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Vaida Padimanskaite • Long Jump 2020 Lithuanian Indoor Champion

Hello my Friends I’m your Global Friend Icon Mike And we gonna watch the individual performance of Vaida Padimanskaite in Long Jump At 2020 Lithuanian Indoor Championships This was her First
Attempt And was Void Let’s go now to see her Second Attempt Vaida Padimanskaite that in indoor Have Personal and Season Best 5.95 meters 5.99 meters is her Personal Best in Outdoor Her Second Attempt was also Void This is her Third Attempt The White Flag is Up! It’s a valid jump at 5.78 meters From High angle we watch her Fourth Attempt The Red Flag is up it’s a Void Jump Vaida she don’t try for a Fifth Attempt She go direct to the Sixth So, Let’s see her at her Sixth and Last Attempt The White Flag is up It’s a Valid Jump at 6.11 meters It’s a New Personal Best for Vaida Padimanskaite She Win the First Place at the Competition of Long Jump and she is the… 2020 LITHUANIAN INDOOR CHAMPION! Bye! Bye!

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