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Typhoon Texas Waterpark Review

Hey guys This is Brighton here and I’m at Typhoon Texas and so basically its a 25 acre water park and it has ah a variety of slides and different pools Um, they have tube rides. lazy river wave pool and also family rides They also have a kid zone. and racers Now let’s go and explore the park. (screams/laughs) C’mon let’s go ride some fun rides! (surfer music) Even with the fastpass, you do skip the line down there, but you still have to wait in line up here. Oh Geez this is scary. Worse thing is the wait Second worse thing is the climb. Wooooo! So we just got off the tube rides, and personally my favorite one was the blue and orange one because when you go up the wall its super fun and thrilling. and that’s just my favorite one. The rides are super fun, buts there’s still a lot more to do in the park. I did it daddy, I surfed the wave! Whew! After all that swimming, I’m super hungry. Let’s go get a bite to eat. We got two kids meals and a couple drinks. this is pink lemonade and Mountain Dew and two waters two chicken tenders for both of us and fries and it was all sixteen dollars Ok so hey guys, it’s finally time for the review you have been waiting for This water park is great. The family ride are super awesome And the drop elevator rides are super cool if you like thrill and everything, personally I do. Um, the kid zone is absolutely spectacular The food is a little pricey but it’s super good and it does fill you up. All in all, the money you paid for this water park is definitely worth it. I hope you enjoyed my review and I hope you come to this water park because it is fantastic. And I think it would be fun for everybody. Please subscribe to my channel below And give a big thumbs up to this video. and we’ll see you guys in my next video. Bye! it hurts my insides I’m at Typhoon Texas right now and i think……redo.

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