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Ultimate Sports Bra Test

‘Sup, bra. – Let’s talk about that. (fun theme music) (fire blazing) Good Mythical Morning. – Mythical beasts, we ask you
to tell us who or what gives you the best support when
you really need it the most. And according to Jill Johannen
and 64 other people who agree with her, that is the bra. – Now, I don’t have boobs and
I don’t play sports but I’m told that they’re both very important. – Yes. – Especially when combined. But what sports bra is the
breast performing of them all? It’s time to find out in an
experiment that we’re calling, Which Bra Is The Best For The Chest? IDK So Let’s Test. – Okay, so we’re both gonna
be trying on two different sports bras and because we
don’t have boobs we’re going to have boobs that are made out
of balloons filled with slime because that’s our best guess
as to what boobs are actually out made of. – Right and we’re gonna be
evaluating these sports bras based on how it looks, how
it shakes, and how it hangs. – Wow. – And then we will be giving
them a rating on a scale of one to 10 in order to determine the best bra
– Yes. – For sports out there. – You want this. (stylish music) Okay, Link’s up first. Come on out, Link. Show us your sports bra. (laughs) Whoa.
(crew laughs) That’s what I’m talking about right there. This is the Pro Classic Padded by Nike. Only $45. How does it feel? – Very secure. Very tight. – It looks very tight and secure. – I feel very supported. – This is an overall
best seller from Nike. They say that the minimal design reduces sports bra distractions. – Are you distracted? (crew laughs) – I gotta say, seeing that
Nike jiggle a little bit is distracting for me, personally. You know, I don’t know if
this is getting rid of those sports bra distractions. (crew laughs) – I mean, it’s really secure. – I’m just trying to
evaluate where we’re gonna go from here. You know, because I wanna say you look great but I don’t really believe that. You look very secure, though. Let’s hang upside down
and see where we get. See where we get (laughs). – You ’bouta fall out of your chair. Okay. Oh, my goodness.
– This is the hang test. We’re really gonna test and
see how well they hold your boulders in place. You’re just gonna get on that. Secure your feet. – [Link] I’ve never
really done this before. – And then just lean back,
put your hands up and lean. Oh!
– Oh! Here I am.
– Whoa. There was absolutely no movement at all. (crew laughs) – Whoa, whoa, whoa. – It’s so tight in there. – Yeah, I can’t even see ’em. – No movement at all. Can you bring yourself back up? (grunts) I think you gotta grab on here, maybe? – (grunting) Oh, gosh. – [Rhett] Yeah, okay. – [Link] Woo. – Okay, that’s the hang test. You guys can take that out. We’re gonna do a little shake test. ‘Cause you wanna know how this
is gonna actually feel at the gym, you know? – In my personal Shake Weight gym. – [Rhett] Yes. – Okay. – Shake it for me, Link. (whooshing) Whoa!
(crew laughs) Wow! Boy, they really tight,
just right in there. – Feelin’ the burn too! – That is a tight bra. And it feels good? – Feels great, what about this? Too much shake. – I mean, one review says,
“Your bust will bleed after you “run with this bra.” But you’re not bleeding after
shake weighting with it. – Not at all. – Wow, okay. – On a scale of one to 10. – I gotta say that I’m not a
huge fan of the brand being right across the boobs. You know, I’m just gonna
say a few demerits for that. It’s a little bit showy, in my opinion. For me that is a distraction,
by definition to have Nike written on the front of it. But you look great, it holds ’em tight. You might as well not even be shaking. I’m gonna give this one an eight. (bells rings) – Boom. (crew laughs) (stylish music) Next up we have the cheapest
bra which is a best seller at Walmart made by Fruit of the Loom. Rhett, come on out. (perky music)
Look at those, that. Look at that sports bra. – Whoa. They dropped three inches
just while I was coming out. – Is it a t-shirt material? – Yeah, it’s a t-shirt material. Got a little spandex in it. It feels great. – You can get a three pack
of these for under $10. And you know you wanna go
cheap when you’re looking for something that’s gonna
prevent intense pain and gland tearing. – Oh, really? – [Link] Yes. – That’s a thing?
– That’s why sports bras are important, man. – Well, here what I gotta say. It feels like I’m wearing
almost nothing at all. Which I do like. I mean, I feel like I might
even go into the gym and think, whoops I forgot to wear anything today. – (laughs) Well it looks
like you’re wearing a woman’s sports bra. – [Rhett] (laughs) Yeah. – One reviewer raves, “I have
men breasts that bound when “walking, this bra stops that.” You too have men breasts. – Yeah I do. – Under those balloons.
– These are definitely men breasts. – So, it’s feeling good but
let’s see what happens when we invert them. – Oh, yeah, let’s do that. – Is this a typical sports bra
test, to be hung upside down because it should be. I frequently see people hung
upside down in sports bras. Oh, here he goes. – Oh, oh, oh.
– It’s gonna be scary. – Oh! – Let it go. Let it go. Okay. Whoa! (crew laughs) – [Rhett] That doesn’t seem good. Are my nipples showing? – I can see your actual nipple. The nipple.
– I don’t think that’s supposed to happen. – Now, maybe you just got a size too big. – Is my face getting red? – The bottom of your face
is really red, which is the top of it. But yeah, man, I can see
your chin through there. – [Rhett] It failed the nipple test. – This is not good Come on back up here. Oh, my goodness. Gracious, me. I would help you more but
I don’t wanna you any. So let’s clear that. – They’re high now though, look. – [Link] Yeah. – [Rhett] They’re right above my nipples. (crew laughs) – Alright, maybe pull ’em back down. – I think I can get ’em down
just by going like this. See? That’s it.
(crew laughs) – Alright, let’s not draw
a premature conclusion. What about seeing a Baywatch run? (chuckles) (poofs) Whoa! You went full Pam Anderson. – No, I’m Rhett McHasselhoffman. – So you need to do a
little Baywatch run here. – I need, I need to. – This is for bra science. – Yeah. – Let’s see it. (determined music) Save her, save her!
– Oh! – Save her, she’s drowning! (crew laughs) Okay. Well I think that qualifies
as a complete fail. – Okay.
– I mean, if this happened to in public dial 911! – This would be very embarrassing. – That’d be more than embarrassing. – I’d lose my job. – Oh, my goodness. So, before I give these an
entire zero, I mean, are there any redeeming qualities? – Again, it feels great. – Price, they feel great. But man, they are subpar performers. I’m gonna be generous and
give ’em a three just based on the positives. (stylish music) – Alright, Link, come on out. (laughing) Whoa. Okay, this is the
– Oh, man. – Free To Be Zen by Lululemon. – [Link] There’s definitely
a lot of freedom happening. – [Rhett] (laughing) Yes, there is. – [Link] Man. – Is something wrong? – No, I don’t think. – Is that what’s supposed to happen? – It looks like my planets
are about to escape orbit. – Personally there’s a lot to like. (crew laughs) – [Link] There’s a lot to look at. – But I don’t think that
this what do men think of sports bras. That’s not what we’re doing. We’re testing this for the ladies. – Right. – As a lady, I don’t know if
I would be super enthusiastic about going into the gym
revealing that much of myself. – There’s a lot of risk of
something peekin’ or poppin’. – Well, there’s a lot peeking
and popping right now. I’m afraid to give you any instructions. – I know. Just this little shimmy right
here is making me nervous. – Well let me see the back, though. Now, the back has got a nice feature. Look at that. (crew laughs)
You look like Spiderwoman. Is Spiderwoman as superhero?
– Should be. She will be. Marvel’s gettin’ desperate
for those movies. (crew laughs) – Alright, let’s turn you upside down. – How could this work? – Well, if they stay in I’m
going to be very surprised. – Let’s keep in mind that real breasts are actually attached. – (laughing) Yeah they are. Well, most of ’em are. Let her rip. (grunts) You know what, it’s not bad this way. Whoa.
– Oh! (crew laughs)
– Okay. – Gimmme. – That’s a problem. You want that back in there? – [Link] Yeah, I want it. – I feel it, this just doesn’t feel… Oh, there goes the other one. I think you can’t have two
breasts in there at one time, I think is what it is. You can only have one in at a time.
– My left boob is surrendering. (crew laughs)
– Oh, gosh. What, do you blow on that thing? (laughs) Oh, gosh. – Don’t pay any attention to the floppy… – Wow, again, a lot to like. But, not really functioning very well. Let’s stand you back up. That was a fail. Whoa! – I always do this way. You gotta get up with the handles. – It’s not a sit up machine. – [Link] Woo. – Okay. Now, you know what I think
the ultimate test for this would be? How ’bout a trampoline jump? – Oh, my goodness. – Let’s bring in the mini trampoline. And just have at it, Link. Just go at it like a… (crew laughs) Well, alright. Again, there’s not a lot of holding power. – No, there’s not. But if they were attached… – But if they were attached
they’d be bouncing all over the place. Like that. (crew laughs) I don’t know. – There we go. – Okay, now. First of all, the whole
Lululemon thing is pretty trendy so, I mean, I’m gonna give
points for just being relevant. – But these are high dollar. – And this is yeah, this is a $52 bra. – Wow.
– You look like Spiderwoman from the back, which I
think is a good thing. I like the subtle blue color. – Oh, gosh. – You’re not making too
much of a statement. But the functionality
here, especially for a full figured lady, I don’t think it’s really delivering. So I’m gonna give this one a four. – I’ll take it. (stylish music) Alright, now we got the
Glamorise No Bounce Full Support sports bra. Rhett, let’s take a look. There he is. Now these things are clamped down. – [Rhett] It is so supported. I feel full support. – This is a best seller on Amazon. – I see why. – 6,600 reviews. – $6,000, oh I thought you
were gonna say the price. – No. – It’s worth every penny (laughs). – It’s $38. I mean, you’re not seeing
any cleavage come out the top of this thing.
– No. I feel like I could ride
a rollercoaster and a boob wouldn’t pop out. You know what I’m saying? Loopti-loop, every which way. – Very secure. – Log ride, whatever. Take me to Busch Gardens right now. – Okay, me and you just like this. – Oh, you’re gonna have trouble. On the Big Bad Wolf, woop (laughs). – It’s like the prison of Azkaban for badly behaving boobies. – I mean, look at this. – They’re not going anywhere. – Yeah, I love everything about it. I look like a superhero now. – Oh, yeah you don’t. Okay, so we’re feeling good
but let’s invert these puppies and see if you can have
any sort of peekage. I’m predicting none. – This is just a formality at this point. I mean, these things ain’t
gonna come out of there and I don’t think they’re gonna move at all. – Wow. Give that some nice gusto coming… Give it some momentum. Let’s see what happens. – [Rhett] Oh! Look at that.
– Nothing’s happening. – [Rhett] No nipple showing. – No nothing. – This is me on the rollercoaster that got stuck upside down. – Yeah.
– And I’m like, I could be here all day. – If your head doesn’t explode. – My boobs are so tight. Whoa.
– My boobs are so tight. It’s all in place. Come back up, man. We’re getting five stars
on the inversion table. Wow. I don’t know. Because this one looks so
amazingly secure we gotta go all out. We really gotta test the
limits of the bounce. Jackhammer time. – Oh, yeah. (poofs) (laughs) Yeah. – Oh, shoot. – Let’s jackhammer. (jackhammer clanging) – Oh! Oh don’t break! Don’t jackhammer through the floor!
– I broke it! Total steady state right here. – Wow! That’s abso-freakin’-losin’ amazing. (laughs)
– Leave it right there. – Dude! Just hold on to that. – Yeah, I will. – You broke right through there. Okay, all things considered I
think we might be looking at a perfect score. Except for the fact that it
looks a little bit like you got on a baby’s bib. – (laughing) Oh, really? – I’m gonna detract half a point. 9.5.
(bell rings) – Alright, there you have it. Now you ladies know how
to secure your parts. You’re welcome. – Thanks for liking,
commenting, and subscribing. – You know what time it is. – Hi, I’m Marlene. – And I’m Sandy. – And we’re in the Highline
in New York City and it’s – [Both] Time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. – If you wanna have just the
right amount of jiggle in your hair when you’re
jack-hammering you should get some Mythical Pomade. – Look at that.
– Yeah. I don’t have any.
– Available at Also on Amazon. – Yeah, if you want it come get it. Click through to Good Mythical
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  2. Personally as a 38DDD I have never once found a pull over sports bra that remotely works. All of mine are practically Viking chest plates held down with clips, zips, and straps. My favorite is from Lane Bryant and I SWEAR I don't have any bounce, it's literally magical

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