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TuTiTu Preschool | Learning Shapes for Babies and Toddlers | Playground

TuTiTu What’s the new surprise? TuTiTu Shapes in every size TuTiTu Parts that come together To a new toy And a new adventure Tu Tu TuTiTu Is it a plane? Tu Tu TuTiTu Maybe a train! (Wow! Look at that!) Tu Tu TuTiTu Red, green or blue Tu Tu TuTiTu I love you! Rectangle Circle Oval Square Heart Star Triangle Diamond Pentagon Hexagon Heptagon Octagon Nonagon Decagon Circle Circle Rectangle Rectangle Oval Oval Square Square Heart Heart Star Star Triangle Triangle Diamond Diamond Pentagon Pentagon Hexagon Hexagon Heptagon Heptagon Octagon Octagon Nonagon Nonagon Decagon Decagon Rectangle Rectangle Rectangle Circle Circle Circle Oval Oval Square Square Square Heart Heart Heart Star Star Star Triangle Triangle Triangle Diamond Diamond Diamond Pentagon Pentagon Pentagon Hexagon Hexagon Hexagon Heptagon Heptagon Heptagon Octagon Octagon Octagon Nonagon Nonagon Nonagon Decagon Decagon Decagon

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