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– What’s up, it’s Collins
Key, and today we are doing another Try Not To Cringe
challenge, but first I need the cringiest person I know,
my little brother Devon to join me, so here we go, hey! – I’m sorry, what did you say about me? – Nothing, nothing at all. Today we are doing another
Try Not To dab im am the one the weigh a ton dont need a gun to get respect upon the streets You guys have seen us do this in the past. Basically we’ve got a whole
bunch of super sour chips and the challenge for you
guys as well is to not cringe throughout the entire thing,
and also right now we’ve got a challenge for you guys,
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below, but before we go on, I mean as we go on, we are
going on, start the video, boy. (laughing) Let the cringe begin. – I just wanted to wish you a happy seven-month anniversary, Babe I love you. – We weren’t supposed
to see this. (laughing) – I do, I love you so much. – I’m really cringing. – I love you more than
there are all the hairs on every cat that Mr.
McCue owns. (laughing) – What? – I’ve lost the challenge, this one’s bad. – Uh-huh. – Oh boy.
– Oh no. ♫ Dum, dum ♫ Dum dum ♫ Dum dum ♫ Dum dum – I can’t even rock, I can’t even. – I got it, dum dum. ♫ With my Rolls-Royce, it ain’t a choice ♫ It’s what I do, it’s what I do – His beat goes hard, man. ♫ You drive a house, a better car ♫ I used to struggle in my past – We need some shades. (laughing) I feel like he recorded
this on his iPhone. – Look at the ice, bro, look at the ice. – Oh.
– Oh! (Together) Where’d that beat drop
go? Oh, man this is crazy! – [Woman] Say your name and we are going to scream your favorite ice cream flavors. – Mint chocolate chip! (laughing) – Harley Harold, and chocolate! – Vanilla! (laughing) ♫ Cupcakes with Lashy ♫ Cupcakes with Lashy, let’s make cupcakes ♫ Cupcakes with Lashy, cupcakes with Lashy Get the cupcake mix. – That wink though, that
was super seductive. – [Lashy] With your hands if you can. – Be careful with the scissors. She’s making me real
uncomfortable with the scissors. – [Lashy] Scissors, or
use a knife like me. – She makes me really
uncomfortable with sharp objects. – [Lashy] The bag is open,
now put the mix in the bowl and throw the empty bag
away, this should be self-explanatory but
apparently it’s not, all right? – Is it not though? – I am massive, I am
massive, I am so massive. – Is this the dude who’s like
trying to get a girlfriend? Is this that dude?
– I am so massive. This is the type of body that you want. – Yeah, this is the dude. (laughing) That’s body goals right there, man. This Summer, that’s how I wanna look. – 100 girls on the beach. – Ooh. (laughing) Look at Buzz’s face. (clapping) Okay. (clapping) – I’m Rock Lee, the greenpeace Konoha, for the lotus always blooms twice. – That’s two times. (laughing) – Actually I’m not Rock Lee.
– Huh? – What? – But I will be cos-playing
him at Anime Expo. – Okay, okay, definitely going
after a You Dem rocker here. I just want it to pan so
I can see the audience, that’s what I want.
– I love how active they are. They’re like totally, they’re just like. – [Announcer] Congrats to Fool. Thanks to everyone for such a great event. – Huh? – I’m so clueless. (laughing) ♫ For so long – Look at their faces,
they’re like so uncomfortable. – This one’s for you.
– Okay. Oh boy. ♫ Ain’t no holding back, no – Hey. ♫ This one’s for you, girl,
you’re the queen of my world (upbeat rap music) – I don’t think this one’s
cringy, he’s trying to impress. Oh God, yeah, I thought
he was gonna break it. That’s actually kind of impressive. – I probably couldn’t do that.
– Yeah. (upbeat rap music) That wasn’t cringy, that was dope. That man went after it, bro. It’s not cringy, just makes
me feel really uncomfortable. ♫ Alone in school ♫ Just wanna be a fool ♫ Just wanna play video games – I don’t know why this
one didn’t go top 40, bro. ♫ Just wanna play video games – The production value behind
this one, gotta admit is more than I would expect for
a song of playing video games. How’d they get all those
people there? (laughing) – East Kellogg and we got your
whips, so you can nay-nay. Take out your whip, so you can
nay-nay and do the stink leg. Do the stink leg. – The worst is he probably
did this like a year or two after the song came out. ♫ Do the broken leg, do the
stinky leg, do the stinky leg – This is so uncomfortable. – He’s not even nay-naying
or whipping at all. ♫ Do you wanna be my girlfriend ♫ I can’t wait another day – This was definitely recorded
on an iPhone. (laughing) – On an Android, bro. (laughing) – That was over, wow. – Successful, I no longer
needed his banking. So I had no choice other
than to eliminate him. The governor will probably
give me an award for this, for creating an army of
super human soldiers. – You’re crazy, you
know that? You’re sick! – And now I shall eliminate you. (explosion) (laughing) – You can’t even tell
he’s running in front of a green screen. (dramatic upbeat music) I actually like this.
– Whoa what happened? – Whoa, he turned into like a 3-D model. Why did he turn into a monkey?
– What? – A purple monkey.
– I know. – Oh boy. – Let’s put a smile on
that face. (laughing) – When you hadn’t fully
committed to the role. (laughing) – Oh boy. (laughing) This one’s got a little cringe. (Japanese spoken) This first part was hello. – Oh wait, I’m sorry,
this is open mic night not an anime convention,
what the heck was I thinking? (laughing) Hello, everybody, I’m so
sorry, I’m just so happy to be here, so does anybody
here have a weird story? Anyone, raise their hand. – She talks almost as
fast as you do. (laughing) – I saw that hand go up. – That wasn’t compulsory, woo. – It was just a spur of the moment thing. – I like the make-up. – I hope y’all enjoy this one,
it was requested to do so. I hope it turned out like you wanted it. – It was everything I wanted and more. – Yeah. – I don’t think I look like the clown, but the lips are on fleet. – Lips are on fleet, that is for sure. – [Woman] Howdy doo-dee,
fresh and fruity Carey. – Ehco the hedgehog? – [Woman] I have some news
to tell you, Care Bear. – All right, Echo, just make it quick, ’cause in less than a
half-an-hour I gotta get to the My Little Pony convention, okay? – What’s up with My Little Pony? – [Woman] Can I stay over at your house because Icy Fox is trying to kill me and I need someone to live
with for the rest of my life. (laughing) – That’s a good one, you
wanna stay in my house. Well guess what? You’re
not staying in my house. (door closing) – What? – Actually an addicting show. As soon as you watch the first
episode, it’s a two-parter, so that’s really an evil little hook. – What show?
– It’s a two-parter. – [Man] Just like hating on the show, they haven’t even seen it, just watch the first episode and you’ll see. – He made me watch the
first episode and then– – What is up with the My
Little Pony stuff, man? What’s going on? He’s got wrist bands
that aren’t on his wrist. Oh they are on his wrist. – All right. (roaring) Did you like it? I’ll do
it again if you liked it. – Yeah please do it again. (roaring) – You like it? Post positive
comments, I’ll see ya later. – I like it. (laughing)
– Peace out. – Character we’re talking about, right? – Yes, that’s Hatsune Miku. (yelling) – Okay, say it again. – Hatsune Miku. – What’s her deal? It’s
the blue hair, right? – What’s her what?
– Blue hair. – There’s like three cringe situations. – There’s four dudes.
– At one time. There’s what? – There’s four masked men,
where are they coming from? – I count five cringe all in one. – Nevermind, you can tell a story. Okay. – I thought ventriloquism,
like you shouldn’t see the ventriloquist move their mouth? – Hey maybe she’s just starting
out, maybe this is like– – Okay. – This bed, it was really
cramped, but I was with my three best friends. – Okay the issue I’m having
is she’s moving her head too much, like she’s
trying to imagine herself, if she was still, that’s why
we’re going to this place like I would understand
but she’s telling the story just as much as the puppet. Oh boy, oh boy. (laughing) (yelling) That’s quite a blast, I
must admit. (laughing) That was actually really awesome. – Are you guys like a couple?
– No, no. – Well you’re on the kiss cam.
– Nope. No. – Oh this is awkward.
– No. – But it’s the kiss cam.
– So? – She’s like that will not
influence my decision at all. – Supposed to love each other. – Nope, we’re good.
– It’s all right. – It’s Valentine’s Day. – He, oh. I feel bad for the boyfriend. – It’s Valentine’s Day. – Oh boy, not again. – Are you guys a couple? Well guess what? You’re on the kiss cam. – This is so uncomfortable.
– Oh my gosh. Eww, eww, eww, eww, eww.
– What? – What? – Why does he finally do
the one thing he wants, oh God, not again. I’m uncomfortable. What was that? – I have a magic trick
to show you guys, okay? – Oh, I’m ready. – This normal to, not normal. See? I’m gonna change back, okay? – How did he do that? – Switched back.
– Mind blown. I’m gonna quit magic
because that was so fire. I don’t even know how he did
it, I can’t compete with that. I quit. Oh no. Any hidden camera thing
at a store is always– – Whoa! That’s a low price! – Yep. – Whoa, that’s a low price! – Mr. Steal Your Girl. Give like the live long and prosper. ♫ Crazy, I’m crazy – Whoa! Whoa! These guys are looking
for a sponsorship, man. ♫ Red Bull, Red Bull is my stuff yeah ♫ Red Bull is my stuff,
Red Bull is my stuff ♫ Red Bull is my stuff,
Red Bull is my stuff – Whoa!
– What? – You missed the best part. – Okay? ♫ Cause all I drink is
Red Bull and haters can– – Oh, you’re calling me a hater? – I guess we gotta step back. – That is it, guys, for
this cringe compilation. We will see you guys again next week, bye. Now that was cringe, oh jeez. (yelling)

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