Indoor, Outdoor & Kids' Trampolines

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  1. When i first seen this youtube video I said "Dang this guy definitely has over 1 mil subscribers" But when I looked at the subscriber count I thought this channel must be new because there is no reason this channel should have less than 1 million subscribers and the great audience it deserves, What i'm trying to say is good job on your videos and never stop because not only are they very helpful, they also are top notch entertaining as well, with the music in the background and the great explanations on everything to do with the tiring of the wrist and the phone stand, not to mention the kick up legs on the bottom of it. This video is the best video by far on explaining this product and I can't wait to see more reviews on other product that I might later purchase in the future. Good job and never stop making youtube videos! you're a legend.

  2. aloooooo existe alguem brasileiro nessa regiao linda e formosa como essa regiao linda?…………………foi mal estou drogado

  3. FN + 1-9 keys to switch on the keyboard backlight effects, the backlight turned off, the backlight speed changes and other lighting effects
    FN + (1-9): Switches between different backlight modes
    FN + PU / PD: Adjusts the brightness of the light
    FN + +/-: Respiratory frequency adjustment
    FN + (F1-F12): Multimedia function keys

  4. Here is link of keyboard if you interested i already ordered it 😀

  5. Hi, I got mine too today but it didn't come with any software to adjust the lights, and I cant change it with 1-9, could you tell me where you got the softwarte or send it to me in a mail?

  6. La vidéo est austère, le son très mauvais: sur mon letv pro j'ai du mètre le téléphone sur l'oreille.. Néanmoins pour une fois, quelqu'un qui sais de quoi il parle. Plus sue moi en tout cas. Et c'est appréciable. Pas attardé sur le look la ou les autres tests y restent 2heures, ni sur l'unboxing. Et ça c'est cool aussi 🙂

  7. Salut, pas mal la video, dommage que la musique de debut fasse un peu off context. Par le plus grands hasard, y a moyen d'avoir ce clavetard en Azerty ? ou pas du tout ? Merci d'avance !

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