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Update 30 Explained! What are the Top 6 Features? | Modern Combat 5

hello habibis, hope all of you are doing
great so update 30 has been released for all platforms last night and here is a
short yet a very simplified overview of the recent update we’re going to have
a look at six key features of this new update so without any further due let’s
get into it [Music] before starting I request you to please
subscribe our channel as I need a little help to reach 1000 subscriber mark now coming back to video on first we have the introduction of voice feature so Team in
multi-player will now be able to communicate with their teammates but
this feature is still pending because it’s still going through some final
testing and as per community manager it will get released before update 31
so you need to wait for it a little bit On number two we have one of the most
lethal looking new armor and it’s the only tier 3 armor in-game which
allows you to use three cores so you can use 2 universal cores on it as well as
one utility core. Ultimately this armor is gonna do exceptionally well in ESL
tournaments provided it’s not restricted to use in ESL tournaments On number 3, we have an improved version of battle royale beta
so now you can make custom battle royale with maximum of 60 players in one map.
Additionally, I would like to inform you guys that we are soon going to arrange a
battle royale event so feel free to join us on discord
and make sure to invite your friends as well. You will have a chance to win sweet
giveaways and in addition to that I will make a good quality video featuring all
of you guys participating in event so get down in description and join us on
discord for further information. On number 4, it’s the balancing of marauder
so all the weapons of Marauder class have been nerfed by 25% and accuracy is
being decreased a little as well but quite honestly I think this nerfing will
make prestige Hansel&Gretal and Tier-6 Rokk weapon a bit more
overpowered as they now will be shooting for a little longer giving them more time to
acquire their target. On number 5, there is a new news feed and it’s going to pop up every
time you will restart your game, this will allow you to keep yourself updated with
new content by content creators and eSport tournaments as well.
Additionally you will also be getting updates from Gameloft regarding future
updates in the news section. On number 6, we are seeing some weapons getting
buffed so Tier-7 assault class weapon and Prestige tracker class weapon are
slightly getting buffed and also the Sapper turrets are getting a significant
buff but I’m sure most of you are not interested in numbers so I won’t discuss
the numbers here but if you want to know the exact stats of turrets and other
weapons after the update then I have added a link in description which leads
to official Patch Notes and that’s everything you needed to know about
update 30 I hope everything was understandable if not then please let us
know your inquiries in comment section below and if you like the quality of
content then please support us by subscribing the channel and that’s all
for now I hope you liked the video and see you habibis in the next video
ok thanks bye [Music] [Music]

Reader Comments

  1. I apologize for being inactive in last few days as I have been dealing with some sort of mess. But everything should be good to go now so stay tuned for new videos! ๐Ÿ˜Š

  2. Registration for Battle Royale Event will start this weekend, 7th September. Join us on discord to register yourself, Link is provided in description…

  3. Did they Buff PR39 ? its ROF is 700+ but still feels like it has less ROF than Bosk which has just 600+ ROF , maybe its just coz of the diff btwn 2 wpn's sound ๐Ÿ˜›

  4. Nice video bro. I play mc5 on android and I've seen something very suspicious. This happened to me in 3 games. There was a player who was respawning instantly after dying. It wasn't the undying core. Because he was deploying at the exact same location instantly after dying. I think this is some sort of glitch. What do you think?

  5. Vice and dreadeye becomes more weak as compared to previous version.Now marauders are becoming invincible day by day.Its very hard to kill them now.I think they have nerfed these guns for the marauders for more power.Very bad ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ ๐Ÿ˜ 

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