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uMake Help – uMake Playground

The uMake Playground is uMakes content library
which is full of pre-made models to help you get started, or to help speed up your creative
process. To access the uMake playground, open up the
side panel and then tap on the first option. Once open you will see different categories
for the included content. Tapping on a category will open up another
panel with sub categories. Tapping on one of these sub categories will
show the included content. Once you find a model you would like to use
in your project, tap on the thumbnail to download the model. Then either tap on the model to import it
into your project, or tap and drag to place the model in your project yourself. If you have projects that you have created
and want to import into a project you are working on, tap on the ‘my files’ category. Any recently opened models will appear. Tapping on them will import another one of
your projects into your current scene. Spend some time with the uMake playground
to explore nearly 200 free models that you can use in your projects.

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