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Universal’s Volcano Bay Water Park Has An Opening Date! Media Event Details | #OIPodcast

And we’re onto our next topic! And our next topic is a pretty huge, huge announcement here. I’m trying to bring up my volcano bay clips, sorry. And that is Volcano Bay! We finally have an announcement date! Sorry, Taylor. What was that? Sorry in the video it echoes “bay”. So I was echoing bay. I don’t think there’s one transition that I’ve tried to do that is going well that Taylor doesn’t interrupt. okay bae its opening that make 25th there’s a media event that Orlando informer will be covering from a 20-second 220 steps so lots of big nutella Taylor tell us what you know about this media event will be expected already kind of know everything that’s happening in volcano bay and I believe you had some first-hand account of how close we are the progress that has been being made on volcano day absofruitly so yeah so they just sent out the invite yesterday which are now the grand opening and compliments later visually said tell us that make life it’s the grand opening which is a little early and they’re telling people to buy tickets and one interesting thing is the tickets they’re telling people to buy aren’t valid until june first time I don’t really know how i’m assuming they’re gonna open up with tickets a couple days early so like if you if you bought taking a college in first i’ll be balanced make choices but rather right now small print social commerce but yeah so what we know is that the media event will be from a 20-second to the 25th and the only details they’ve given for this event is a but there’s gonna be a special evening event on May twenty-fourth it sounds like that’s going to be closed to the public on May twenty-fifth there’s going to be a spectacular grand opening celebration that would be open to the park to the public and some fashion so i’m assuming to get close to wherever the celebration going to be you’re not gonna be able to unless you know you’re advised guests but i think the public should be able to get in beginning at 10am that day another related note is they just released the park hours for choosing for Vulcan obey and it opens at ten everyday then the closing times range from not 829 almost every night is nine or ten very few you this yeah can you compare that to the operating hours of to theme parks to the same time period yeah I don’t have that ready because I didn’t know you were going to ask that but yeah absolutely i will go there while I talk so uh the other things that they mentioned for the invite is that there will be special access to experience volcano bay interview opportunities with creative mind you probably incredibly immersive water theme park and that’s all we know it seems like a very long media event for a relatively small water park because there be more things to this media event that we’re not aware of you yeah i think it’s possible it’s definitely a huge media that is the one I’ve been most excited for I’m absolutely pumped for this media that I think volcano baby really really cool I you so usually when they have a huge media event like this like one diagonally open obviously you get a some media that are normally they’re so you know national media and you’re really big players so i wouldn’t be surprised if they decide to have kind of like a a state of the union for lack of a better kind of way to put it and kind of you know over you was coming maybe talk about Nintendo a little bit because four days you gotta think they’re going to take advantage of you know having everybody there i think they’re gonna have their having a long media preview of that because we’re trying to reel of the opening of candor the world avatar as much as possible lowering kit well doesn’t world that helps do you think they’ll put a whole lot more emphasis on and maybe have a TV special disney is known for doing things like that you think they’ll go that far out for volcano bay I wonder would be special yes I’m sort of accident yeah Chuck says you do think the today show tonight you’re gonna be there I don’t do tonight show will be there i think the tonight show preview it when they come for the april six opening of Jimmy balance something will see a good-looking but cannot be on the show but as far as them being there I don’t think so but I do think the today show that might probably be there have probably been trying really hard not to kind of integrate more the NBC and universal properties together and really show people in many different people as possible to the resort mobile spectacular new things that have opening up yeah that’s just to get a great just broadly reaching saying to I mean who doesn’t like a water park for the most part it’s not just harry potter or something like that this reaches kind of everybody who enjoys things like that water is life so comparing the comparing universal studios hours to volcano 28 hours they’re very similar there’s no 8pm closes in june for universal studios and there’s a couple a PM causes for a volcano bay but other than that means lots of mine and closes it not only real difference is volcano by everyday opens at ten whereas you know the other two parks open at nine okay thanks for the comparison and that’s and that’s just for a little clarification is that unusual for them to be open that late around the time i get a lot of crap universal times closing pretty early is that normal for that time of the year it’s pretty normal i guess by looking at it yeah this is about normal hours though with with universal is a lot more uniform than volcano volcano base always bites like 8pm 9pm 10pm but Universal Studios is basically 9pm for the first half of june and the second aspect of june is 10pm which is just about what’s normal for their part that month alright excellent definitely cannot wait until this opens I really wouldn’t just really cannot wait to see this like a walk-around of what everything in here and and then this park fully completed because all the renderings we’ve seen so far is absolutely incredible so definitely looking forward to your coverage Taylor on orlando and former so when that happens on my 22nd it seems so far away but it’s so so very close here’s I’ve stay tuned for that you have to hear this all into a live question and Jennifer not at all the questions are solid that’s not lunch eh let’s leave them all of your questions equaling Jennifer says so would early entry for volcano baby park opening time for an hour earlier in DVD opening got it be an hour early that’s a good point Bob so it will open at 9am everyday for on thank you no word in annual passholders be included by resume they will be so the annual pass that includes early entry then you can get in law so throughout be speaking you can go to silently for an hour if you’re not saying just a do 20 different things they’re hopping a bus into it with ok today for the first hour before open to yeah you need to be a little tight but yeah you definitely can do that I want to be someone trying to do it i’m not sure probably not that many but definitely cool thing you can do Anita says I told us under construction for volcano bay now are they connected in a way where you can enter from cabana Bay or is a whole different part works its own entrance where you have to leave the resort it is it’s a whole different park with own entrance but you’ll be able to very easily access it from cabana Bay and everywhere the resort cabana Bay is the easiest way to access it I would imagine anywhere else you’re gonna be taking a bus from the citywalk parking garage and belief you know be4 opportunity that’s really really cool way to get people in there yeah it’s interesting that they they made the pools and and water areas of cabana bay so incredible and amazing especially on that end of the resort that was the the end I stay at during orlando formers last meet up and it was very close and they had a really amazing like seems cool some it’s interesting that they went that deep when they’re going to have such easy access to this water park but still be really cool to just be able to walk over right from the resort & and hop right in there i’m speaking of on Sonia as oh I’m nothing like I’m sorry everytime everytime at how will this affect I just wanted to get this one out of the way because it’s a really really common question right now I how will this impact ap holders do they have an option upgrade yet they do not they haven’t said anything on their new redesigned website that’s going to be released her is released depending on you but it says having a move yeah basically it says to park annual passes now instead of annual passes so that kind of you know I think personally confirmed that your current annual pass will not work for volcano day which i don’t think it’s a surprise to many people but they haven’t really issued a and official confirmation on that and if you email of a lot of people emailed guest services and they kind of say that is kind of you know not answer don’t answer your question so it doesn’t sound like there’s official answer right now and if you can upgrade your annual pass to include volcano bay or how that work the only thing in my mind that I know for sure right now would be that I don’t think your current is going to include a little bit surprised because name

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