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UNH Faculty Messages to Students: Spring 2020

Hi, Wildcats! I’m Professor Cris Beamer,
and this is Daphne. And she’s the only good thing
about being able to stay home. We miss you. But we know you’ve got this. Welcome back to your classes. Hi, UNH students. I want to welcome you back
to the rest of your spring semester. I know this is not
how we wanted to spend the rest of the semester. However, please know this. We’ve got your back. I want to make sure you know
how deeply we care about you. We hope you’re
happy and healthy, and we want to see
you back very soon. Hoping you’re safe
and well, and I’ll be chatting with
you online soon. I wish I had something cool
and creative I could tell you. Just know that the
best part of my job is getting to work
with my students. I’m here with my
new intern, Nero, and here’s a big virtual
hug for all of you. I do want to take a
moment to remind you that scholarship often
happens under unfavorable circumstances. Perhaps it’s parallel for us,
stuck as we all are at home, is Galileo, who was under
house arrest for 10 years. He wrote his discourses
on two new sciences then. Just because we’re
all separated, just because we’re all
working under a cloud, doesn’t mean we
can’t do good work. This is the semester
to be creative. We’re going to do
things together this semester that we
didn’t know we could do. Go Wildcats! As the head of WHO said
today, physical distancing doesn’t mean social distancing. We’re here for you. We do have an excellent
team in place that’s ready to support our students. We’ve got this. When you’re worried,
beauty helps. Here are a few
beautiful paintings by Cezanne and Van Gogh. I know things are
really hard right now, and they’re a little scary, too. But I believe that when
we all work together, there’s nothing we can’t do. If we remember to be kind,
compassionate, and patient with each other,
we will persevere. You underestimate
the power of Zoom. Let’s walk together,
hand-in-hand, albeit virtually hand-in-hand, and we’ll move
into this new world together. You have survived every hard,
difficult, sad, frustrating, downright bad day of
your life thus far. No matter how hard
it gets, we will all get through this together. Stay strong, and
be well, friends. Hi, it’s me. [INAUDIBLE] I don’t know where
they have me, but I think I’m locked in a
house with my kids. I’m hearing great
reports about things that are going on out there. Faculty, staff, and students
embracing the challenges. Keep up the good work. Proud to be a Wildcat. Somebody’s coming. Godspeed.

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