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– It’s so humid in here. – (laughing) The air is so hot. – I’m getting claustrophobic. I gotta get out of here. – Here take the camera.
– (laughing) Okay. Go, go push down. Ugh, push down. Standing up version Carl? That’s not how it’s supposed to be used. (energetic music) – Welcome home. You guys are here on the Carl
and Jinger family channel. We just did an awesome challenge
where we made some chairs try to float on the swimming pool to see who is the last to sink and Jinger, I don’t know. You totally smoked me on that one. That was really awesome. But it gave us a great idea. When this one flipped over, check this out. When Jinger flipped this
thing over in the last video, you can totally go under
water like a submarine. Look at this. She can walk around and
everything like that. And so we totally also,
inadvertently built an under water breathing device. Look at this. Jinger, I’m gonna pass you the camera and see what it looks like inside. – You guys, we are inside
our accidental under water breathing device and guess what? I think that if we hold
down on the tupperware, I think we would still have a bubble inside of this tupperware. – [Carl] Look at this guys, it’s like a total under
water breathing device. It’s like a big scuba helmet, kind of steaming up in
there but you can see her walking around there. Isn’t that awesome? It’s like a huge contained
helmet with an air pocket inside. – I really want Carl to come
in here and see if we can pull it down under water and
be able to breathe in here. It’s so weird because the sun comes in and I think it reflects
off the water droplets and makes it super warm in here. So you couldn’t stay in here very long but I still really want to try it. Carl, you should come in here. Whoa!
– Whoa! – [Jinger] This is crazy right? – It’s kind of echoey here, let’s get some more oxygen inside. (breathes heavy) There we go. – [Jinger] Okay, do you
want to try to go under? – Should we try to go under or should we try to see if we
can swim over to the deep end and just hang on to the sides? – [Jinger] Oh, let’s do that. – Should we try it? – [Jinger] Yeah, yeah, yeah. – Okay, hang on, I’m gonna go back out. I’ll set up the other
camera so if it gets crazy we can catch it all. – [Jinger] Okay. – All right, we’re all set up guys. Let’s see if we can do this. We’re gonna go over to the deep end. We’re gonna see if we can swim around without hanging on to the side. It’s gonna be crazy. Here, I’m coming in. Ready? – [Jinger] Yeah, I’m ready. – All right, let’s go. (upbeat music) (Jinger laughing) – It’s really awesome, it’s like swimming
inside a moon pool right? – Yeah, totally.
– Like I know what it must be like in a submarine, here let’s see. Wow, it kinda smells funny. It smells like funny in here.
– It heats it up like a greenhouse. – Right, I’ll get on this side with you. And then we can pull ourselves forward.
– It’s like tandem swimming. You know, like those bicycles. You can even see where you’re going guys. Look.
(laughing) This is so great, I feel
like I can’t breathe. I can’t breathe. Seriously, I can’t breathe. (laughing) – Just swim. – [Carl] I can’t. – Oh my gosh. Okay, this is so weird. – It’s so humid in here. – The air is so hot. – We’re getting claustrophobic. – [Jinger] I can’t reach yet. – Where’s the bottom?
– I can’t touch. – Okay, I gotta get outta here. Here, take the camera. – (laughing) Okay, you’re crazy. – Where even are we? – You don’t need to know
where we are in the pool, I still can’t touch the bottom. – Okay, I think the next
test that we need to do is to see how strong
you have to pull to try and go under the water with it. – [Jinger] Yes, yes, let’s try it. – I put this much air
in these many floaties and these giant legos. – [Jinger] Probably really hard right? – Way more than I’m gonna
be able to just like, grr and pull down, right. Let’s see what can happen.
– Maybe if you go inside then I can push
down from the outside. – Right, let’s try it. This is so safe. – [Jinger] (laughing)
There’s so much air in there. You’re fine. Ready, one, two, three, go. Oh whoa! – [Carl] Wait, wait, wait, wait. – Whoa, that was not right. – That’s not what I meant to do, wait. Okay, hang on let me try this again. I gotta get more centered. I just kinda rolled it right? – [Jinger] Yeah, it
just rolled right over. – I’m gonna try and
push, try and push down. Wow, it sounds like so crazy inside. Like just put the thing inside and listen. Ready? It’s like now I’m like a
robot, talkin’ like a robot. It’s so crazy right? – [Jinger] Yeah, it’s so crazy. – Okay, let’s try again. Let’s see if we can push down. – [Jinger] Okay, I’m gonna
push down on the top. Okay, ready? Here we go, one, two, three, go. Go, go, push down, ugh push down. Ah that’s not working. That’s not working either. Nothing, nothing works at all. – No, does not work. You guys, I think we have
too much floating devices on our under water breathing machine. – Way too floaty. What if we submerge the whole thing, will it go like a submarine? – No, it’s too buoyant. I did too good of a job building it. – Yeah, it just floats on the top. It’s just like a floating
hot tub, look at that. That’s awesome. – [Jinger] Carl, I wanna see how fast you can swim in that thing. Just put it on and see how fast
you can go across the pool. – Like all the way to the other end? – [Jinger] Yeah. As fast as you can.
– I’m probably gonna run out of air. Ready? Let’s go, ready? One, two, three, go. It’s like a motorboat going
through the pool right now. Oh my God. (upbeat music) That was really fast! (laughing) – [Carl] I’m totally fine. It’s super easy, super easy. Other than having no air to
breathe, it’s super easy. – Other than having no air to breathe, everything’s fine. – Oh yeah, as long as you only have to go for like 20 seconds, you’re good. Jinger, why don’t we see
if you have a better chance than I do at going
underneath and see if you can swim under water with your
under water breathing device. I’ve always wanted to do
this so I’m a little excited. – I don’t know how this
went from being a boat to a breathing device
but I guess that’s what capsizing means, right? Okay.
– Okay, here we go. – Ready? Go! (intense music) Okay, let’s see how fast you
can make it to the other end. – Okay. – All right, get some more air. You guys, vote up in the poll up above. Who do you think is
gonna have a faster time. Do you think it’s gonna
be me or Jingeriffic in our under water, boat
thingy or whatever we built. – So, wait is this like submarine races? – [Carl] It is submarine racing. – Right now?
– It totally is. You ready? – Okay, yeah. – [Carl] On your mark, get set, go. And she’s off to a good start. Isn’t it surprising how much easier it is than you would think? – [Jinger] It totally is. – [Carl] You’re just
like pushing your face against the glass. Is that the strategy? (laughing) She’s focused, look at her go. She’s not even talking to me or anything. – [Jinger] I can’t breathe. – [Carl] (laughing) It
does get a little bit claustrophobic, huh? That’s the one thing, I think
so much of it is mental. You get inside there and
it’s like oh my gosh. – [Jinger] Here I go. – [Carl] Here she goes. (upbeat music) – Carl, I don’t think this was a success. – [Carl] I don’t think so either. – It was a successful boat. I think we should show them
what a successful boat is and I think you should jump
inside and see if you like it. Listen now. – Am I even gonna fit in it?
– This is luxury, Carl. This is a luxury, homemade, DIY boat. I paid extra for the see through floor. – You did, you paid extra for that right. That’s a perk. – [Jinger] I hope this works. – Is there a front or
a back to this thing. – [Jinger] The blue is the back. – The blue is the back? – Yeah, that extra bouancy
that you need, you know. Or at least I did.
– What if I try and go standing up? – [Jinger] Standing up version Carl? That’s not how it’s supposed to be used. – Wait, wait, wait. Redo, redo. (Jinger laughing) – The whole bottom went boop like that. It just filled up with water. – [Jinger] You did that all wrong. – Pssh, there’s no wrong, that was fun. – [Jinger] (laughing)
He’s ready to go again. Attempt number two. Can Carl get in the boat? Come on. – Let’s try a careful version. – [Jinger] It was custom
made to me so, I’m not sure if it’s gonna be your jam or not but. – This is crazy. – [Jinger] My custom boat, oh my gosh. – Ahhh. – [Jinger] Look, those
colors are like Gucci. – I’m gonna go. – [Jinger] (laughing)
This is a Gucci boat. Okay, Carl, go. Ready, three, two, one, launch. Three, two, one, launch. Launch, launch. – Ahh! – [Jinger] No, stay up. – Push me off the step,
get me off the stairs. (laughing) I’m taking on water. I’m going down. I’m still kinda up. – [Jinger] I don’t even know. Hey, you know what I was just thinking? – If it fits, it sits. (laughing)
If it fits, it sits. – It fits. That was actually the
lounge you were going for. Sounds like a toilet flushing in here. (Jinger laughing) You here that? That means only one thing. – Carl.
– I’m full. I’m full.
(Jinger laughing) There is no sinking this boat. – [Jinger] Tell me I’m
the best boat builder you’ve ever met. – This is awesome, actually. It’s really comfortable and fun. – [Jinger] On sale now
at – This is pretty nice, you can put like a cup holder right here. I like it. – [Jinger] You’re welcome. I made it for you, it was a gift. – You win. – Yes! I win. You guys heard that, didn’t ya? – Oh yeah. – Oh yeah, that was awesome. You guys, thanks so much for watching. If you liked this video, you’re
gonna like these other ones on screen because we
picked it just for you. And we’ll see you guys next time. Bye! Say goodbye Carl. – Bye.

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