gintu comes things can be corrected. Hope this works out. Gintu, listen. Friend’s we will not giveup, coconut’s attack!! Stop, pared stop, salute. I am a leader of all coconuts, the moment I got to know about you all, I reached here dropping everything. Good job done, you all have fought very well , the boy left and went away, you win. You all must be very tried, go home and rest. I hope you all need to rest, don’t you? Yes!! They all are ready to go home. Send them back. Ok. Agadam bagadam aalam phaalam ikadam tikadam dum dumadum Imli thank you for such a brilliant idea. Chulbul never tell that you want the coconuts down. I am very happy eating carrots , coconut water was too expensive affair.

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