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Trying the BIGGEST Waterslides! | Sam & Nia

I can’t wait to ride a slide So today Juliet hit me in the head with my phone. I said lightning I just saw one over there come on let’s go hurry. Run Abram run! Run bud! I can’t wait to ride a slide. I can’t stop smiling. Do you guys remember a few weeks ago we brought just the babies, now we brought just the big kids. We’re both so excited, it’s so cute. I don’t think we’ve been somewhere just me and you and Cuff and Symphony Like since we had Abram and Kate. This is so fun! Going on the volcano! We’re getting ready to ride this big slide it is so cool you guys look. How do you feel? Good, I mean scared I mean You’re gonna do fine. How do you feel? Pumped. Yay! That’s awesome! Did you love it? All right. Yeah we are. Whoa! Whoa. Okay, y’all we’re getting ready to go to the big slide now which is something we never get to do because there’s always Babies and one of us stays at the bottom even when I’m with Sam. So we’re gonna go do it Oh wow! Yeah! This is so cool! Oh my gosh, Sam would be going all over the place if he was on this slide. Here we go! Let’s do the pink cannon now. Yeah, lets do the pink cannon. Oh yeah, oh yeah! I don’t think Symphony’s gonna like this one she’s next. Oh my gosh, Symphony’s gonna hate this. Wow, oh my gosh! Uh oh! That little girl was not next I think Symphony might’ve chickened out, come on Symphony! You’re okay! You did good baby, I’m proud of you. Go Sandy! Me and Cuff are about to be brave He’s going on this yellow draw and I’m going on the royal flush. Alright Cuff is about to do this. Any last words? No. Okay, you got it dude. I’m nervous Here I go. We’re back home now guys, that was so much fun. It was so reminiscent Of when those two were little bitty stinkers running around with us at the water park being so fun and so sweet now I’m cooking dinner, the craziest dinner for a summer day. I’m making chicken and dumpling. I’ve had these noodles They’re like dumpling noodles for a while homestyle extra wide noodles, I really have just been craving it and wanting to try it and oddly enough chicken and dumplings what I lookked up on the Internet is the same thing as chicken noodle soup, except you use different noodles, and you add cream of chicken soup to it I really was hoping to find a recipe that was like, you know legit where you put flour and cream and all this stuff But I didn’t find one I have all that stuff But I found one that had cream of chicken and broth and all that which I do have and it’s easier So here we go. Let’s see how it turns out What are you guys doing? I’m just playing with Barbie What’s wrong? Tired. You had a long day? Go down a lot of slides? Abram how did mommy do on her first time making chicken dumplings? What do you think Symphony? Amazing. Do you like it Jules? Is it yummy? She’s so sleepy. So today Juliet hit me in the head with my phone really hard. She just took it and went boom on accident. I was like I was trying to get over because it hurt so bad and she’s like She got so hurt by it, it was so sad she felt so bad for hitting me. Did you hit daddy on the head today? Yes. Symphony’s doing the dishes This cover has caught a lot of stuff for us it’s doing us pretty good There’s a storm coming guys so, you see lightning you got a run and get in the house real fast. If lightning strikes the water It’ll electrocute you guys and kill you, you can’t swim when it’s lightning outside Mostly it likes striking things that are metal. Right. But the pool is not metal. It is It is metal. Oh, yeah, it’s made out of metal See, it’s lots of plastic. Now if I want to get him out of pool without a fight I just say guys are just saw lightning Easy way out, right? Alright guys this is the rain, let’s go. I gotta cover it. It’s just sprinkling. I know but I don’t wanna be out here while it’s raining. Let’s go. I do. I see lightning. I just saw one over there come on let’s go hurry. Oh my gosh Good job Alright hurry get in the house. Tell mommy there’s lightning out here? Run Abram run! Run bud! Daddy don”t stay out here I’m just gonna cover the poor real fast, hurry go inside. Do it as fast as you can! Thanks sweetie go hurry. Hurry, go, go, go! Go! Save yourselves. There really is lightning, but I didn’t see it. Who is that? Is that Nana? Is that Bebo? Who is that? Is that Elie and Titus. You see mommy in that picture? Who’s that? Who is that? Name as many things that are in the water as possible in 30 seconds. Ready, go! Octopus Clownfish, a Dory fish one of those Flying fish well. Flying fish? Sea turtles. All right guys, comment another day goes to MaryAnns Lights my kind of Sam Nia vlog I was smiling throughout honestly, you do a service with your vlog as many times. That was really sweet MaryAnn. Yeah, she commented on the surprise That was the name of the vlog and it’s interesting getting those kind of comments on vlogs where I personally think it’s like Oh man. This is really a boring video and then to get comments like that from you guys. It’s just like it reminds me I just need to just Take it easy a little bit, you know, but anyway Thanks for reminding me that the channel is not all about entertaining and that it is about our life and just the everyday Experiences. Alright guys, don’t forget we love you and remember to love each other.

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